Presented By Arpita Jana (B09002) Chandan Singh (B09006) Subhankar Chowdhury (B09026)

AGENDA ´ Iverson·s botheration Strengths & Weaknesses of Nucor Opportunities & Threats in the US steel market Recommendations ´ ´ ´ .

IVERSON¶S BOTHERATION Adoption of CSP technology Financial & managerial resource constraints Technological leapfrogging ´ ´ ´ .

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES OF NUCOR ´ Strengths  technological leadership  Strategic location of the plants  decentralized management philosophy  performance based compensation for employees  superior quality  customer service ´ Weaknesses  decentralized profit center  environmental pollution .

OPPORTUNITIES & THREATS IN THE US STEEL MARKET ´ Opportunities  new acquisition  product diversification ´ Threats « high competition from foreign players « economic slowdown in the US « raw material availability & cost .

RECOMMENDATIONS POSSIBLE OPTIONS ´ Investigate their current joint venture suppliers  reduction of the production cost  cheaper suppliers on a global scale ´ Establishing technological leadership  plant upgradation  lower their current production costs  increase their current throughput .

RECOMMENDATIONS SUGGESTION  Do not for CSP technology adoption because: per the Cost-benefit analysis the stakes are higher than returns  Risks involved are very high  Technological leapfrogging  As .


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