Advances in Notebook Technology and Their Effect on the Field of Corporate Sales & Marketing

1 BY MA RCO TO RRES III, EL IZ A B ET H S O SA , J O H N WAVA DA , & N I C H O L E WA L L S MGMT305 1003B 03 AUG UST 1, 2010

Sales & Marketing Overview 2 y Social Process y Management Process .

In other words: 3 The RIGHT PRODUCT in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME for the RIGHT PRICE! .

Sales 4 y Shares same goals as marketing y Involves sales of goods or services to other businesses y Representatives are the face of their company with corporate clients .

But What About the Use of Notebooks in the Sales & Marketing Field? 5 .

wireless notebooks are coming y Notebooks ability to make us a 1 Device world .Future Notebook Features 6 y Two-way communication in sleep mode ‡ This allows for constant contact with clients and employees alike y Wireless Internet communications ‡ With the advancement of PDAs such as Blackberry/iPhone.

Being a boxed concept. y Digital Marketing Campaigns ‡ Digital marketing can be used by any company.How Marketers will use Notebooks 7 Email marketing ‡ Using email marketing puts you in direct contact with millions of people at a touch of a button. y Competitor information ‡ The ability to cut and paste information on competitors in the news. even the smallest of business will benefit from it. y . on the run is essential.

Future Developments 8 y Portable & Lightweight y Faster Speeds y Smart Storage y Longer Life while Saving Energy .

Hardware 9 y Organic Displays y Less Hardware y Device Optimization .

Software 10 y Stepping up Security Measures y Voice-recognition Systems y Webcam-based Retina Scanners y Improving Management Systems .

Arguments 11 y Changing Natural Business Practice y Higher Expenses/Maintenance y Additional Training y Losing Control of Employees .

Impact 12 y Time Saving y Better Communication y Accurate Numbers y Increased Productivity y Clientele Retention/Attraction .

2009). 13 . & Perez. Sheffrin.Growth Technology Capital Labor 35% 46% 19% y In 2008 technological progress contributed 46% to the economy growth (O.

Conclusion 14 y Advances in Notebook technology will change the face of business y Corporate Sales & Marketing will benefit greatly .

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