Audience Research

Our research findings: By Aaron McCann, Muhammad Khalid & Karim Assassi

Age Of Participants

Our first question asks the participant how old he/she is. We learnt from our previous project that age can cause bias results. Therefore we made an effort to get a wide range of results from all ages. Seeing as though we know younger people there were 36% 15-20 year olds.

Male To Female Ratio
We also learnt from last year that we should gain results from more females. As we attend an all boy s college, it was tough but we managed to raise the number of females who had taken the questionnaire from 23% to 38%.

38% Male Female 62%

Most Enjoyed Genre Of Trailer
7% 2% 28% Thriller Comedy Drama 31% Sci-fi Horror Action 11% 3% 13% 5% Romance Fantasy

From the results we attained, it can be seen that the most preferred genre of trailer is action which is followed by thriller. Seeing as though we have experience in creating a thriller sequence, we may choose to create a thriller trailer. This would also attract a high percentage of our audience .It is also a convenient selection of genre as we are unable to produce a piece which would comply with the usual conventions of genres such as action and sci-fi which includes features such as explosions and space ships or aliens (otherworldly features).

Do You Enjoy Watching Trailers?
14% 0%

Yes No

We then asked to see if our target audience enjoyed watching these trailers. A positive 86% of people who took the questionnaire are entertained by trailers. The answer was usually met by the response it depends on where I watch them evidently indicating that where a trailer is watched has an effect on the enjoyment or enthusiasm toward trailers.


How Often Do You Watch Trailers?
0% 4% 1%

2 or more times a week once a week 50% 45% twice a month Less than once a month

By asking this question we were able to see how often our target audience watch trailers and how intrigued they are about them. We can see that 50% of survey takers watch trailers less than once a month.

Ever Been On YouTube For A Trailer?
0% 21%

Yes No


This question gave us a real insight into how many people are actually interested in trailers. A solid 79% have taken time out to specifically watch a trailer on YouTube. This shows that our target audience will hopefully be interested in the one we create.

Where Are You Most Exposed To Trailers?
1% 0% 11%


Cinema TV Internet Other 49%

We discovered that 49% of the survey takers were most exposed to trailers via television followed by internet. These answers also gave a slight insight into what medias are most effective toward audiences.

Do You Go To The Cinema Early For The Trailers?

39% Yes No 61%

61% of people would make sure they get to the cinema before the film starts to watch the pre-film trailers. This shows that people are interested in seeing what films are due to be released.

Ever Been On A Films Website After Watching Its Trailer?


Yes No


More passive viewers are those that wouldn t actually visit a films promotional website after watching the trailer to it. 67% of people would watch a trailer without going on the website, where 33% of people would. However this may be influenced by the people asked, perhaps this changes with age or gender.

What type of film magazine covers do you enjoy?

7% 4%

0% 4%

Thriller 28% 23% Comedy Drama Sci-fi Horror 1% 11% 22% Action Romance Fantasy

From these results we can see that the majority of people enjoy reading or viewing comedy front cover magazine covers. A low 4% of the audience questioned enjoy Thriller magazine covers. This shows that our magazine cover must be outstanding.

Would you ever pay for a film magazine?
0% 27%

Yes No


A surprisingly high 27% of people would be interested in purchasing a film magazine. We were expecting it to be much lower as the people who took the survey were mostly students on a tight budget. This was quite pleasing to see that younger audience would be willing to pay for a magazine, as well as the older audience who we predicted would be more likely to buy a film magazine.

What type of Film Posters catch your eye?
3% 3% 11% 19% 2% Thriller Comedy Drama Sci-fi Horror 25% 24% Action Romance Fantasy 13%

These results are very close. Action and sci-fi are the most liked billboards or posters with a high 25% for sci-fi and 24% for action. A fairly low 3% of people like seeing thriller posters. This again requires us to prove our audience research wrong and make an exceptional poster.

‡ This helped the group a great deal and will allow us to consider our audience to a better standard when creating our project. From this we learned what did and didn t catch the eyes of our audience, and we also learned how it caught the audiences eye (i.e. the audiences preferred methods of viewing the components of a films promotional package). Fortunately for the group, we found that the majority of our audience make an effort to visit YouTube and search up trailers this is an easily accessible tool for us we actually used LAST year. Also the internet is very responsible for teenagers exposure to trailers, so social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo Etc. could easily be used to our advantage.

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