Revamping Rasna

Submitted by : Group 4: Adithya Najunda Apoorav Mahajan Indrashish Ghoshal Kabeer Singh Preyas Patel Vaibhav Agarwal

Issues ‡ Analysis of Rasna s initial success ‡ Causes of its loss in Market share ‡ Failure of products like Rasna Royal. Rasna Aquafun and Oranjolt ‡ Factors leading to revamping of Rasna ‡ Revamping exercises ‡ Impact of new strategies .

Theory ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Brand positioning Product extensions Brand life cycle Product Life cycle Brand Revamping Product FUS .

tv commercials. house to house calls. trade fairs. live demos etc. sponsoring kid shows.) ‡ Targetting children .Analysis ‡ Analysis of initial success: ± Environment ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ : Huge untapped potential No major competitors ( Coca Cola left) Customers highly price sensitive Government policies leading to high entry barrier Customers preferred home-made potable and edible items ± Product Strategy Efficient Distribution Network Affordable Fruit like flavour Do it yourself type of product World class quality and packaging Extensive marketing (radio. shop sampling.

‡ Causes of loss in market share: ± Lowering of entry barriers ± Entering of new bigger players ± No proactive approach and stagnancy in strategy ± Changed consumer preferences ± Increase in prices ± Consumer awareness ( synthetic colours considered unhealthy) ± Failed to sustain brand popularity due to decline in promotional activities ± Change in target segment from children to families ..Contd.

‡ Failure of products: ± Rasna royal: Higher price ± Aqua fun: Blue colour not suited to Indian consumer s taste ± Oranjolt: ‡ Refrigeration required ‡ Weak distribution and promotion ‡ Presence of established aerated orange drinks .Contd..

radio and print. Also campaigns were aimed towards every age group and every section of society ± New tagline.. It also used leaf as the new symbol to establish a new brand image. ‡ Revamping exercises ± Renewed distribution strategy reaching across 7 lakh retailers annually ± Positioned as a value added and low cost product ± Renewed Multimedia ads and promotion using tv. Focus on outdoor visibility. ± Campaigns highlighted affordability and easy availability. lower cost as well as its aspect of becoming a healthier drink .relish a gain. ± 2 different product lines utsav for rural population and rozana targetting urban population and rozana international targetting upper end ± It also introduced Rs 2 sachets to get consumers to become used to its taste .Contd. indicating value as taste.

± It needs to think of more innovative to shift consumer preferences from ready to drink to back to SDCs. . ± Foray into food products a good idea but using the same brand name is not. the so called gains of Rasna are not really exclusive..Contd. ‡ Impact of new strategies: ± We disagree with their focus on all age groups ‡ We suggest retaining older target of children aged below 13 highlighting good fruity taste. health gains and lower cost ‡ These days different members of family usually have different preferences and also since ready to use drinks are available at competitive prices and also healthier drinks also readily available in all sizes available.

com in Global context ‡ Social networking websites like Orkut. hi5. in declining stage ‡ Bata shoes in India .

Application in Indian Context ‡ Lifebuoy soaps .

Learnings ‡ Targetting Specific segments instead of targetting everyone ‡ Proactive approach towards market ‡ Making most of strengths like strong distribution networks .

In the light of changing market dynamics and intensifying competition. What were the factors that led Rasna to go for a major revamping exercise for the brand? ‡ Discuss the initiatives taken by Rasna to rejuvenate its brand with specific reference to positioning and advertising aspects. will the current strategies help Rasna sustain its leadership position? .Issues ‡ Analyze the environment in which Pioma started selling Rasna and highlight the reasons for brand s runaway success. Rasna Aquafun and Oranjolt. Do you think Rasna is losing its stonghold in Indian beverages market? ‡ Critically comment on failure of products such as Rasna Royal.

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