Electronic Updating of the 2010 PSIPOP

Government Management Information System

Inasmuch as DepEd¶s personnel complement constitutes about half of the total manpower of the national government and in order to streamline the process of updating the PSIPOP, we resulted to electronic updating.

Legal Basis:
Memorandum of Agreement between the DepEd and DBM dated 27 February 2009.

Importance of PSIPOP:
Serves as one of the documents of DepEd in determining available plantilla positions for the purpose of appointments of personnel to specific positions

Importance of PSIPOP:
- Serves as the primary data source for manpower information and basis for determining the Personal Services (PS) budgetary requirement of national government agencies.

Incomplete/invalid data ± Provision for Actual Salary of incumbents will go back to Step 1 (Authorized Salary) ± The Difference between Authorized and Actual Salary shall be charged against Agency Savings

Late/incomplete submission of updated PSIPOP ‡ Basis of budget will be the PSIPOP of the previous year (not updated) ‡ Allocation for PS will be understated Timely submission of updated PSIPOP ‡ Basis of budget will be accurate ‡ Sufficient funding

Over-all Benefits 
  Minimizes/eliminates errors in the GMIS Reconciles GMIS data with BEIS and the DepED HRIS Enhances efficiency and effectiveness in the allocation of government resources

Steps in Electronic Updating
1. DBM CO to send PSIPOP including secondary schools to DepEd DO 2. DepEd DO to acknowledge receipt of PSIPOP by sending back the Acknowledgement Receipt to DBM RO. 3. DO to facilitate distribution to secondary schools.

Steps in Electronic Updating
4. DO and secondary schools to edit/update their respective PSIPOP. 5. DO submits to DBM RO their updated PSIPOP (including secondary schools) for uploading. 6. DBM to upload PSIPOP excel files to GMIS.

Steps in Electronic Updating
7. If successfully uploaded, DBM to send it back to DO for printing.
(If unsuccessful, the PSIPOP will be emailed back to the concerned DOs for correction)

Steps in Electronic Updating
8. DO and secondary schools to print four (4) copies of the PSIPOP. 9. Distribute the signed PSIPOP to COA, CSC, DBM. The 4th copy should be retained by the DO/secondary schools.

Designated Signatories 

Secondary Schools PSIPOP  Prepared by: The Principal  Reviewed/Certified Correct by: The SD Superintendent  Approved by: The Regional Director Schools Division Office PSIPOP  Prepared by: The HRMO/AO  Reviewed/Certified Correct by: The SD Superintendent  Approved by: The Regional Director 

Specific instructions in updating the PSIPOP

Column 1 - Item Number Column 2 - Position Title and Salary Grade Column 3 - Authorized Salary 
Any changes shall be done by DBM ROs through the issuance of NOSCA DepED OUs shall submit request for modification, if any Any alteration done by DepEd in this columns shall be deemed null and void

±additional rows ±deletion/transfer of rows ±change of Item Number ±editing of Position Title/Salary Grade or Authorized Salary

Actual Salary Step Area Code Area Type Level P/A/P Attribution Name of Incumbent Sex Date of Birth TIN Date of Original Appointment Column 15 ± Date of Last Promotion Column 16 ± Status Column 17 ± CS Eligibility Last Column - REMARKS Column Column Column Column Column Column Column Column Column Column Column 4± 5± 6± 7± 8± 9± 10 ± 11 ± 12± 13 ± 14 ±

Columns 4 (Actual Salary) and Column 5 (Step)
‡If no entry but with incumbent details, actual salary will be at the hiring rate of the position (Step 1) ‡If Actual salary is in excess of Step 8, the DepED shall submit a justification; otherwise the same shall be pegged at Step 8

Columns 4 (Actual Salary) and Column 5 (Step)
‡The salary step should correspond to the actual salary as indicated in the latest Salary Schedule issued by DBM, except for case mentioned above.

Column 8 (Level)
Indicate whether:  ³K´ (Key)  ³T´ (Technical)  ³ST´ (Support to Technical)  ³A´ (Administrative)

Column 9 (P/A/P Attribution) 
Read only, not editable by DepEd

Column 10 (Name of Incumbent) 
All names should be fully spelled out, with separate columns for each name, as follows: ‡Last Name ‡First Name plus suffix, if any (space after the First Name but no period/comma after the suffix) ‡Middle Name  Initials, symbols or special characters shall NOT be allowed

Column 11 (Sex)  Indicate ³M´ if Male  Indicate ³F´ if Female

Column 12 (Date of Birth)
Should follow the MM/DD/YYYY form (i.e. 01/01/1970)

‡ Data of incumbents below 18 or over 65 years of age will be uploaded but with exception report

Column 13 - Tax Identification No. (TIN)
‡ Should contain 9 or 12

numeric characters ‡ TIN with asterisks (***) in the beginning and at the end shall no longer be edited. Said entry has already been validated by the BIR.

Column 14 (Date of Original Appointment)
Must follow MM/DD/YYYY format (i.e. 01/01/2009) ‡ If age of incumbent is below 18 or above 65, data will be uploaded but will be included in the exception report. ‡ As agreed by both parties, date of original appointment starts on the first day of service in the national government

Column 15 (Date of Last Appointment/Promotion)
‡ Must follow MM/DD/YYYY format (i.e. 01/01/2009) ‡ For those not promoted since the date of original appointment, the entry can be the same as the date specified in Column 14.

Column 16 (Status)
Indicate whether: ³P´ for Permanent ³T´ for Temporary

Column 17 (CS Eligibility)
‡ Indicate whether: ‡ ³CSSP´ for Civil Service SubProfessional ‡ ³CSP´ for Civil Service Professional ‡ ³PBET´ ‡ LET, etc
Indicate only the latest eligibility applicable to the position currently held by the incumbent

Remarks Column
‡ Indicate reasons for changes made from Columns 4 to 17
Examples: Incumbent Promoted Newly-hired or newlyfilled Transferred TIN corrected

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