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Recruitment, Selection, and onboarding € Organizational design € Business transformation and change management € Performance , Conduct and behaviour management € Industrial and employee relations € Human resource analysis and workforce personnel data management € Compensation, rewards and benefits management € Training & Development

€ H.R.

managers find employment in almost every industry vertical. In fact, even small and medium scale enterprise have started understanding the importance of HR management and are increasingly using HR professionals. € H.R. is very important function today and managers are treated as started partners in the business.H.R.people are reaching CEO and board-level positions.

to 10am: Check mail.send out communication to other functions € 10am to 11am: Meet team members and get updates on major projects € 11am to 1pm: Meet functional heads to chalk out programmes for their teams, including training, manpower planning, audits etc.Techconference with other location heads € 1pm to 2pm:lunch with colleagues
€ 9am

€ 2pm

to 3pm:Update CEO/SBU heads € 3pm to 5pm:Handle interviews for various positions € 5pm to 6.30pm:Do review meetings with team; review future plans and initiatives etc. Set up things for the next morning and wrap up € 7pm: Go home.

€ Ability

to work under pressure and demonstrate discretion,integrity,fairmindedness € A persuasive, genial personality € Must have strong domain knowledge € Strategic alignment skills. Be able to align people resource strategy with business goals € Excellent skills in managing contradictory views, culturally and socially diverse workforce, inter-functional conflicts etc. € Strong communication skills.

€ Over

the years, it has been seen that people from various fields become extremely successful HR managers. Having said that, a degree in psychology, human behaviour, MSW, Labour law,MBA(HR) would give much more balanced perspective while dealing with people. Some background education in the industry you work in will give you that extra ¶edge·.

€ It

is a very fulfilling career giving one great opportunities to contribute to not only one·s organization but to society at large. € It is a personality enriching and intellectually stimulating career with opportunities for lifelong learning € HR professionals could get caught between conflicting expectations of the organization and its people. This could have impact on them personality affecting family life.