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The essential spirituality

By Swami Prem Nirantar

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality doesn’t mean religion. Religions are man made concepts while
spirituality means knowing the consciousness within and connecting with the divine
force which is irreligious. Spirituality is a divine right given to all of us and all of us
has a potential to achieve spiritual heights in day to day life. Spirituality doesn't
mean abandoning your desires like food, luxury, sex but going beyond them and
gradually transforming oneself into a watcher (drishta)
How to be spiritual

•Understand that this life is temporary and your religion is nothing but conditioning
•Don’t be either too attached or too detached from material beings and things. Be
in the middle and let things go by
•Meditate (there are hundreds of techniques available)
•Be compassionate
•Try to be unbiased
•Pray for 1 minute in morning and 1 minute before sleeping
Daily Prayer (Morning)

Pray in front of any deity you respect and say this, with eyes closed, with
“O God, Give me wisdom, compassion & positivity to handle the workplace issues
today. I pray that I won’t get angry without reason and respect human values. Bless
me that I take care of my family needs as well. Let there be peace in the world
Daily Prayer (Night)

Following is a prayer for the night hours, before sleeping;

O God, let my tired brain get full rest in the night and I get up refreshed tomorrow
morning. I repent for my mistakes of the day and hope to be a better human being
tomorrow. Let my co-inhabitants of this planet, who share the same night, sleep
What is conditioning?

Conditioning refers to the way we all are born and brought up. If we are born into a
family of Hindus, we are conditioned as Hindus, similarly it goes for other religions
also. In this process, we tend to become egoistic and always go on saying that our
religion is superior to others. Conditioning also makes our brain cells rigid and there
is no openness. Sometimes it leads to bigger threats like fundamentalism and
terrorism. At workplace, If we are open to change and to newer ideas and new
innovations at workplace, we tend to be less-conditioned. If we are always willing to
work with diverse sets of people and respect individuality as well as group
dynamics, we are less conditioned.
What is Meditation?

Meditation means focussing, concentrating and connecting to the divine. For

saints, it leads to the stage of Samadhi or super-consciousness. For normal human
beings, it leads to charging up of our energy with a divine bliss, resulting in
fulfilment and ecstasy. For corporates, it is important as they have to really slog a
lot harder day in and day out.
How to meditate?

There are a lot of meditation techniques available in the world today, courtesy our
sages and saints like Patanjali in the mythological times to modern day yogis like
Paramhansa Yogananda and mystics like Osho. One has to find the right
technique, suiting individual needs and availability of time.
My Technique – OmShanti Meditation

•Sit in a comfortable posture, facing east, preferably in your Puja Room

• Burn incense and create a positive environment
• Stage 1 – Breathe in and out chaotically and as fast as you can, through nostrils for
one minute
• Stage 2 – Chant “Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Shanti om” by breathing normally, for
about a minute
•Stage 3 – Repeat stage one and stage 2 at least five times
• Stage 4 – Sit silently and remind yourself that you are merely a consciousness and
feel detached from your body
• Stage 5 – Just smile at yourself and feel the energy of the divine entering you. Let
your body rejoice with that energy. Feel the vibrations and let your body shake with
the tremors
• Stage 6 – Kneel down in front of the Unknown divine and pray for peace within you
and peace in the world.
Other ways to connect with the divine

One another way to connect with divinity is through Chanting. Following Two chants
are more beneficial then others:
• Hare Rama, Hare Krishna – This chant brings the cosmic vibrations of Krishna into
our divine consciousness. Popularised by ISKON.
• Nam- Myoho-Renge-Kyo – This is a Buddhist chant which is like a magical phrase.
Many people have benefitted by chanting this chant. Popularised by Soka Gakkai
International (

Meditations by OSHO -

Hare Rama, Hare Krishna -

Nam- Myoho-Renge-Kyo -
Kriya Yoga -
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras -

Meditation Posture -

What is meditation -
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