A Research Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the College of Nursing Emilio Aguinaldo College Dasmari as, Cavite

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor Science in Nursing

BS Nursing IV Section II
Khriselda Marie D. Campos Marceleste P. Peli o Efren B. Capili Jr. Evelyn R. Calitis


Barangay Salitran 3 Health Center. Level III. delivery and postpartal period. at its best. The principle to be followed in rendering patient care is quality of care. using an organized series of steps. One of the professional responsibilities of student nurses is to perform dependent and independent functions.INTRODUCTION  Nursing care. through labor.  . to ensure quality and consistency of care (Pilliteri 2007). specifically first semester is when students are taught about the Maternal and Child Health Nursing. is designed and Implemented in thorough manner. All students regardless of year level are expected to render all nursing procedures from simple to complex depending on the needs of the patient assigned to them and knowledge and skills with the advancement of their year level at. This subject encompasses all the necessary knowledge skills and attitude that should be learned and practiced by student nurses in providing quality nursing care to the family from pregnancy period.

midwife or doctor preparing the client during delivery. The primary responsibilities of nurses in assisting deliveries are follows: monitoring the progress of labor. monitoring fetal heart tone (FHT). Assisting in deliveries is one of the major requirements of student nurses in order to complete their clinical or related learning experiences in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Curriculum. handling equipment to the nurse. Client s or Patient s are the recipients of quality nursing care. They are persons who engage in advice or services of another who is qualified to provide the service. taking the clients vital sign. Client s or Patient s have become an increasingly effective force in changing nursing practice.   . Most now believe that health is a right of all people and not just a privilege of the rich. Individuals must assume responsibility of their own health thus the client or patient must become an active participant in making decisions about health and nursing care.

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY  To provide a unique opportunity to achieve a clearer understanding and assessment with the skills and competence of a student nurse in caring the clients from the pre-partum to the postpartum prestage. through knowing the perception and feedback from the clients themselves. . This study will be conducted on the patients' perception in the ability of EAC Level 3 nursing student assisting in the delivery at Barangay Salitran 3 Health Center.

THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Ida Jean Orlando Nursing Process Theory .

What is the profile of the respondents according to their:  Age  Civil Status  Monthly Income  Number of Parity What is the perception of the client on the ability of assisting in the delivery by Emilio Aguinaldo College nursing student? Is there difference between the clients perception in assisting delivery by Emilio Aguinaldo College nursing students at Barangay Health Center and the profile of the repondents?    .STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM  The purpose of this study is to determine the client perception in assisting delivery by Emilio Aguinaldo College nursing students at Barangay Salitran III Health Center.

age. income.RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS 1. status. parity. 4. There is a difference between clients' perception and their civil status. . There is a difference between clients' perception and their monthly income. There is a difference between clients' perception and their number of parity. 3. 2. There is a difference between clients' perception and their age.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY  This study may benefit the following:  Patients  Family  Student nurses  Future Researcher .

Barangay Health Center.RESEARCH PARADIGM Independent Variable Dependent Variable Personal Profile: Age Civil Status Monthly Income Educational Attainment Number of Parity lients perception in the ability of EAC ± Level 3 nursing student in assisting in the delivery at Salitran 3. C .

.SCOPE AND DELIMINATION  This study will be limited to the perception of the client in assisting delivery by Emilio Aguinaldo College nursing student at Salitran 3 Baranggay Health Center. The respondents of the study will be the mother who delivered with the assistance of EAC Level 3 nursing student from March 2008 to October 2008.

It tends to propel nurses into a caring mode (Campbell 1984. 12) 1984. which is fundamental importance to nurses. competence.RELATED LITERATURE  FOREIGN LITERATURE Roach 1985. namely. elements of a carrying behavior in the performance of his duties as a nurse. conscience and commitment Compassion is form of moderated love a very powerful feeling. compassion. 5 stated that the nurse must posses the 5 1985. 12) . confidence.

. RELATED READINGS Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter for the Nursing Profession (5)11 Nov 97. The nursing student s preceptor testified the patient needed someone close with her at a safe distance at all times to ambulate. COURT OF APPEALS OF OHIO. The student nurse testified she had received training to assist patients with ambulation and transfer. Quick Summary: A nursing student at this student s level had the training and should have been able to care for this patient. 1996.

The study extrapolated the relationship between caring and quality as necessary consideration when responding to health care cost and quality issues. The study focused on the importance of developing in the nurses awareness of the importance of creative acts of caring to positively affect the quality of client care and job satisfaction for the failure professionals. It has conducted that caring is a precise way to respond to the issues of cost and quality because the effective domain is so influential in healing. FOREIGN STUDIES Moses (1994) studied on caring incidents as a gift to the present. . It has conducted that caring is a quality issues.

these are where the services are only satisfactory. However. The finding further implies that in general there is a need to improve patient care service to give excellent care.FOREIGN STUDIES According to Mejia (1990) the physical patient care service on the average was found to be very satisfactory this implies that nurses though faces with several problems tried their best to extend very satisfactory Physical Services. . which implies they improvement in the area is needed.

. wish to be near their baby and need responsive health care. mothers want to be supported by nurses and midwives. The quality of maternal responses can be guided and strengthened by nurses and midwives who are sensitive to the cultural and emotional needs of new mothers and who understand and regularly utilize every opportunity to engage new mothers and their babies. How nurse and midwives relate with new mother is important.FOREIGN STUDIES Martel (2003) noted that.

or how scared they were when their membranes broke helps them pat these sensations into perspective and integrate these experiences into their life.FOREIGN STUDIES Pilliteri (2003) shares her views on communication with mother during postpartum stage. . She said women are interested in discussing their labor and birth experience in the days immediately after birth. how much pain they had. Repeating the story of how worried they were when labor started.

Maternal care wil provide more interesting task for every nursing student.Local Studies According to Manansala (2003) he believe that the course taken in college as a nursing course may create good challenge and brighter future among students due to its difficult ies on subject. adds experience and trained students on how to handle their duties and responsib ilit ies well. challenging and creation to make sure that they are good and very expensive in terms of service and medical caring. An exposure creates more challenge. . It is also believe that exposure on the job especial y in maternal care may give much better influence among nursing students to understand that health is and how medical assessment is truly important to a nursing students. It is also a way of knowing its own aspect of change. and may compare to other foreign countries when it comes to medical care. Inspiring patient and assisting patient in order to create a harmonious duties and responsib ilit ies as well.

Theyareprobablyreactedonwhattheir personalexperiencedis. concerning the characteristics of their ownbehaviorand its setting andstudynor better in relationto psychology to copeupall theproblemsaboutthepatient±nurses¶relationship.therealit yandcomposeofdif erentideasandontologyasawhole. Theywil involveon their personalhygiene. . Thereis a choosingthing to inspireas well as to understandmanythings.andthedif icultiesin creatingan effective jobtowardstheir patient to impresstheir department nursesandto create abetterand satisfyingserviceto their patient where they assignedwith.Local Studies Soliday (1999) Experience on maternal carewil add new challengefor a nursing students especial y in supporting beliefs about medical students especial y in supporting beliefs aboutmedicalassessmentandavoid complications. Students havedif erentreactionsontheir firstdayandexperiencein practicein maternalcare.andapplyphilosophyconcerningthecomplexrealit yhestudyleadasoftento puzzlements asto acertainty.

JUSTIFICATION OF THE STUDY In f Manansa a and S da f st xp sure f the nursing students on materna are in our ountry shows a very positive response. They give so much respect and value to their patient with so much love and dedication. They are trained to develop a good rapport to the patient at al times to gain their trust and support which are needed to inspire them to understand what they are supposed to do to make the delivery more relaxing to the patient. . They have more confidence in what they are doing and trying to perform their duties perfectly. They reate more ha enges experience and trained properly on how to handle their duties and responsibilities. Students a t ike a professiona in their hosen areer. This study will identify the different perceptions of the patients in assisting to their deliveries of the Emilio Aguinaldo College level nursing student at the Barangay Salitran Health Center.

sample population. It presents chronologically the research design. description of the design. . sample population. description of the instruments used and validation of questionnaire and description of the statistical tools used.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY  This chapter deals on how the study is conducted.

postpartum and newborn care. in the areas of prenatal care.RESEARCH DESIGN  This research study requiring the use of a questionnaire which aimed to determine the perception of the patient for Emilio Aguinaldo College Nursing Students in Assisting Delivery at Barangay Salitran 3 Health Center. .

SAMPLING TECHNIQUE  The researcher will use the random sampling technique. . The respondent will be mothers who had undergone spontaneous normal delivery from March 2008 October 2008 who delivered at Barangay Salitran 3 Health Center.

. A questionnaire will be used to evaluate the student nurse capability in handling or assisting in birth delivery.RESEARCH INSTRUMENT  The researchers will conduct instructed interviews to have one on one and face-to-face interaction with the face-toclient and gathered patient s idea and perception. the researchers will also use a checklist to determine the effectiveness of the student nurses in assisting deliveries utilize by the student nurses on alleviating patient s anxiety due to labor pain. Aside from an interview.

DATA GATHERING PROCEDURE The questionnaire wil be adopted from the study of ³The Level of Performance at the OR and DR ± GEAMH of the 3 Year Nursing students of EAC ± Cavite. The researchers conducted a survey to the selective respondents to ascertain the reliability results. and then it wil be approved and edited by the adviser. The researchers wil instruct the respondents to feel free to ask any question from any portions of the questionnaires with they find difficult or unclear. Rebollido 2005) The formulated questions wil be correlated with the statements of the problem and hypothesis.´ (Fernandez. rd . Makiling.

Frequency and Percentage Distributions Formula % P = 2. Mean Formula: M = Z 3. ANOVA F/n 100 /N .STATISTICAL TREATMENT Statistical Treatment o Data 1.

The F test F = mean square for between groups mean square for within groups F = _MSB_ _MSB_ MSW .

an attitude or understanding based on what is obser ed to thought.DEFINITION OF TERMS     Patient .ercei ing: the rocess o using the senses to acquire in ormation about the surrounding en ironment or situation.To ma e lighten. Perce tion .Somebody gi en medical treatment: somebody who recei es medical treatment. Alle iate . Impression . . to ease the patient s an iety.

dread or oreboding or a eeling o helplessness that a patient may eel be ore.It is use to illustrate an idea that is difficult or incon enient to described inwords. Facial E pression . Gestures . . during and after a surgical procedure. It may be used to con ey emotions toward oneself to another.This re ers to a state o mental uneasiness apprehension.It reflects one s emotion.   An iety .

     Posture . usually gained through training or e perience.Physical. Stress . Total number of pregnancies. mental or emotional tension felt by the patients.The ability to do something well. Parity .It reflects one s attitude and physical wellness. Touch . Skills .e pressed when nurses hold their patients purposi ely and is done to con ey emotional support and encouragement. .The classification of a woman by the number of li eeborn children and stillbirths she has deli ered at more than 20 weeks of gestation.

FAIR 4 .EXCELLENT .VERY GOOD 3 ± GOOD 5 .QUESTIONAIRE To the Respondents: (Clients who had delivery assisted by EAC 3rd yr nursing students at Salitran 3 Barangay Health Center) Below are some traits and actualizations that can be cited to student nurses during assisting the whole course of delivery. No wrong and correct answer.POOR 2 . Please write the appropriate number of which will interpret your observation in the performance of the EAC 3rd yr Nursing Students on assisting delivery. Legend: 1 .

Students attend the needs of the client specifically on comfort measures during labor. Students have a sense of obligations. Students able to thoroughly and gently asses the clients during labor. Students are expressing concern to client¶s recovery. Students are compassionate to mother and newborn care. 5. 8. 3. 6. 9. 4.5 4 3 2 1 1. Students are active in participating during delivery. Students are honest in all interactions with client¶s families. Students are respectful of the privacy and dignity of the client. . 2. colleagues and others. 7. 10. Students give health teachings about mother and child care clearly. Students have presence of mind during delivery procedure.

Naic Cavite High School: Cavite College of Fisheries Bucana.com Education Elementary: Bucana Elemetary School Bucana. 1985 Religion: Christian Status: Married Contact Number: 09084146408 Email Address: efrencapili@yahoo.Curriculum Vitae            Name: Efren B. Naic. Address: Bagong Kalsada. Capili Jr. Naic. Cavite Age: 23 Birthday: March 18. Cavite .

Curriculum Vitae            Name: Evelyn R. Dasmarinas. Cavite Age: 33 Birthday: February 25. 1975 Religion: Catholic Status: Married Contact Number: 09289396787 Email Address: evy_calitis@yahoo.com Education Elementary: Dasmarinas Elementary School Dasmarinas Cavite High School: Immaculate Conception Academy Dasmarinas. Calitis Address: 5 Sabang. Cavite .

com Education Elementary: Aniban Central School Aniban. Bacoor. Religion: Catholic Status: Single Contact Number 09206367311 Email Address: khriscampos@yahoo. Cavite High School: Cavite National High School Cavite City .com hriscampos@yahoo. 1977 8. Cavite Age: 31 Birthday: September 8.Curriculum Vitae            Name: Khriselda Marie D. Campos Address: Reginaville Trece Martires City.

Samar. 1979 Religion: Catholic Status: Married Contact Number: 09209060037 Email Address: Education Elementary: Tomas Oppus Central School. Dasmarinas.Curriculum Vitae            Name: Marceleste P. Salitran. Molino Homes. Leyte . Nino Academy Samar. Leyte High School: Sto. Pelino Address: B5 L35 Zamora St. Cavite Age: 28 Birthday: December 6.


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