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What is Agritourism?

Agritourism is any economic activity that occurs when travel is linked with agricultural products, services, or experiences.

What is the economic impact?
‡ Travel and tourism is expected to grow 28% between 1998 and 2008. ‡ More than 70% of the urban Indian class has not seen a village. So far, 7000 plus tourists have visited the farm. ‡ Nature and agriculture based tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry, averaging a 30% increase annually.

Agri - Tourism should ensure the following three basic principles: Have something for visitors to see Animals, birds, farms and nature are few things which Agri-Tourism could offer to the tourist. Apart from these, culture, dress, festivals and rural games could create enough interest among visitors in Agri-Tourism. Have something for visitors to do Participating in agricultural operations, swimming, bullock cart riding, camel riding, buffalo riding, cooking and participating in the rural games. Have something for visitors to buy Rural crafts, dress materials, farm gate fresh agriculture products, processed foods.

Farmer ± Mostly, farmers are less educated, less exposed and innocent. For a farmer, any outsider guest and is treated wholeheartedly without any commercial motive Village ± Villages, located far from the city lack urban facilities, but are blessed with natural resources. Agriculture ± Rich resources in agriculture namely land, water and plants are unique from place to place bringing diversity and creating curiosity. Combination of farmer, village and agriculture creates a wonderful situation which provides unlimited satisfaction to the tourist especially from urban areas.

What entices tourists? 
Desire for peace and tranquility.  Fear regarding international travel and events.  Interests in the natural environment  Disillusionment with overcrowded resorts and cities  Rural recreation  Inexpensive getaway  Curiosity about the farming industry and lifestyle  Desire to provide learning opportunities for entire family

What are the benefits? 
Strengthen local economiesnew businesses, increased tax revenue,new jobs. Provide agriculture employment opportunities Help diversify local economies and preserve rural life Capitalize on the natural, historical, and cultural resources

What are the opportunities? 
Outdoor Recreation  Educational Experiences  Direct Agricultural Sales  Accomodation  Entertainment  Miscellaneous

What are the opportunities? 

Outdoor Recreation-Horseback riding -Birding/wildlife trails -Fee fishing/pay lakes -Wagon/sleigh rides -Off road trails

What are the opportunities? 

Educational Experience ± School tours ± Garden/nursery tours ± Historical agriculture exhibits ± Exotic animal exhibits

What are the opportunities? 

Direct Agricultural Sales ± On-farm sales ± Roadside markets ± Farmers¶ markets

What are the opportunities? 

Accommodations ± Bed and breakfast ± Farm vacations ± Youth exchange ± Guest ranch

What are the opportunities? 

Entertainment ± Festivals or fairs ± Petting zoos ± Guide/outfitter operation ± Horse pack team ± Hunting/working dog trials & training ± Concerts and special events



Fear of misinterpretation of the Agri Tourism concept .  Absence of any regulatory authority to save farmers interests.  Presence of unorganized sector in the Agri Tourism industry.  Ensuring hygiene and basic requirements considering foreign visitors

What are the considerations? ‡ Goals and philosophy ‡ Profit vs. nonprofit ‡ Location

What are the general management issues? ‡ Regulations ‡ Taxes ‡ Insurance ‡ Labor ‡ Bio-security& animal welfare ‡ Public relations skills ‡ Financial/business management ‡ Risk management

25 LOCATIONS IN MAHARASHTRA I ENTIFIE FOR AGRI TOURISM Pilot project on farm tourism under way Going places Baramati project will offer tourists edutainment farm tours. Agri Tourism to develop Dapoli, Mulshi, Reha as new destinations. Plans to scout for locations in Punjab, Andhra Pradesh. Spices tourism in TN district AGRI TOURISM in MAVAL taluka in Pune istrict

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