Introduction to Project Management

Colin Turnbull Head of Project Services



Introductions  Who you are  Who I am Session 1 - The make up of a project Coffee ± 2:30 Session 2 - The running of a project Round up Finish ± 4:30

Who you are 


Describe who you are What you do What you want from this session

 Who am I .

What will be covered   What is a project The running of a project .

 What do you think a project is .

. middle and end. Something that can be measured and achieved.What is a project ?    Something with a beginning. Something that has a clear objective and somebody responsible for it.

Milestones The Budget .Make up of a project     The Brief .Costs .PID The Players ± Project team The Timescales .

The brief must have  What you are going to do  Why you are going to do it  What alternatives are there in not doing it   Template example . This must as a clear definition so that when the project is delivered it can be measured as successful or not.The Brief  A statement of intent that defines what is going to be delivered.

The Project Team     Who are the stakeholders Who is the sponsor Who is the project manager Who are the resources Define a stakeholder map  .

Stakeholder Map Stakeholder Plan±Project XXX Stakeholder Ernie Campbell Position/ Title Director Department/ Organisation Central AHS Primary Rel. Manager Bill Smith Interests ‡ Owner of the process ‡ Ensure that total IT spend within area is managed effectively ‡ Sponsor and champion of IT governance process ‡ Provide direction and make business decisions relating to IT Sp end Helen Burke ADG Head Office Bill Smith .

.Exercise & coffee    Split into two groups Decide on a small project ± fact or fictional Outputs required are A Brief  A Stakeholder Map   15 mins.

 Project feedback .

 Session Two ± Running a Project .

Steps to Running a Successful Project      Planning Execution Feedback Delivery Closure .

Planning   Start with the big tasks Breakdown into manageable tasks  5 to 10 days tasks    Assign task owners to these tasks Assign deadlines to these tasks Re-plan conflict of resources Gantt Chart or Stage Plan  .Work Break Down .

Stage Plan or Gantt Chart  Stage Plan  Simple but can be hard to follow  Gantt Chart  Graphical but can be resource hungry to manage .

Execution     Ensure resources understand their job Tell resources when they are to start and when they are due to finish Control the project Report to stakeholders .Running a Project .

Controlling the Project . time Talk to your resources Don¶t suffer from the µIt¶s fine¶ syndrome Re-plan slippage and scope creep. Always work to the Golden Triangle .Feedback      Measurement of tasks vs.

The Golden Triangle Time Deliverables Resources .

What happens when the triangle changes .

How to control the triangle  Risk management  Identify the risk and what can be done to minimise the affect Ensure constant communication with the resources. the estimates. Estimate the task and monitor the actuals vs.  Task management   Time management  .

Identify risks 15 mins  . resources and milestone.Group Exercise    Take your project and now produce a Gantt chart or stage plan that maps out the project. Identify task.

 Project feedback .

Tell the stakeholder when you intend to deliver it and that you have delivered it. Once delivered do not do any more work on the project ± scope creep. .Deliver the Project ± Delivery    Ensure that what is delivered is what was expected.

what went wrong and lessons to learn .Review to Project ± Closure   Project closure is key to a successful project Identify what went well.

Conclusion  Successful project management is achieved by Clear brief  Identification of stakeholders  Managing the milestones  Communication  Avoiding scope creep  .

Conclusion ± what to take away       Keep it simple Identify stakeholders Agree what the scope is and stick to it Break work into manageable tasks Control the golden triangle Be proactive not reactive .

Tools    Project Website Small scale project documents JISC Infonet .

 Thank you .

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