Ans. Oprah Gail Winfrey

Name the co-author of this book?

Prahalad . C.K.Ans.

Antara.GT. Insignia and Ampera are key brands of which company? . Agila.

Opel .Ans.

Victor Gruen designed the first of these in 1956. impelled by his hatred of cars and his hatred of American suburbs. This structure is still in use. What did Gruen thus create? . The structure that he put up at Edina in Minneapolis was envisioned as an air-conditioned centre where community would be possible.

Ans. Shopping Mall .

Upon completion of the task(s) in question. an analogical reference to the role of the King in the story of ______ . equal or higher work demands are then imposed. no credit. moreover. or overt appreciation is demonstrated by way of recognition.Common practice in middle-management is to impose unreasonable work demands on subordinates. The name for this sort of treatment is the ______Syndrome.

Ans. Rumpeltiltskin .

What variation on a six-letter word resulted because Silicon Valley engineer Tim Beauchamp refused in 1997 to relinquish the domain that he was using as a site for math and astronomy? .

com .Ans. Google.

It was also used as the title of cricketer Mike Gatting s autobiography.This management cliché is derived from a term used in military strategy for a general who takes his men into the attack. What fourword term? .

Ans. Leading From The Front .

Fill the blank. .______ is a group creativity technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution to a problem. an advertising executive and one of the founders of the agency BBDO. The method was first popularized by Alex Faickney Osborn. in the late 1930s. in a book called Applied Imagination.

Ans. Brainstorming .

He is credited with having kick-started a revolution in the FMCG sector in India. Identify him and the revolutionary idea he came up with to market a product named after his father Chinni Krishna? .

C. .Ans.1/per sachet for Chik Shampoo. Ranganathan and the Rs.K.

Identify this person who was recently in the news? .

.Ans. Homai Vyarawala (Tata Nano s first owner and India s first woman photojournalist.

In 1981. as Washington correspondent for an Indian newspaper. Which present-day media bigwig and newspaper editor broke into the limelight thus? . he scooped the story of India taking a $5 billion loan from the IMF under strict conditions.

N. Ram .Ans.

What began in October 2005 with a posting titled Me at the Zoo by someone identified only as Jawed? . . Youtube.

Explain the term Sandwich Generation ? .

Ans. Middle-aged individuals who are pressurized to support both ageing parents as well as growing children. .

Live the moment is the tagline of? .

Maruti Suzuki Ritz .Ans.

India we use this word without the prefix motor. In India we use this word without the prefix motor. In other countries it is also known as a child's toy or a flat-bottomed sail boat. In other countries it is also known as a child's toy or a flat-bottomed sail boat .SCOOTER. .

Scooter .Ans.


Paris Hilton Stock Index .Ans.

What is X ? In India we use this word without the prefix motor. . There is a folk lore joke that says this design is interpreted as Hamburg is the gate to the world but only Bremen has the key to it. In other countries it is also known as a child's toy or a flat-bottomed sail boat .SCOOTER.The key which is depicted on the logo entitles the holder of X to be welcome to the City of Bremen.

Ans. Beck s (Beer)

Name the famous concept pioneered by Rosser Reeves in his book Reality in Advertising ?

In India we use this word without the prefix motor. In other countries it is also known as a child's toy or a flat-bottomed sail boat - SCOOTER.

Ans. USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Who is X? .The complete title of Mike Wilson s new biography of X refers to a joke about him which went thus: Question: What is the Difference between God and X? Answer: God doesn t think He s X .

Larry Ellison (Co-founder of Oracle Corporation) .Ans.

Identify this personality? .

Ans. Jack Dorsey (Creator of Twitter) .

Which company founded in 1923 by the brothers Henry and Helal Hassenfeld uses a stylized smile in its logo to indicate the fact that their business is fun? .

Hasbro (from Hassenfeld brothers) .Ans.

Deutsche Bank.The fixing started on 12 September 1919 and takes place twice daily. and we re fixed . These days. What is being fixed ? . Barclays Capital. The chair always ends the meeting with the phrase There are no flags. HSBC and Societe Generale. the proceedings take place by phone and the five participants are Scotia-Mocatta.

(Price of) Gold .Ans.

Connect a fruit. a rabbit in the Richard Adams novel Watership Down. and a yuppie gadget? .

Ans. Blackberry .

This portal founded by New Delhi based sisters Megha Singhal and Aditi Gupta with the tagline for the large hearted offers unique matrimonial services. Name the website? . .Ans.

FieldFresh Foods Pvt. and which Indian company? . Ltd. is a joint venture between Del Monte Pacific Ltd.

Ans. Bharti Enterprises .

Nakshatra. Asmi and Gili are all jewellery brands of which company? . Lucera. Sangini. D damas.

Gitanjali Group .Ans.

Tatas took over this company and thus ______ was born? .Shri Kapilram Vakil set up Okhamandal Salt Works in 1927.

Tata Chemicals .Ans.

Which company was this poster made for? .This was an ad created by BBH in 1982. The line at the bottom of the poster has been the BBH philosophy ever since.

Ans. Levi s (for introducing black denim) .

What is a surge in the price of stocks that occurs in the week between Christmas Day and New Year s Day called? .

Ans. Santa Claus Rally .

a DVD about the city and a letter wishing him the best.This Japanese city noted in 2006 that a certain person had become very well known and decided to use their common name for publicity. . As the person became even more popular in early 2008. posters and T-shirts in support. It sent that person a set of the city s famous lacquer chopsticks. Name the town. it began to organize parties.

Obama .Ans.

and is headquartered in Basel. Switzerland? . both Swiss pharmaceutical companies with long histories.Which company was created by the 1996 merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz Laboratories.

Ans. Novartis .

Originally. overlapping with each other. just the logo. The logo and name were originally in white. the mark was referred to as the strip but was later changed to its present name to describe the fibers used. What? . They no longer carry the name. In the early 1980s they alternated between name and logo in white with name above and a red box above logo.

Ans. The Nike Swoosh .

It grew to be a household name.This confectionary company was founded in Chittoor by B. Ventakatarama Reddy in 1952. . a Bugs-Bunny-look alike. Identify the company. This company was acquired by Godrej Foods and Beverages Ltd in 2006. partly on account of its mascot.

Ans. Nutrine .

.Amazon. It is also famous for being the birthplace of grunge music. Identify. Nordstrom. Washington Mutual and Safeco Corporation are five major companies that are headquartered in this city. Starbucks.

Ans. Seattle .

there may be more related negative events that are yet to be revealed.A market theory that suggests that when a company reveals bad news to the public. .

Cockroach Theory .Ans.

.Identify this management guru.

Tom Peters .Ans.

It was Abram Games who created this company s first identity. Name the company. also known as Bat s wings. .

Ans. BBC .

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