Front-of- The-house MANAGEMENT


y Front ±of ±house management incl.

rooms division , guest relations and guest services. y Heart ±of ±the house management incl. F & B, housekeeping, engineering, and maintenance, security , purchasing and accounting., i.e depts. Generally associated with production and support goods and services. y Outdoor and recreation management.

and cashier. i. telephone.e. reception. include reservations.Introduction y Front-of ±the-house dept. front office is nerve center of the resort. y Typical resort front office depts. concierge. mail and information. . uniformed services.

.The Reservations Dept. pending guest arrival or cancellation. y Collecting and holding advance deposits if required. Systems. y Interacting with external reservation syst. System and central reservn. Such as travel agency reservn. y Responsible for: y Responding to all direct reservation requests upon availability.

.Departure reservation request card. Like in form of Pre. y Maintain Guest History File. y Preparing guest folios and guest registration cards and forwarding to receptn.The Reservations Dept. y Processing both individual and group reservations. Desk before expected guest arrival. y Responsibilities incl. y All guestroom sales must eventually pass through reservation depts.

800 Resort sales staff Travel agents/ tour operators Hotel representatives . Direct guest contacts-letter. y Potential sources for resort room sales: y In-house services-Guest request epeat reservns.The Reservations Central and computerised resservation systems-Toll free no. y y y y y During their stay. recommendations. fax.

meal plan. recreational arrangements offered by the resort as they get commission on total booking. y Types of resevations: y Guaranteed Reservations y Non. y The Travel agents are important source of resort guests today because they are vital link in sales distribution systems of resort destinations.The Reservations Dept.guaranteed reservations . y The agents usually try to sell the most complete room.

Types of Reservations y Guaranteed Reservations y Prepayment Guaranteed y Credit card guaranteed y Advance Deposit y Travel agent guaranteed y Corporate .

Computerised Reservation Systems y Computerised or automated reservation system have y y y y y become quite efficient means for handling reservations. Most resorts are replacing manual systems with computerised systems. Three most common approaches to computerassisted reservations are: Intersell Agencies Central Reservation Centers In-house Reservation Module .

y Intersell Agencies: y This system uses a reservation network which handles y y y y more than one product line. In-house reservation Modules: Has larger property management system (Pms) can be used as a stand alone system. Used by Travl agents.(airline.affiliated hotels. Central Reservation Systems: Can connect either affiliated or rental and hotel reservations) and can connect to an in-house reservation system.Approaches to Computerised Reservations Systems. or can be connected to intersell agencies or central reservation systems. .

Provides detailed guest informatio before registration Monitors pre-arrival transactions.Benefits of Computerised Reservations y Facilitates the process of matching guest inquires with y y y y y y y availability Enables reservationists to more accurately and quickly answer questions Significantly reduces reservation paperwork and filing Allows reservation records to be rapidly accessed when changes mustbe made. such as prepayments and special room assignments Enhances registration and account creation proceures Enables more reliable revenue and occupnacy forecasting .

Reservation Process y Confirming the reservation y Preparing the guest Folio y Preparing the guest registration/ guest history card- useful for marketing. . recreational development. marketing and security followups and personalised guest service. menu planning.accounting.

and departuress used by both resorts and transient hotels.Guestroom Assignment y Reservations assignment systems used by resorts fall into y y y y y y 3 categories: Graphic chart System: Simple manual method used particularly by smaller and seasonal properties. Quantitative Analysis System: Based on Daily occupancy counts. arrivals. Artificial intelligence(AI) system: Assigns guestrooms by computer has features which make it attractive to resorts. .

. y Forecasts of guests. y Forecasting data y Reservation dept. Within the resort. meal plans and recreartional facilities use are prepared by reservation dept. is primary source for providing certain statistics to various operating depts.Group Reservations y Handling of group reservations important to resort hotels and requires additional reservations procedures and controls. occupied rooms.

y Forecasts are also used for long-range planning and budget purposes. .Group Reservations y Forecasts are usually updated daily for use in short range operations such as personal scheduling and activities scheduling.

The Reception Center y Key Role y Receiving and rooming guests and accounting for the y y y y y y revenue they generate. Control of arrivals and departures. Co-ordinating with other depts. messages. Apart from this they also handle: Guest mail. and room key control Guest accounting Distributing essential information to all operating depts. .

Reception Procedures y Checkin y Normal y Group checkins y Self checkins Guest folio and credit .

credits. Cash flow are also important issue related to guest credit policies. allowances including cash. Automation of Credit card is beneficial to the resorts.Guest Folio and Extension of Credit y Guest Folio is an accounting record of all y y y y transactions which become part of guests bill. . Acceptance of credit cards may be useful in some resorts and in some it may not be useful. Transactions are in form of charges.

Collect payment Time-stamp the bill Stamp the bill if it is settled by a credit transaction Hospitality and caring to be shown to leave pleasant last impression.Check out Procedure y The procedure begins when guest returns the room y y y y y y y key and settles the bill. . Steps carried out are: Bringing the guest folio up to date Inform the guest of the final amount owed.

. night audit procedures. y Most major resorts have computerised their front office and accounting systems incl.Night Audit Process y Night Audit provides backup information for daily income audit. y It brings guest accounts up to date at end of operating day. y It reconciles guest charges with departmental revenues.

electronic sales and electonic bars . Greater numbers of variation from standard rack rate Additional information required by special marketing plans New guest room serviices such as guest-pay movies.Computerised front office systems y Computerisation trend is seen in hotels in the form y y y y of complex checkin and checkout. Increase use of credit cards and the need for credit authorisation and account settlement.

Benefits achieved is Improved operational efficiency Improved service Improved internal operational control Cost savings . Over 70% of hotels now use CRS and 50% use computerised back office systems.Computerised front office systems y 50% of US hotels have computerised front office y y y y y y systems.

y Resort Guests spend discretionary income. . y Responsibility for good guest relations should begin with management and extend to every employee. y Large resorts have guest relaton department while in smaller resort guest relations functions are divided amon g variious department heads.Guest Relations y Important as guest loyalty depends in large amount upon relationships established during the guest stay. unlike business travellers who travel because they must.

y The resort needs to convey the feeling that they care for guests as well as anyone who visits the resort. And special training sessions. .Guest Relations y Guest relations can be reinforced at all employee orientation meetings and reviewed periodically during satff mtgs.

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