Food and Beverage Department

F&B Department Importance

Food and Beverage Department is an essential part of many hotels operations. The overall impression the guest develops of the hotel is greatly influenced by the food and beverage department and its personel. If the guest has a bad meal or slow service from one of the food and beverage outlets, the guest will leave with a poor opinion of entire hotel operation. Not only hotel guests are served by this department, but local residents and business people will patronize the food and beverage operations if food is properly and attractievly prepared and the service is efficient. This department can have a major impact on the overall profitability of the hotel in the local market as well with the traveling public.

F&B Department Organization F&B Director Executive Chef Sous Chef Banquet Chef Pastry Chef Executive Steward Steward Catering Manager Banquet manager Restaurant Manager Room Service Manager Server Bus person .

F&B Department Production personel:       Chefs Cooks Assistant cooks PantryPantry-service assistants Bakers Stewards .

assist chefs and prepare soups. steamed. including sous chef (the principal assistants to the executive chef) and chefs gardegarde-manger (chef in charge of cold food production) Cooks. . Types of cooks include soup cook. poached. sauces and food items to be sauteed.F&B Department Production Personel Chefs: Executive chefs are managers in charge of production personnel in the kitchen. pastry cook. They carve and cut meats and prepare cold meat and seafood salad plates. Executive chef supervise a number of different types of chefs. braised. roasted of fried. sauce cook. relief cook and so on. baked. fish cook. roast cook.

glassware.F&B Department Production Personel Assistant Cooks. pans and other cooking equipment. wash and store pots. PantryPantry-Service Assistants. Additional duties include special cleaning task in food and beverage areas and cleaning and storing china. They trim. peel. grind. mix or portion foods before cooking and may do simple cooking under instruction or guidance of cooks or chefs. These employees may also prepare beverages and assists in serving food when required. perform cleaning task to maintain a high level of cleanliness and sanitation. shape. pies and plain cakes. flatware. They also scrape. help cooks prepare foods for cooking. Stewards. supply dining room and banquet pantries with necessary items such as utensils. . Bakers prepare less complex bakery products such as bread rolls. flatware and realted equipment according to acctable sanitation procedures. china. glass. are preparing a wide variety of bakery products following standard recepies. clean. Bakers.

F&B Department Service Personel Service Personel: Restorant Manager Host /captains/ Maitre d s Server Busperson Bardender Cashier .

glassware and flatware Making sure that menus are in good condition Noting the number of reservations that have been made Checking the schedule to make sure enough service personnel will be on hand Observing and recording the job performance of service employees Making sure that guests are satisfied and following up on any guest complaints Detecting dishonest servers and guests Providing special services to guest who request them Maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the dining room Providing reports and other data .F&B Department Service Personel Restoran Manager Checking the physical condition of the dining rooms before it opens Checking the place settings on tables and contition of the china.

offer afterdinner drinks and coffee to the guests and present the check Server. Captains. serve food and beverage to guests Buspersons. . Cashier. greet and help seat guests. linens and so on from tables. total the price of food and beverage on guest checks and collect guest payments. Other task can include serving wines. planning for and providing tableside preparation. Maitre d s. Bartenders. helping servers when necessary and preparing flaming deserts. taking reservations. present menues and take guests orders. are setting up tables with proper appointments and removing dirty dishes. prepare mixed drinks and other alcoholic beverages and serve them directly to the guests or to their servers.F&B Department Service Personel Hosts.

F&B Department .

F&B Department .

assuming that all costs would be still covered). In addition. it may be worthwile in some situations to offer a lower price in an attempt to stimulate demand (of course. particulary in situations in which customers are willing to pay more than cost based price.F&B Department Pricing the menue CostCost-based pricing (Traditional way) Calculation: Cost of the menue item s ingredients is first calculated and then multiplied by some constant (usually about 3) so that the restaurant / outlet can maintain a certain food cost percentage (usually about 30%) Cost based pricing approach can lead to suboptimal results. .

At no time should restaurant be seen as price gouging or taking unfair advantage of customers by rasing prices in times of stresfull or emergency situation) . (Note: Increasing prices must be handeled carefully.F&B Department Pricing the menue DemandDemand-based pricing One version of demand-based pricing is demandcharging a relatively high price during high demand times and lower price during lowlowdemand times.

but companies that use competitiv pricing seem to asume that their competitors have set their prices correctly. If this assumption is untrue the use of competitive pricing could be dangerous. can be succesful. which is prevalent in the hotel and airline industries. Competitive pricing.F&B Department Pricing the menue Competitive pricing Some restaurants set their prices according to competitors prices. .

F&B Department Restaurant Revenue management RevPASH = Revenue Per Available Seat Hour Uncertainty of arrival Internal Measures Ucertainity of duration Internal Measures Methods of managing duration Reservation polices Arrival Management Optimal table mix Changes in the service delivery system Labor scheduling Menu design Communication system .

F&B Department Restaurant Revenue management Uncertainty of arrival External Measures Ucertainity of duration External Measures Methods of managing duration Desposits Guaranteed reservations Recorfimed reservations PrePre-bussing Visual Singnals Coffee and dessert bar Check delivery .

wine sales and profits The Waldorf Astoria Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Parks Whyndham Hotels and Resorts . labor cost savings Doubled cover counts. increased staff earnings and retention. increased effectiveness of F&B marketing.F&B Department Food and Beverage Best Practice Champions F&B Champion Four Season and Regent Description of case Single Dining venue with broad cusine choices (and two dining rooms) Applying revenue management practises in all F&B outlets (plus staff training) Restaurants designed to provide a touchable experience Upgrade of organnizations s food and beverage culture Method of Implementation Boosted capture rate of hotel guests. increased total sales. improved customer satisfaction Achived high customer satisfaction and return rate Achieved higher average checks. increased local patronage.

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