Step by Step using Nemo Analyzer 5.


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Add New Map Add New Engineering Parameter Add Logfiles View Logfiles Change Logfiles Draw Mode Add Legend for Logfiles

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Add Maps Right Click in Maps > Open«

Search Map files [ .gst ] .

Add Engineering Parameter Right Click in Base Stations > Open« .

nbf ] .Search BTS files [ .

after that will show Properties .Change Site Name to SC Click in Red Area.

Add Logfiles to Measurement Right Click on All Measurement Folders. select Organize« .

Add Folder > Drag & Drop« and then will show new Folder . Right Click on All Measurements.Add Logfiles to Measurement After show Organize Measurement.

Give Name for New Measurement Folder [ Same with Site Name ] .

Result Folder with No Logfile .

Add Logfile to Folder. with Drag & Drop from Explorer to All Measurement Folder. and then Drag & Drop from All Measurement Folder to New Folder .

Select Join« .After that combine all logfile with select all then right click .

Add Joined Measurement Name .

Drag & Drop Joined Measurement Logfiles to Map for see DT Result .

DT Result in Map with No Legend .

don¶t forget to associated with BTS Data so you can check SC per Node .View Logfiles Same like before. Just Drag & Drop from Joined Measurement Logfiles to The Map.

& change Symbol Style .Change logfiles draw mode Click in Red Circle. after that will show Properties Change Draw mode from Line to Symbol .

Add Legend to the logfiles Click in Red Circle. after that will show Properties Change Mode from Default Colour to Based on Value .

Create New Legend for the logfiles 1. Click in Add button. Click in Colour Set. after that will show Colour Set Editor 3. Click in Red Circle. after that will show Properties 2. after that will show Colour Set Properties 1 2 3 .

Create New Legend for the logfiles Give Name for New Legend Check for UMTS Click Add button. will show Range Properties. after that change colour And Limits 1 4 5 2 3 .

Create New Legend for the logfiles Example Result for New Legend .

Right click then select load to workspace. select 1. GSM and UMTS performance report.Make Report for every DT Result Go to Workspace > Reports In report folder. Same rule for service performance report .rpt 2. Service performance report.rpt In GSM and UMTS performance report. After that will show GSM and UMTS peformance report In loaded workspace.

after that will show Report configuration. BLER. etc Right clik.Configure every KPI threshold like call setup time. select configure. In UMTS and voice call can edit every threshold For 3G .

select GSM and UMTS performance report . Select report.Generate report with right click in folder content.

we can check from Scanner result. select change default to change threshold RSCP . right click on RSCP CPICH Best .To see if we can or cant pass KPI for Ec/No and RSCP. select UMTS scanner under folder contents. select scanner. In folder content.

After that . then fill carrier number : for celcom is 10762 . right click RSCP CPICH Best > statistics > All values > Time Enter.

Result for RSCP CPICH Best .

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