What is a stereotype?
The world is a place full of diversity, It has different landscapes, weather, and living things. People around the world are also different , even in the city of Atlanta we can observe a multicultural variety. However in many occasions we create a concept or generalization of the people that are different from us. This is called a STEREOTYPE. A Stereotype is a classification about a particular group of people. In other words stereotyping is believing that people of a certain group, race or religion all have the same characteristics when they don't.

There are Positive and Negative stereotypes.
Latino people are stereotyped as being Roman Catholic, having many children, and being present in the US illegally. The stereotypes say that they rarely complete high school and cannot speak English well. So this is an example of a negative stereotype, because is an over generalization of a false idea. On the other hand A positive stereotype of Hispanics is to say that they re lovely, friendly, and hardworking people.

What a good thing is to think to hear and say positive remarks about us Americans are environmentally conscious, spiritual, wise, loyal, or with extraordinary skill in hunting or tracking. Asians are smart, and particularly talented with mathematics. They are mystical and exotic. People from india are smart businessmen and very organized

Differences must never be used to create barriers among us, instead we must used them as our opportunity to know more about the world and other cultures, to build up our acceptance and being part of a better society. Stereotyping can be reduced by bringing people together. When they discover the other people are not as the stereotype, the immediate evidence creates dissonance that leads to improved thoughts about the other group.

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