Doing Business in France

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NATO.FRANCE : An Overview         Officially Known as The French Republic. Nicolas Sarkozy Heads the French Republic with Francois Fillion as the Prime Minister. It is a Unitary Semi Presidential Republic. One of the founder Members of EU & UN. OCED and Francophone. WTO. . G-20. France is the member of G-8.

113 Trillion.800 ( 2009 estim.9% ( 2009-10) Estimated Exports $456.8 Billion (2009) Estimated Imports $ 532.The French Economy         5th Largest in world & 2nd largest in Europe.) GDP growth rate 1. GDP amounting to $ 2. Per capita Income $ 32.2 Billion (2009) Euro is the official currency (€). .

oats. Ø .Major French Industries  Agriculture and Food Processing Ø Activities include crop production. corn & sugar-beet constitute the major crops Ø Agriculture is practiced in about three-fifth of the total land area of France  Energy Ø About 78% of the country’s electricity is obtained from the Nuclear Energy. barley. Ø France is ranked second in the world in terms of nuclear supply. Ø The countries majority of the fuel needs are satisfied through import. fishing & live stock rearing Ø Wheat.

chemical. food processing etc. In 2007. Palace of Versailles. Sainte Chapelle etc Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø  .  Tourism Most preferred tourist destination of the world. Louvre Museum. aerospace industry. 81. Ø France also has a well developed R & D sector which has contributed 2.Major French Industries  Manufacturing Ø Major industries include Automobile .9 million tourist visited France. Ship-building.26% of GDP. Major tourism attraction : Eiffel Tower. Centre Pompidou. construction and civil sector.

Major French Industries  Banking & Insurance Ø Banking contributes nearly 4% to France’s GDP. Ø As part of Economic and Monetary Union. Ø The insurance industry is dominated by large companies such as Groupama. AGF and AXA. Ø  Weapons Industry Ø Has a highly sophisticated weapon industry. Ø The weapons mainly include guns. France has an independent central bank ‘Banque de France’. warships.  . nuclear weapons etc.

One should try to be cultured and sophisticated. A pleasant conversation is acceptable but personal questions should be avoided.Business Ethics in France     The French are extremely proud of their language. . It is important to at least learn some basic Phrases prior to doing business in France. Being Punctual is extremely important.

The French tend o be precise and logical in their approach.Business Ethics in France      French executives tend to focus on longterm business relationships. The French won't normally accept anything that goes away from their cultural norm. Shaking Hands should be quick and with some pressure on the grip. French people do not rush on decision making.  .

Why Choose France ?  Competitive and Globalized  1.  1.A Springboard into Europe 2.  .A Competitive Econmy.A Country With Global Outlook  1.

Why Choose France  Innovation Comes First    Skills Qualifications and expertise Tax System : Best Research Tax Credit in Europe Research and partnerships : Innovative Clusters     .

France is on the Move    Reforms and major changes. Tradition and modernity    . Investing in sustainable devleopment.

Start up support.Setting Up in France   Establishing a Business in France. Modified tax system. France welcomes Expatriates. A More flexible labor market.        .

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