A collection of "assets" - not just text but video, audio, graphics, stills, etc. which can be run on a "multimedia capable" PC or laptop - ie one that has a CD drive and a sound card. The user is able to interact with the assets on the multimedia CD-ROM, so it becomes an interactive not just a passive

.NAVIGATION Navigation is the process which guides the user through the material. but the medium can be much more powerful . It can be very simple. an e-book approach where clicking the "next" button takes you to the next page...

. the user identifies their department / division / job function as appropriate. that way they see only those sections that are relevant to them. A revisit menu also means someone can go refresh their memory of a particular item. so that someone who wasn t able to complete the CD (they ran out of time or were called away) can start again where they left off. A path is then created for them through the presentation. without having to go through the whole multimedia again.Flexible / Tiered Navigation At the start. Revisit Menu Menu listing the sections.

exit.Toolbar Usually found on each page. this allows the material to be shown without voiceover narration and advanced manually. . Trainer / Presenter Mode In addition to the normal user experience. go back. replay. move on Pop-up labels tell the user what each button does. start. The trainer or presenter can play individual video clips or interactive exercises to illustrate a live course and prompt discussion. the toolbar allows user to stop. like a PowerPoint slide show.

sound effects) Video (MPEG. e. . Basic Functions The media rich interactive multimedia CD-ROM is built as a series of pages or screens. Also objects can be simply animated. or objects themselves can be given actions. etc. Each page can display a variety of objects or media-rich content: Text Graphics Still photos Audio (voiceover. which synchronizes the display of the various objects. Flash. so that they move around the page.3. change size or color. a button or link will cause something else to happen.g. AVI etc) The whole page can be driven by a timeline. music.

4. they can be made to do a section again. . Quizzes can be randomised to discourage cheating. If the user fails an important test. Interactive Quizzes and Tests A Quiz can take the form of: Multiple choice questions True/false questions Click-and-drag exercises Text input exercises Quizzes can be scored and the results displayed to the user.

retrieving or sending data. For example.g. .: · have they completed all relevant sections? · have they passed all tests? This information can: · be used to generate a certificate of completion that the user can print and keep · generate an e-mail to HR to provide a record of that person s induction · interface with a Learning Management System (if you have one) or a simple database that we could create for you. it can capture the user s ID and log their participation. e. Databases and Data Capture The multimedia CD-ROM can interact with a database.5.

6.g. a demonstration of a piece of computer software) These may appear in a separate window. . including: ‡Word documents ‡Acrobat documents ‡Excel files ‡PowerPoint shows ‡Flash sequences (e. Resources The media rich multimedia CD-ROM can contain and display a wide variety of other digital material. but will be fully integrated with the main presentation.

for example: ‡Launch a web page from your company intranet ‡Send an e-mail ‡Send a data file ‡Search for a particular page or keyword .7. Links and Searches The interactive CD-ROM can have various launch functions to start up other processes.

It could either display the complete page or take a value from it. you would give the revised file the same name and burn a new CD containing the revised but not the original file. for example a director s name. .8. which would then be displayed in an organization chart. There are 2 ways of doing this: · You can change one of the files. The engine would display the new file automatically. for example. Updating your Interactive CD-ROM Because of its structure as a folder of assets or files. co-ordinated by the engine.pdf . updating an interactive CD-ROM can be far simpler and cheaper than revising a DVD. · You can get the engine to look up a page on your intranet. For example if there was an Acrobat file on the CD called pensions.


The right window displays the shows that will be included in the CD. double click the show thumbnail on the left window. By default the current opened show is included on the right window. InAlbum allows you to put more than one show into a CD. The left window displays show thumbnails available to be put into a CD. you need to go through these steps : 1. . reorder the shows and put a CD title . To include a show into the CD. Select the shows to be included in the CD.Make an interactive CD To make an interactive CD.

Exclude all shows from the CD Click the Remove All button. Reorder the shows in the CD Click and drag show thumbnails on the right window to reorder it and drop it at the desired location. Put a CD title Type in the title of the CD in the Title text box at the upper left corner. The CD title will be used as the CD volume label .Exclude a show from the CD Double click the show thumbnail on the right window Include all shows to the CD Click the Add All button.

A window will be opened showing where the temporary files will be placed in your hard disk before they are burned to the CD. Specify additional settings When you ready to make a CD. It will also tell you how much space is required and how much space is available on that drive. click the Make CD Now button at the bottom left corner. .2. You can change the location of the temporary files by clicking the Browse button.

. To view the result of the CD. depends on your computer and CD writer speed. It will be automatically launched. Interactive top three tips for your CD-ROM ‡Always make sure that your content involves and engages your audience.3. Make sure You will be prompted to insert a blank CD into your ‡On the packaging or disk label clearly explain the benefits of inserting the CD-ROM. Then enhance your use button. you professionals for ideas on how to click the OK of the power of CD-ROM. ‡Talk toinsert a blank CD. simply insert the CD into any CD-ROM drive. Start making a CD Click the OK button to continue burning the CD. It is advisable not to run a complex process during the burning process. CD writer. Burning process takes a while.

. it will insert the resized version saved in your document file. You can change this behavior by clicking the Settings button. The following window will be appeared. This feature is only available for InAlbum 2.0 Deluxe Edition. If the original photo cannot be found. InAlbum will automatically insert the original photos (unmodified) to the final CD.Add original photos to the CD You can add original photos to the CD by checking the Include original photo files checkbox in the upper right corner.

JPEG files. then type in the maximum width/height. .To make InAlbum 2. Adjust the JPEG quality slider to define the compression quality. check the Resize photos if bigger than this resolution checkbox. To compress the photo as . check the Compress photo to JPEG button.0 resize the photo.

Below is one example of a splash screen.Customize interactive CD splash window and add registration detail Splash screen A splash screen is a window which will appear when your interactive CD is launched. .

. click the Settings button next to the Registration / splash screen settings at the Specify additional settings window.Specify additional setting You can customize your interactive CD splash window with your detail. To do this. website address and company logo.

A logo file should be in an image format that is supported by InAlbum (JPG. click Browse button.Title The title that is appeared on the interactive CD splash screen. TGA. To select your own logo. Registration A registration process is a way to limit the usage of your interactive CD. PNG. Company name/author This will also be appeared on the interactive CD splash screen. The recommended logo size is 300x50 pixels. GIF. There are 3 possibilities you can choose for this registration process: . BMP). You can set your interactive CD to expire in a few days and require users to enter a registration code to continue using it. Logo Check the Logo checkbox if you want to have a logo.

days Your interactive CD will be expired in x days. Need registration code to run Users will be asked for a registration code before they can run your interactive CD..No registration required and never expires Your interactive CD does not require users to enter a registration code and it will never expire. .. When the CD is expired. Registration code A registration code is used to unlock the CD. a window will pop up notifying the user that his/her interactive CD is expired. check the Allow user to enter registration code to remove the expiration checkbox. Expired in . If you want to allow the user to enter a registration code to continue using your interactive CD when it expires.

To access a presentation the user simply needs to insert the CD-ROM into a PC. » Large files such as music and compression free images can be used. » No problem with slow download speeds.Interactive CD-ROM benefits A Interactive media presentation is a stand alone Flash projector file burnt on a CD-ROM. » Help expand your corporate Identity beyond your website & business card. Benefits of Interactive Presentations » No need of an Internet connection. it is portable and can be easily distributed. . » Being on a CD-ROM.

Examples of an CD ROM .