Sudeep Kumar Pradhan PGDPM-2nd batch IHMR,Jaipur

` 'India Pharma 2020: Propelling access and acceptance. realizing true potential` -McKinsey & Company .

1.Local players driven by formulation development capabilities and early investments.e 70%-80% of the retail. 2.Price levels are low.Branded generic markets dominate i.` Indian pharmaceutical market is unique. Driven by intense competition. 3. .

Launches of patented products 5.New market creation in existing white spaces.Rise in prevalence & treatment of chronic diseases.Greater health insurance coverage.Enhanced medical infrastructure 2. . Supported by 5 factors:1. 4.` Growth would be driven primarily by rising incomes. 3.

Invest in healthcare infrastrructure. Execute RSBY according to plan. Reduce the shortage of physicians.` ` ` ` ` Raise healthcare spending to stated 3% of GDP. Adopt a broader set of measures to contain healthcare costs. .particularly in TIER-II and rural markets.


Trends Market trends ‡ Patients are becoming better informed ‡ Patients are picking up a bigger share of the bill. not treatments ‡ The emerging markets are becoming more important. ‡ Demand for personalized medicine is increasing ‡ Patients want cures. Health and healthcare trends ‡ The burden of ± and bill for ± chronic disease is soaring ‡ Healthcare payers are establishing treatment protocols ‡ Pay-for-performance is on the rise ‡ The boundaries between different forms of care are blurring ‡ Financial constraints on payers are increasing Scientific and technological trends ‡ R&D is becoming more virtualized ‡ The research base is shifting to Asia ‡ Remote monitoring is improving rapidly .

y ‡ Prevention will gain a higher healthcare profile. ‡ Pharma will need to offer ³medicine. more multidisciplinary skills base ‡ Pharma will need to expand its presence in Asia ‡ Pharma will need to demonstrate ³real´´ packages of care ‡ Pharma will have to adopt more flexible pricing strategies R&D will need to go beyond the lab ‡ Pharma will need access to outcomes data ‡ Pharma will have to work with technology vendors to virtualise R&D ‡ Pharma will need a wider. The Pharma and healthcare value chains will become much more intertwined ‡ Pharma will have to work more closely with the regulators ‡ Pharma will have to collaborate with payers and providers to perform continuous trials ‡ Pharma will have to collaborate with numerous service providers to deliver packages of care . not products ‡ Outcomes data will drive healthcare polic.Implications Pharma will need to go ³beyond the medicine´ ‡ Pharma will be paid for outcomes.

6 .Projected size of the Indian market In USD billion 70 55 35 12.

I feel intent that strong player intent.` ` ` India`s pharmaceutical market has grown in confidence and moved on to an accelerated growth Backed by solid fundamentals the market is giving rise to a variety of business opportunities.actions will underpin future growth and enable Indian pharmaceutical market to break into the global top tier. .

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