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. his son Vijay Mallya took up the mantle of the group. A brief look on the progress timelines of the UB Group:1948 . 1950 . 1972 .Registered office moved to Bangalore.Mr.Kalyani Breweries was set up. 1960 .  Kingfisher. Thomas Leishman in 1857. made a modest entry in the 60¶s. the Group's most visible and profitable brand.History  The UB Group was founded by a Scotsman.  After Vittal Mallya's death in 1983.  Vittal Mallya was elected as the company's first Indian director in 1947.High Range Breweries set up in Chertalla in Kerala. Vittal Mallya became the first Chairman.

Continued« 1974 .UB's Kingfisher Lager hit parlours in England and USA. were acquired. 65% share of Associated Breweries & Distilleries Ltd.Acquired GMR Vasavi. 2000 . and Mangalore Breweries & Distilleries Ltd. 2001-02 . . 1982 . MP Breweries and 41% share of Inertia Industries Ltd.UB Beer exported to Aden and Middle East. 97% share of Mangalore Breweries & Distilleries Ltd.Canned Beer was introduced. 1981 .Associated Breweries & Distilleries Ltd.

Company portfolio The UB Group is a multi-faceted conglomerate with business interests such as the following: Beverage Alcohol  Pharmaceuticals  Media  International Trading  Aviation  Fertilizer  Research & Development  Infrastructure Development .

Product ± ³Kingfisher Beer´ .

 Relatively very less when compared to a global average of 22 litres.9 litres per annum by Czech Republic.  And even lesser when compared to the highest per capita consumer of 156.Market Size for Beer in India  Indians drink little more than 1 litre per capita annually. .

Key Players Carling Black Label Carlsberg Golden Eagle Guru Maharaja Premium Lager Haake Beck Haywards 2000 Beer Haywards 5000 Haywards skol Flying Horse Royal Lager Taj Mahal Heinekin Hi-Five Ice Dansberg Kirin Knock Out Legend London Diet London Draft London Pilsner Royal Challenge San Miguel Lager Sand Piper Strohs Zingaro .

6.5%. Alcohol content is around 5%.5% alcohol.  Porter: This is less dark than stout.  Ale: Top fermented. it is light with 3.8% alcohol and has a medium hop flavor. The alcohol content is around 4 . this kind of beer has distinct hop aroma.3.Classification of Beer  Lager: It is stored for a specified period before being bottled or canned. even less hopped and is somewhat sweet.0 . it is heavily hopped and contains 5 .  Stout: Dark with burnt flavor and strong malt aroma. .  Pilsner: A type of lager beer.

Continued«  Creamy Ale: A highly carbonated beer that is produced by a combination of Ale and Lager. .  Malt: A strong flavored. high alcohol content beer that ranges in flavor and colors.

Market captures Market share of SABmiller ± 37% Market share of Fosters ± 6% Market share of Kingfisher ± 52% Market share of Mohan Meakins ± 5% .

 Always tastes fresh due to good quality and well developed distribution network. 1 selling product in its segment.  Hangover due to heavy consumption is very mild. .  Consistency of product quality is high.Kingfisher¶s 4P¶s Product  No.

com´ and get their beer.  UB has 16 company-owned breweries apart from nine contract breweries in 20 different locations across the country. and dominant in South and West India. .Kingfishernetshop.  Kingfisher also has an online marketing system.Place  It is available throughout India.a minimum of six bottles home delivered.  It also has some 1600 shops apart from pubs and bars. Any consumer can go to ³www.

Rs. 70 Strong .Rs. 38 Canned Strong .Rs. 40 . 72 Bottles Mild .Price Mild .Rs.

East Bengal soccer team. UB promoter also acquired a Formula .  Recently it also started merchandizing sports goods and trendy clothing and accessories under Kingfisher brand name.  Kingfisher also promotes itself by sponsoring events like fashion shows.One team (Force India).Promotion  Kingfisher tagline µKing of good times¶ is one of the most popular and successful tagline in India.  Each year Kingfisher brings out new calendars featuring top models in swimwear. . sportspersons like Narain Karthikeyan.

Urban women who prefer to drink light. Regular drinkers who prefers strong flavoured. First time drinkers who drink for experience.Target Kingfisher Mild (Alcohol<4%) Youth who drink for fun. . Kingfisher Strong (Alcohol>4%) Those who want to shift from light beer to strong beer.

Re-positioning Previous logo Current logo Reason for changing the previous logo was to create the strong emotional bond of the brand which always wants to go high. .

Apparels and Accessories retailing .Ultra premium beer  Category extension: .Film production and Distribution .Energy drinks .Future Growth Plans  Line extension: .

as a result the beer companies are trying to get more associated with everyone¶s life.Conclusion India is a growing economy and its market is opening up. The stigma associated with the consumption of alcoholic drinks has also gone down. The per capita income of the people of the country is rising daily and so is the beer consumption rate. .

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