TYPE : Private Company INCORPORATED : 1924 as Mavalli Tiffin Rooms SALES : $26 million (2002 est.) NAIC : 311991 Perishable Prepared Food Manufacturing

Mr P. Sadananda Maiya, Chairman, MTR Foods


the technology provided by DFRL. 2002: MTR is awarded the ISO 9002 & HACCP certification. 1997: MTR Foods Limited is incorporated. 1984: MTR packaged Food Mixes begin to be distributed in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. 1994: The MTR range of pickels are launched. Mavalli Tiffin Room is started. 1991: A plant is set up for manufacturing the packaged food to accommodate volume. 1950: Yajnarayana Maiya undertakes a European tour. MTR became pioneers of packaged food in India. 1960: Mavalli Tiffin Room shifts its premises to its present location near Lalbagh Front Gate to accommodate the crowd.1926: Ganappaya Maiya starts Brahmin coffee House near Lalbagh. 1996: A fully automatic Vermicelli plant with a manufacturing capacity of 1 ton/hour is commissioned. On return incorporates international standards of hygiene in restaurant. . 2001: MTR ice cream range is launched. 1983: MTR begins to sell their products in the nine most well-known shopping store chains in Bangalore. such as Nilgiris and Vijaya Bakery. 2000: The MTR range of ready to eat products in retort pouches is launched. 1976: MTR starts to manufacture and sell Instant Rava Idli Mix.

a Food Control Act was introduced which mandated that food was to be sold at very low prices.HISTORY MTR was founded as a restaurant by Parampalli Yajnanarayana Maiya and his brothers in the year 1924. with MTR Department Stores opened next to the restaurant. the prepackaged food business . the MTR restaurant business and MTR Foods. and an outlet opened in Chennai. This move made it difficult for MTR to maintain high standards in its restaurant business and forced it to diversify into the instant food business. selling ready-toeat snacks such as chutneys and rasams Since the 1970s. In the mid 1970s when India was under emergency. Currently the MTR brand represents two separate entities. MTR has expanded and diversified.

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms. is situated in a small. the 75-year-old restaurant that is almost as much an icon of Bangalorean culture as the adjacent Lalbagh park. as it is known. is dwarfed by its newer and bigger neighbour. old building bang in the middle of Lalbagh road. It seems almost like a reflection of the changing face of Bangalore that MTR. MTR RESTAURANT COMPLETE MEAL SOLUTION .


which stocks a range of biscuits and sweets. .The MTR Department Stores.

They manufacture. UK. UAE and Oman . market and export a wide range of packaged foods to global markets that include USA. Australia. Singapore. New Zealand.ABOUT MTR FOODS MTR Foods Limited is amongst the top five processed food manufacturers in India. Malaysia.

ready-to-cook gravies. They have also expanded Their retail presence significantly: contemporary µNamma MTR¶ and MTR kiosks now serve delighted consumers across Bangalore and Chennai.Their wide range of products include ready-toeat curries and rice. spices and a variety of accompaniments like pickles and papads. . instant snack and dessert mixes. ice cream. frozen foods.

. Their range currently comprises twenty-two delicious and completely authentic Indian curries. They're 100% natural and have absolutely no preservatives. They have successfully adapted technology from the Defense Food Research Laboratory. Mysore to make sure each dish has that "just-cooked" freshness. taste and variety.Their Ready to Eat dishes are an amazing combination of convenience. gravies and rice.

This restaurant is a city landmark today and people still stand in queue to savour its unique. They have played proud host to many distinguished personalities who dropped by for the excellent coffee and the stimulating conversation. .At MTR. India. They are proud of Their rich heritage. completely authentic dishes. Over the years. Their tradition of food and hospitality began in 1924 with the establishment of the Mavalli Tiffin Room by the Maiyya family in Bangalore.

is a global food safety standard.They are ISO 22000 and HACCP certified At MTR. They have successfully met the stringent requirements for this certification. developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point or HACCP. . quality is a way of life.



³home-cooked´ taste. They are ISO 22000 and HACCP certified.  Uncompromising Quality: They adhere to the most stringent quality standards. Our use of technology from the Defense Food Research Laboratory for their Ready to Eat products has won the President¶s award. pickles or soups.  Unparalleled taste and flavour: Be it an Instant mix or a Ready to Eat dish.  Vegetarianism: All MTR products are 100% Vegetarian. most authentic ingredients. . all MTR products are known for their mouthwatering. from sourcing ingredients to processing and packing.  Technology: They use the latest technology to preserve the quality and freshness of our food. 100% Natural: Their products are 100% natural have no preservatives and use only the finest.

Namma MTR is a unique retail chain that allows customers to experience the wide MTR range. Namma MTR's are now open at Bangalore .

. allowing them to understand and address consumer needs. The third section offers a variety of fast-food ² one can either eat here or get a quick take-away from the express counter.Namma MTR is split into three sections. The second section is a novel concept kitchen where customers can interact with specialist chefs to learn about MTR products and watch live demonstrations. One section showcases their entire range of products. This concept kitchen also works as an ideal platform for feedback.

vermicelli and accompaniments. The wide range of products they supply include spices.MTR is a one-stop. instant mixes. institutions and caterers. regardless of how vast your scale of operation is. Each of these products comes with the MTR assurance of purity and quality. masalas. efficient and reliable supplier to reputed hotels. . Convenient delivery formats like instant mixes allow you to whip up a wide range of dishes in short amounts of time. restaurants.