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11 Muhammad Aqeel Amjad
0543/FMS/BBA IT/Fo8

Shafique Ahmed
0589/FMS/BBA IT/Fo8

Kumail Raza
0569/FMS/BBA IT/Fo8

Company profile y Began: y 1953 y Enter the field of manufacturing: y Gul Ahmed Textile Mills (PVT) Ltd y Listed in KSE y 1972 y Leading composite textile house in the world .

Mission statement y Our aim is to provide good quality of product to our customers to increase market share as compared to our competitors .

Main products yBed-Linen yCurtain yFabric yYarn .

y 5 Cs: y Company y Climate y Competitors y Customers y Collaborators .Situation Analysis y Internal & External Environments.

Company Analysis y Most of the Consumers have voted for quality . y Affordability and Availability have been rated relatively low. . y Product Familiarity has also been almost near to the top.

Competitor analysis y Two types of competitor y y Strong competitors Weak competitors Dhanlaxmi Fabrics Ltd Blessed Textiles Ltd Kohinoor Mills Limited Yusuf Weaving Mills Limited y Strong competitor y y y Weak competitors y y .

SWOT ANALYSIS yS y strengths yW y Weakness yO y Opportunities yT y Threats .

SWOT ANALYSIS y Strengths y Strong Brand Name and Good Reputation y Own Distribution Networks y Technology equipment y Weaknesses y Unfulfilled Consumer Needs y Lack of HR development .

.SWOT ANALYSIS y Opportunities y good market in Pakistan y business in international market (FZC) y GTM (Europe) limited y Both subsidiaries are engaged in trading of textile related products.

y Anti-dumping laws y Uncertainty of Cycle .SWOT ANALYSIS y Threats y Political/Economic Instability y Piracy of designs y Brand name infringement y Tough international and national competitors Lack of conducive environment for business.

MARKET SEGMENTATITION y Markets consist of buyer and buyers differ in one or more ways .They may differ in their wants. resources. y Segmenting consumer markets y Geographical segmentation y DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION . location. buying attitude and buying practice.

The Company has gone to great lengths in order to meet the expectations of its customers. y In this age of ever changing lifestyles due to ramt development of technology consumes have been compelled to change wearing habits so GATM response to this challenge. And its success throughout these years is proof enough of the fact that it understands its customers.Marketing strategy y GATM is customer-driven. y It has lived up to the expectations of its customers and its reputation. .

It also target men and women clothes under special brand name label IDEAS. fabric. However. yarn.Target market y The company's products are generally for all consumers. curtain. Its market target is to produce bed linen. there are some brands. . which target specific consumers.

The latest textile technology of the west.Product y Gul Ahmed s fine textile products represent a unique fashion of the century old tradition of the east . y y y y Bed-Linen Curtain Fabric Yarn .

shipping y · Motivating the channel distributor margins y y · Locations y y · Logistics y y . y 250 distributers 10% margin Main market place of cities Always Company responsibility Train. Airlines .Containers .Distribution (Locations) y Distribution channels.

Promotion y · Advertising y y y Printed Media. Visual Media. y · Public relations y · Budget y y 05% of capital Depend on sale situation . Audio Media.

In 1953.Conclusion y The Gul Ahmed Group began trading in textiles in the early 1900s. febric. . the Group decided to enter the field of manufacturing under the name Gul Ahmed textile limited.curtain.yarn. y Our aim is to provide good quality of product to our customers y Main products are bed linen .

com/ y y y y y Financial Information http://www.References y Opportu nity http://www.gulahmed.

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