A process by which goods & services are created Production is a step By step conversion of one form of material into another form ² chemically, mechanically. Form utility is either created or enhanced(eg wood chair, chilly powder curry)

SOME IMPORTANT CONCEPT Manufacturing = Production Production mgmt Manufacturing mgmt = Production Mgmt +services = operation mgmt .

OBJECTIVE OF PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Ultimate Objective To provide quality goods and services To give customer more confidence by providing quality products at right price at right time Intermediate objective Optimum utilization of various inputs Machinery & eqpt Materials Manpower Manufacturing services .

WHAT IS PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Production is basically defined as conversion of inputs into output through transformation process.machinery. methods[5 m¶s] & Output is final goods. Input include man. .

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT ² OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Transformation process INPUTS People Energy materials information fixed assets y Method(s) of conversion. OUTPUTS Goods services .

Production management can be also defined as ´The job of coordinating and controlling all the activities required in making a productµ. designing.DEFINITIONS . controlling and updating production system (ii) (iii) . The performance of management activities with regards to selecting.PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT (i) In short production management is the Art of Managing the Production.This concept is not restricted to only industrial or manufacturing sectors. it is also applicable to service industries. It basically concerns itself with the conversion of inputs into outputs. operating.

efficiency and adaptability. so as to provide the desired utility/utilities of form.  Operations management is the conversion of inputs into outputs. place.PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT ² OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Production management and operations management are treated as being synonymous. using physical resources. . possession or state or a combination there ² of to the customer while meeting the other organizational objectives of effectiveness.

machines. materials and money. The production management·s responsibility sees to the following areas. . men (labor).PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT FOCUSES ON« Production management focuses on two significant functions: responsibilities and planning and control. methods.

THE PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT·S RESPONSIBILITY Men: this refers to the labor force. This is to build a workforce that can easily adapt to new equipment and schedules in production. He/She must decide on the technology that best suits the operation. This responsibility is often referred to as people management. . Machines and Method: This involves choosing the machine and technology used in production of goods and services. The production manager must also choose the methods in using these machines to achieve efficiency.

THE PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT·S RESPONSIBILITY Material: Material here includes both raw materials for production and the information needed in production The production manager production. Money: This deals with the financial matters involved in the day to day running of production. . that is. on focus. must manage the flow processes. The production manager manages the inventory and production level and quantity with the returns on investment. the smoothness of resource and data movement.


(2) To determine the quality and type of material (3) Determining the manufacturing operations and their sequence. (4) A determination of lot sizes (5) Determination of scrap factors (6) An analysis of cost of the article (7) Organization of production control forms. (1) An analysis of the article to determine what to make and what to buy. .ROUTING Routing procedure involves following different activities.

SCHEDULING The pattern of scheduling differs from one job to another which is explained as below: Production schedule Master schedule Manufacturing schedule Scheduling of job order manufacturing .

Gantt Charts are most commonly used in small industries in order to determine the existing load and also to foresee how fast a job can be done.LOADING Loading determines who will do the work as routing determines where and scheduling determines when it shall be done. .

Recording of time and cost involved in each operation. 5. Movement of tools and fixtures necessary for each operation. Necessary authority and conformation is given for: 1. 6. 3. 4. Beginning of work on each operation. 2. Movement of work from one operation to another in accordance with the route sheet.DISPATCHING Dispatching involves issue of production orders for starting the operations. Inspecting or supervision of work . Movement of materials to different workstations.

establishing the extract route of each individual item part or assembly. starting and finishing for each important item. assembly or the finishing production and releasing the necessary orders as well as initiating the necessary follow-up to have the smooth function of the enterprise.PRODUCTION CONTROL Production control is the process of: planning production in advance of operations. setting. .

All problems or deviations are nvestigated and remedial measurer are undertaken to ensure the completion of work by the planned date.FOLLOW UP Every production programme involves determination of the progress of work. . removing bottlenecks in the flow of work and ensuring that the productive operations are taking place in accordance with the plans.

It can be required as effective agency of production control.INSPECTION This is mainly to ensure the quality of goods. .

control over inventories of the cause of deviation is the poor performance of the employees. demotion etc. Certain personnel decisions like training. repairs and maintenance of machinery or equipment.CORRECTIVE MEASURES Corrective action may involve any of those activities of: adjusting the route. transfer. may have to be taken. . rescheduling of work changing the workloads.


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