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Peter Avino

Ingram Micro Solution Center


•Video Surveillance
•Digital Signage

Small Business Product Mix
Services and Functionality


Comprehensive Portfolio
Routing Security
Wireless IT Professional
System Architecture Experience
Partner-Centric Experience Cisco

Transactional Cisco Small Business Pro Series Cisco Partner
Broad RTM • Integrated services value proposition
Experience allowing the VAR/SP to build a services
practice with small customers • Scalability
Cisco Small • Products designed and tested to work • High-Availability
Business Series together with centralized configuration • Broad range of
and management services
• Broad range of standalone • Small subset of products
products • Comprehensive
• Lifecycle cloud management – basic
• Leveraging commodity software enhancements and EOS security
• Sized for Smallfor standards
• Easy to • Right
notification • Small • Service integration
and feature content
Install and Functionality at Business • System-wide
Manage an Affordable Targeted Management
Cisco Small Business Support PriceCenter Support Cisco Support
• Comprehensive
Extensibility and Scalability

A foundation of Cisco Small
Business Pro network solutions and
–Supports data, voice, PSTN

video, wireless, solutions
–Seamless integration UC520
with SBCS and other
Cisco Small Business
Pro solutions as they SECURITY
develop DATA Under

–Predictable experience Internet
with simplified Security
Appliance ESW500
configuration tools and
smart defaults WIRELESS Under
common terminology,
look and feel Security


Cisco SMB Switching Update • Cisco Catalyst PoE LAN Lite – New • Cisco Catalyst 2975 Update • Cisco Small Business Series Update • Cisco Catalyst 2960 and Cisco SB Series Positioning • Cisco Catalyst Series Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW) .

CLI integration + CNA • Limited Lifetime Warranty + Smartnet Options Catalyst 2960 Series Small Business Pro  Complete. competitive LAN switching for small business Price-Performance Price-Performance  Simplified configuration and solutions integration  24 & 48 port 10/100 and Gigabit configurations  5-year Enhanced Warranty with NBD NEW  Small Business Support Center ESW 500 Series Small Business Series  Broad switch portfolio  For “Do it Yourself” small business  Transactional support Unmanaged. Scalability Scalability . Flexibility. Smart. Flexibility. Cisco Small Business Switching Portfolio Catalyst • Advanced LAN switching with Intelligent Services • Cisco IOS SW. Function. & Managed Function.

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series
Catalyst 2960 LAN Base Series Catalyst 2960 LAN Lite Series
Now with

• Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet and Power • Fast Ethernet in 8, 24- and 48-port
over Ethernet for entry-level enterprise and mid- configurations for small branch offices and
market customers wiring closets
• Offers enhanced Layer 2+ intelligent LAN • New 8, 24 and 48 PoE models
services: • Offers basic Layer 2 services with entry-level
– Availability availability, security, PoE and QoS
– Enhanced security – Scalable and secure network management
– Advanced quality of service (QoS) • Simplified management and troubleshooting for
• Simplified management and troubleshooting for lower total cost of ownership
lower total cost of ownership • CiscoWorks LMS, Cisco Network Assistant
• CiscoWorks LMS, Cisco Network Assistant and and Cisco Auto Smartports
Cisco Smartports • Limited lifetime hardware warranty and
• Limited lifetime hardware warranty and software software updates at no additional charge
updates at no additional charge
Cisco ASICs for superior quality and hardware and software integration

Cisco Catalyst 2960 LAN Lite IOS
• Entry-level Catalyst 2960 switches
• Similar to existing 2960 LAN Base switches except:
– Basic QoS, PoE, Security and availability
Cisco Catalyst 2960 – 10/100 switching and 10/100 POE with Gigabit uplinks
LAN Lite IOS – Lower total cost of ownership
Designed for • Limited lifetime hardware warranty
Small Branches
and Wiring Closets • Software updates at no additional cost
Part Number Description
WS-C2960-8TC-S 8 Ethernet 10/100 Ports with One Dual-Purpose Uplink
WS-C2960-24-S 24 Ethernet 10/100 Ports with LAN Lite
WS-C2960-24TC-S 24 Ethernet 10/100 Ports and Two Dual-Purpose Uplinks
WS-2960-24PC-S 24 Ethernet 10/100 PoE Ports and Two Dual-Purpose Uplinks
WS-2960-24LC-S 24 Ethernet 10/100 Ports (8 PoE) and Two Dual-Purpose Uplinks
WS-C2960-48TT-S 48 Ethernet 10/100 Ports and Two Copper Uplinks
WS-C2960-48TC-S 48 Ethernet 10/100 Ports and Two Dual-Purpose Uplinks
WS-2960-48PST-S 48 Ethernet 10/100 POE Ports 2 10/100/1000 BASE-T ports and 2 SFP ports

C97-426409-00 © 2007 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 9

Catalyst 2960 LAN Lite June
PoE Switches 2009

Target Customer
 Positioned for small branch offices
 Customers migrating from unmanaged to
scalable managed networks
 Customers who want industry-leading
quality, service, and support
 Customers with small IT staffs and need
easy to use management tools
Up-sell Opportunities
 Identify Cisco UC solutions
 Propose Catalyst 2960 LAN Base and
Play Offense Catalyst 3560 PoE for enhanced
 Counter competitive threats at the edge intelligence, QoS, Security & availability
 Attack competition with economical solution
PID Access Ports Uplink Ports POE Support List Price

WS-C2960-48PST-S 48 10/100 POE 2 10/100/1000 & 2 SFP 7.7 Watts $3495
48 ports
WS-C2960-24PC-S 24 10/100 POE 2 10/100/1000 or SFP 15.4 Watts $1995
24 ports
WS-C2960-24LC-S 24 10/100 - 8 POE 2 10/100/1000 or SFP 15.4 Watts $1295
8 ports
WPL Orderability June 2nd , 2009. FCS June 8th 2009

Competing against ProCurve
2610 Series
Product Compete With
1000BaseT Uplinks:
ProCurve Switch 2610-24 (J9085A) Catalyst 2960-24TT-L
Copper/ Fiber Uplinks:
Catalyst 2960-24TC-L
Catalyst 2960-24TC-S

1000BaseT Uplinks:
ProCurve Switch 2610-48 (J9088A) Catalyst 2960-48TT-L
Catalyst 2960-48TT-S
Copper/ Fiber Uplinks:
Catalyst 2960-48TC-L
Catalyst 2960-48TC-S
ProCurve Switch 2610-24/12PWR (J9086A)
Catalyst 2960-24PC-L
Catalyst 2960-24LC-L
ProCurve Switch 2610-24-PWR (J9087A) Catalyst 2960-24PC-S New!
Catalyst 2960-24LC-S
Catalyst 3560-8PC (fanless)

Catalyst 3560-48PS-S
ProCurve Switch 2610-48-PWR (J9089A)
Catalyst 2960-48PST-L
Catalyst 2960-48PST-S

quality of service. Catalyst 2975 Update May 2009 • High speed stacking with unified stack management for up to nine switches New • Official support for cross-stack EtherChannel. and SPAN Cisco® Catalyst® 2975GS-48PS-L • L2+ intelligent services for enhanced security. Flexlink. and availability to enable Cisco Unified Target 96-port Communications Commercial Branch • Limited lifetime hardware warranty Offices and Wiring Closets • Software updates at no additional charge Uses Cisco ASICs for superior quality and hardware and software integration 12 .

Update Current New Hardware Software Hardware Software C3K-E 90-day 90 Days* LLW Lifetime Base Images 90 Days Premium Images* C3K (non-E) LLW Lifetime LLW Lifetime Base Images 90 Days Premium Images* C2K LLW Lifetime LLW Lifetime (No change) Base & Lite Images • New changes (HW and SW) effective for products purchased beginning 01-MAY-2009 • Software Policy changes – Lifetime enhancements available for Base and Lite Images – Premium SW packages to require Service purchase for SW updates – Software Updates requires login to registered access • Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW) policy – 5 years for power supplies and fans. C3k- E) – Does not include TAC support – Advanced parts replacement within 10 business days – Entitlement by HW serial number * 90 Day support covers only media & compatibility with release notes . Catalyst LLW & SW Update Policy . 5 years after EoS for everything else – Customers purchasing within 30 days of the effective date will also be entitled to LLW (C4K.

24x7 •No •OS Updates/Upgrades •Yes •Yes ( •Web Support •Full registered access to •Parts Replacement •Next Business Day (NBD) •Advanced Replacement •Premium Services – •Ships within 10 days of RMA creation NBD Onsite 8x5x4. Onsite 24x7x4. Service Offering vs. Onsite . Onsite 24x7x2. Warranty Deliverables Service/Support Features Cisco SMARTnet/ Cisco Warranty SMARTnet Onsite •HW Coverage & Duration •All Cisco hardware •Replacement parts for defective HW •1 & 3 year renewable contracts •SW Coverage & Duration •All Cisco software •Media on which SW resides will be •1 & 3 year renewable contracts defect-free •TAC Technical Support • •Guest access to Cisco.

Catalyst at-a-glance .

Layer-2 switch .-purpose built for Small Business  Fundamental building block of SBCS and Cisco Small Business Pro Series  Simplified configuration. deployment and management  Supported by Small Business Support Center  Enhanced 5 Year warranty with Next Business Day . Introducing Cisco ESW 500 Small Business Pro Product!  Managed.

129 4 expansion ports: 2 copper and 2 SFP ESW-520-48P-K9 48-port 10/100 PoE $2.699 slots ESW-540-48-K9 48-port 10/100/1000 $3.Cisco Small Business Pro Series ESW 500  Simple. straightforward portfolio – choose from 7 models PART NUMBER PORT CONFIGURATION LIST GIGABIT PRICE EXPANSION ESW-520-24-K9 24-port 10/100 $659 4 expansion ports: 2 copper and 2 combo SFP slots ESW-520-24P-K9 24-port 10/100 PoE $1.849 4 expansion ports: 4 combination SFP ESW-540-24P-K9 24-port 10/100/1000 PoE $2.299 .799 slots ESW-540-24-K9 24-port 10/100/1000 $1.399 ESW-520-48-K9 48-port 10/100 $1.

Cisco ESW 500 Switches . Wired and • Desktop & Phones are models with CDP & Unified Wireless Wireless Access. Rackmount Models supported including Smartports Solution with Mobility Remote IP Phone • Optional Integrated new Cisco 500 Series • Replaces CE 520 Express extension WLAN AP on desktop with WLAN and over time models Bluetooth Business & Productivity Applications Cisco Configuration Assistant .Key Component for SBCS Unified WAN Security / Communications IP Phones Switching Wireless Teleworker NEW AP500 Unified 500 Series 7900 & 500 Series ESW 500 Series WLC 500 Cisco SR520 • 8 to 64 Voice Users • All Cisco Unified IP • PoE & non-PoE • Autonomous APs or • VPN.

Replacement otherwise 10 business day advance replacement Complimentary 90 days Phone Support Software 5 year Bug Fixes Click to chat (C2C) 1 Year Services None at time of launch Premium Service is under consideration .Small Business Pro Switch Warranty ESW 500 Series Length 5 years Hardware NBD advance replacement where available.

Simple and Flexible Management Options Switch Configuration Utility • Embedded Switch Configuration Utility –Browser based –Best for configuring stand alone switches • Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA) –No-charge PC Application CCA –Simplifies ESW 500 configuration when deployed as part of SBCS and Small Business Pro networks .

CLI. Life w/ NBD AR 90 day Phone Support Phone Support 90 day Phone Support Click-to-chat SW Updates SW Updates SW fixes Pricing Ranges $$ $$ $ . 3NS. converged enterprise edge network administrators data & wireless solutions in networks” seeking an economical small business edge switch” Ease of Configuration Choice of embedded GUI Enterprise Mgmt.ESW 500 Competitive Comparison Cisco Small Business Pro HP ProCurve 2610 3Com 4210 ESW 500 Series HP ProCurve 2810 3Com 4500 Value Proposition Designed . EMS defaults for streamlined system set up Service & Support -Cisco Small Business -ProCurve warranty phone & 3Com warranty on-line Support Center on-line “self-help” support knowledge base support -Cisco Small Business -HP Carepacks service Support Community programs Warranty 5-year w/ NBD AR Ltd.. or CCA Device. CDP. Tools: and Management device mgr. ProCurve Mgr. SNMP. CLI. video. Device. integrated and “A cost-effective solution for “Enterprise-class entry- tested for simplified customers who are building level LAN Switches for deployment of voice. Life w/ NBD AR Ltd. Smartports & smart SNMP. Plus 3ND. Tools: Enterprise Mgmt. ProCurve Mgr.

Competing against HP ProCurve in Small Business with the ESW 500 Series Solution tested for small Sell ESW 500: Vs. Smartports & ESW-520-24P 2610-24/12PWR (J9086A) Smart Defaults 2610-24-PWR (J9087A) Small Business Support Center ESW-520-48 2610-48 (J9088A) & Support Community ESW-520-48P 2610-48-PWR (J9089A) 5-year Warranty w/ NBD ESW-540-24 2810-24G (J9021A) advance product replacement. HP ProCurve: business applications ESW-520-24 2610-24 (J9085A) Streamlined configuration with GUI config tools. ESW-540-24P HP Product Gap! SW fixes ESW-540-48 2810-48G (9022A) .

SGExx) Price-Performance Price-Performance Smart  Basic QoS. Scalability . Security and availability • 8 to 48-port 10/100 and Gigabit configurations • Cluster/Stacking • POE and non-POE options • Simplified configuration and troubleshooting • Designed for Small Office-wide infrastructure Managed switches (SRW. Cisco Small Business Switching Portfolio Managed • Enhanced QoS. SFE. Flexibility. Security and availability  Simple. Basic Web Managed interface  5 to 48 port 10/100 and Gigabit configurations  POE and non-POE options  Ideal for small workgroups Smart Switches (SLM2xx) Unmanaged  Plug-and-play simplicity – no VLANs or QoS  5-port to 24-port 10/100 and Gigabit configurations  Desktop and Rackmount  End-user installed and supported Unmanaged (SD/SRxxx) Function.

Cisco Small Business Series Switching Portfolio Unmanaged Smart Managed SFE SGE 48 pt 48 pt 48 pt w/POE 48 pt 48 pt w/POE 24 pt Rack 48 pt 48 pt POE 24 pt w/Gig uplinks 24 pt 24 pt w/POE 24 pt 24 pt w/POE 24 pt POE 48 pt POE 24 pt 24 pt Compact 24 pt Desk 24 pt Rack Stack Stack SRW 48 pt 48 pt w/POE 48 pt 24 pt w/POE 24 pt POE 24 pt Stack 8 pt PD 16 pt Rack 8 pt POE Desk 16 pt Rack 24 pt 24 pt w/POE 16 pt 24 pt 5 pt Desk 8 pt Desk 5 pt Desk 8 pt Desk 24 pt 5 pt PD 24 pt w/2 Gig 8 pt 8 pt w/Gig 8 pt POE 8 pt 8 pt w/Gig 8 pt POE 10/100 FE 10/100/1000 GbE 10/100 FE 10/100/1000 10/100 FE 10/100/1000 GbE GbE SD2xx SD20xx SLM2xx SLM20xx SRW2xx SRW20xx SR2xx SR20xx SFE20xx SGE20xx Ad hoc networking Basic networking Office-wide infrastructure Lowest cost Basic Management Standards-based managememt Convenience Basic segment into workgroups Granular security and QoS Fit on Desk Basic Security and QoS Scalability DIY Low voice/video Availability .

voice. Cisco / Cisco Small Business – Key Differences Catalyst 2K Catalyst 3K Pro Series (ESW) Small Business Scalability • Unlimited scalability • Up to 100 Users • Up to 100 Users • Unified management – CLI. Software roadmap – • Minimal upgrades • Bug fixes only Innovative technologies • Integrated solutions • Minimal integration • Robust end-to-end data. video. Smart Care. Smart • Transactional support Foundation • No support contracts . LMS • Single site management • Single site management Cisco Works – enterprise-wide –solution-level – device-level Extensibility • Cisco IOS. security solutions businesses • Cisco Protection Investment program Intelligence • Enhanced QoS • Advanced L3/L4 • CCA configuration and • Leverages 3rd party for voice-aware intelligent services management silicon and software for features Industry standard • Virtualization support • Enhanced features security • EnergyWise • EnergyWise • StackWise Support • Cisco Limited Lifetime Warranty • Enhanced 5 year • Varies by product warranty • Cisco TAC • SBSC • SBSC • SMARTnet. tailored for small wireless. CNA.


Security and Data The Integrated Services Router Portfolio Small Office Small Branch Medium Medium to Large Branch and Teleworker Branch . ci vr e S dna ec na mr of r e P Data and Security Services Embedded Wireless. Cisco Integrated Services Router Portfolio NEW! 3800 NOVPN 3800 Series 2800 Series 1861 1800 Series NEW! 860. 890 800 Series High Density and Performance for Concurrent Services Embedded. 880. Video. Advanced Voice.

ADSL2/2+*. VDSL2*. 880. FE VDSL2*. Security. WLAN Entry-level Full-featured Secure High-Performance IOS-based data & Secure Ethernet Secure Router Voice Router Router WAN FE. ADSL* FE. Security. Security.SHDSL G. FE. WLAN. WLAN Data. 3G. 890 Fixed Router Comparison Cisco 860 ISR Cisco 880 ISR Cisco 890 ISR Data.GE. ADSL2/2+*.Cisco 860.SHDSL Security Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced Voice No No Yes No Unified Wireless No Yes Yes Yes 3G Option No Yes No No POE Support No No 2 port 4 port GE WAN No No No Yes Managed FE LAN 4 port 4 port 4 port 8 port *Future . G. Voice Data.

11n Wireless LAN Cisco 860 Models • Unified Wireless Management Performance and Services Density • Voice with Survivability • True WAN Backup with 3G • G.4GHz & 5GHz  Increased VLAN (14) support  Unified Wireless Management with LWAAP support .SHDSL 2-wire G. 1812  802.bis support (second half 2009) Why Migrate to the New 890 Series? Cisco 1800  Increased performance & memory Fixed Models Cisco 870 compared to 1811/1812 Cisco 850  GE/FE WAN ports 1811.11n Wireless LAN with Dual radio – 2.850/870/1800 Customer Migration Why Migrate to the New 860/880 Series? • Increased performance and Cisco 890 memory Models Cisco 880 Models • 802.

DMVPN.Cisco 880/890 and SR520 Positioning 880/890 Series SR 520Series Secure router as part of ISR portfolio with Security gateway as part of SBCS portfolio with integrated broadband access . DMVPN. WAN Switching. IPSEC VPN. Voice. Basic VPN / FW. SSL VPN. and WLAN SR520 has fixed LAN. and optional Wireless backup options LAN If enterprise and SMB want integrated broadband If small businesses want a dedicated security access. lead with 880 gateway. VRF-Lite OSPF ISRs offer WAN. Filtering. SSL VPN. IPS. IPSEC VPN. lead with SR520 Full security feature sets – FW. Content Filtering. Security. limited Options WLAN. GETVPN. EzVPN. IPS. WLAN. Ethernet/ADSL Uplink. BGP. OSPF. UC. Security and WLAN. UC. Content SMB focused security feature sets – FW. .

3800 J-series and SSG WAN Interfaces 100+ WAN Modules: T1/E1. T3/E3.11a/b/g AP only. Limited OC3. VSAT WAN Optimization Industry leading and proven Cisco None WAAS architecture Application Extension Application Extension Platform None Network Access Control IPS Network Analysis Module Video Surveillance Unified Communications Full support for centralized and Limited standalone UC solution Security . DSL. . Cable Modem. 3G. Innovation such as Basic IPSEC site to site VPN GETVPN Wireless LAN Iintegrated WLAN controller and Integrated AP on SSG5/20 802. ATM. GE.VPN Full features. 2800.Access Routing Competitive Positioning Cisco Juniper Products Cisco 1800.

DSL CPE Competitive Positioning Cisco One Access Bintec Thomson Key Products•Cisco 860.11n support •High product quality and reliablity •Has global channels and support Weaknesses •High dependence on French •Product quality & stability • Focus on certain SPs only SPs •Lack of best of breed • Not a global player •Lack of SW feature richness router. 880. QoS.bis support on 2/4/8 •Fast DSL feature integration •VDSL2 MM & GE WAN features on security . •Support infrastructure VS. wireless and UC •802. One80 (data) •R230A. AxP. Sec) features •Lack of Adv Svcs: UC. QoS. 3G integration . One180D. R230AW •TG787 (VDSL2) & TG789n •One100A. •Lack of 11n. 890 •One20. and security (Qos. One200 •R3400. etc. R3800 (VDSL2) (data/voice) •Speedtouch 546 ADSL2+ Strengths•Industry leading and proven •SHDSL. wire •Fast interop cycles Port currently shipping routing.


ISR Unified Communications Positioning .

Wired and • Desktop & Phones are models with CDP & Unified Wireless Wireless Access.UC500 AND SBCS Unified WAN Security / Communications IP Phones Switching Wireless Teleworker NEW AP500 Unified 500 Series 7900 & 500 Series ESW 500 Series WLC 500 Cisco SR520 • 8 to 64 Voice Users • All Cisco Unified IP • PoE & non-PoE • Autonomous APs or • VPN. Rackmount Models supported including Smartports Solution with Mobility Remote IP Phone • Optional Integrated new Cisco 500 Series • Replaces CE 520 Express extension WLAN AP on desktop with WLAN and over time models Bluetooth Business & Productivity Applications Cisco Configuration Assistant .

UC Advanced and SMB Specialized Partners 1 Year – 90 Days HW Warranty. priced. limited WLAN Options and voice modularity Cisco Communications Manager and CME support No CCM / SRST support. DSL. If a Small Business (SMB) wants an IP Communications Security and WLAN lead with ISRs platform with limited data / Internet connectivity lead with UC500 ISRs offer flexible WAN. UC. priced and positioned as Routing UC500 is designed. and optional Wireless LAN If customers want integrated WAN (T1. Flat Pricing . UC. and WLAN UC500 has fixed LAN. Voice. OIP. Basic VPN / options FW.ISR and UC500 Positioning ISRs Unified Communications 500 Series ISRs are designed. Consistent CME. CUE. WLAN. CTMP. Ethernet Uplink. OIP. SMARTnet. SMB-SA 1 Year HW Warranty. SMARTnet VIP. Flat Pricing on Select CME SKUs only VIP. IOS Voice Capabilities across both product families Sold by UC Express and UC Advanced Partners Sold by UC Express. positioned as an IP platforms with Security. WAN Optimization Communications System with Switching. UC500 Series supports networking with CME / CUE. Cable). Security. LAN.

0 • Telephony Setup Wizard • Smart Business Applications •WebEx Phoneconnect •Timecardview •Single number reach • ESW Switch integration • BACD (up to 10 groups.Cisco Configuration Assistant 2. export statistics to server) • Soft phone same extension as hard phone .

Telephony Setup Wizard .

Online Support .myciscocommunity.


Reliability. thousands clients user interface  Simple deployment for  Flexibility for any  Historical trending and offices network topology reporting . flexible with standard PoE APs.11n performance  Scalability for 250  Consistent. and Network Manageability Platform June June Simplified Aironet 1140 Series Access 2009 5500 Series Today Point Wireless Controller 2009 Operations—WCS Management  802. Wireless Network Platform Wireless Best-of-Breed Performance.

combined with the Aironet Advantage 1140 and 1250 Series Access Points and WCS 6.11n solution .11n portfolio 2009 Customer  802.995 to 5500 Series  Flexible network Normal $93.000 APs in a mobility domain  Recurring revenue System Capacity with a one time Existing Controller  List Price deployment $10.5500 Series Wireless LAN Controller June Rounding up the 802.0 deliver the industry’s leading 802.995 Mobility Group architectures  Orderability: June Cisco The 5500 Series or WiSM.11n migration performance support Key Facts Problem  Need for improved mobility  Scalability with phased investment  12-250 APs per controller Opportunity Why should  7.000 devices you Care?  $500 million install per WLC base of 4400  Pull through of APs  18.

 FCS WCS 6. deployment.0: June templates. customers Cisco monitoring. Wireless Control System 6.0 Comprehensive WLAN Lifecycle June Management 2009  Need single platform for lifecycle management Key Facts Customer  Want to minimize IT personnel costs Problem  WCS 6.0 redesigned  Minimize training requirements with ease-of-use enhancements Opportunity  Monitor and migrate Why should  Customers with 25+ APs standalone APs you Care?  Easily add mobility  Accounts with limited IT resources services  Flexible licensing  Prevent competitive from 50-5000+ APs erosion of WLAN sales  Customer supplied  Up-sell standalone AP server supports install base 3000 APs and 750  Use as selling tool to WLCs create/close deals  Free software upgrades for existing  Comprehensive WLAN planning. troubleshooting and reporting platform  Free 30 day trial Advantage  Flexible easy-to-use interface with built-in tools. and Cisco-only features . RF resources.

Small Business Access Point Business Focus • Cisco Small Business solution purpose-built to meet the needs of the small businesses Specific features are: –Multiple BSSIDs .Multiple VLANs keep traffic separate on the LAN side –WPA2 Enterprise – Secure.1q VLANs . Can use for secure Business network and Guest Access Security –802.11F Roaming – Mobility for Wireless clients while connected –Auto-channel Selection – Selects optimal channel for best performance –SNMP – Monitoring from an SNMP Management station . centralized authentication using a Radius –New Client and New AP detection – alerts administrator when new Access Points and clients enter the airspace –WMM QoS – Wireless Quality of Service –Gigabit Interface on 11n – high performance Performance/Mgmt –802.Solution acts as multiple APs each serving a different wireless network or VLAN.

11n Outdoor WAP200E Indoor WAP200 WET200 Wireless Bridge WAP4410N . Small Business Wireless Access Point portfolio 802.11g 802.

Roaming and Auto-channel selection –NEMA IP53 Weatherproof housing (WAP200E) –Internal Directional Antenna • Key Differentiators –1x2 MIMO.1p). WPA2. VLANs. 802. WMM.WAP200E Outdoor Wireless AP • Interior Access Point and Exterior Wireless Access Point • Key Features: –POE – PD power means AP can be powered from a POE switch –1x2 MIMO – better coverage and range –QoS (WMM. 802.1x –Multiple BSSIDs. Auto-channel Selection • Now Shipping . VLANs. Multiple BSSIDs.

Repeater. Repeater. AP.11g 802.11g/n # Ports 1 1 5 1 1 POE POE or AC POE or AC POE or AC POE or AC POE or AC MIMO 1x2 1x2 1x2 1x2 2x3 # Ports 1 1 5 1 1 MBSSIDs 4 4 No 4 4 802.1x AP Authentication No No No No Yes Secure Management (HTTPS) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes WMM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 802. Bridge Repeater.11g 802. AP. Bridge Bridge Bridge.1p Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Removable Antennas Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Rogue AP detection Yes Yes N/A Yes Rogue AP Multiple Modes AP.11g 802.Product Differences Product WAP200 WAP200E WET200 WAP2000 WAP4410N Ethernet speed 10/100 10/100 10/100 10/100 Gigabit Wireless Type 802.Management No No No No Yes HTTP Redirect No No No No Yes WPS No No No No Yes Load Balancing No No No No Yes Spanning Tree No No No No Yes CLI support No No No No Yes Metal Casing No No No Yes No Linksys One Ready No No No Yes No Auto Channel Selection Yes Yes No Yes Yes List Price $163 $571 $157 $214 $240 .1x client authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes WPA/2 PSK and ENT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 802.1q VLAN support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 802. Repeater. Client Roaming Yes Yes No Yes Yes IPv6 Host . Client Only AP.11g 802.


ASA 5505 IPS ASA AIP SSC-5 • 75 Mbps throughput • Complete IPS sensor capabilities of 4200 • Effective Day-Zero attack mitigation .

ASA BOTNET FILTER What is a Botnet? A botnet is a collection of autonomous software robots (bots)." typically controls the bots. using command and control communication between the controller and the bots. and can launch them at will. Hackers typically use botnets as a way of gaining access to large distributed resources of computing power. also known as a "bot herder. that operate as a network of compromised computers. typically malicious in nature. . An originator.

ASA BOTNET FILTER What is a Botnet? .



ASA BOTNET FILTER Product is a license file and…. Opportunity For Security Consulting Services .

• Retains accuracy with continuous and automatic updates from the SenderBase network Set it. viruses. • Accurate protection immediately after setup. • Block non-business email. SPAM/AV APPLIANCE Any small businesses with up to 250 email users. • Simple browser-based wizards support management and reporting. . Forget it. that has their own mail server • Virtually eliminate spam. It just works. and other email threats.

100 User .1 year $ 2.100 User . software.399 BLKR-SVB-50U-3Y Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker .1 year $ 2.599 BLKR-SVB-100U-3Y Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker .50 User . Product Name Product Description List (USD) Point of Sale BLKR-SVB-50U-1Y Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker .3 year $ 3.250 User .3 year $ 5.999 BLKR-SVB-250U-3Y Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker .999 BLKR-SVB-250U-1Y Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker .599 BLKR-SVB-100U-1Y Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker .250 User .399 Renewal CON-BLK-BLKR50U SW and Supp Subscr NBD Blocker 50 User (annual) $ 499 CON-BLK-BLKR100U SW and Supp Subscr NBD Blocker 100 User (annual) $ 599 CON-BLK-BLKR250U SW and Supp Subscr NBD Blocker 250 User (annual) $ 899 .1 year $ 4.50 User . support) to simplify ordering to just one SKU.3 year $ 3.SPAM/AV APPLIANCE Bundles include everything (hardware.

Cisco Small Business VPN Security Gateways • Providing secure. high performance Internet access • All Linksys Business Series Gateways have –Firewall •State Packet Inspection (SPI) for maximum throughput –Network Address Translation (NAT) •Many-to-One (all models) and One-to-One (select models) –VPN Gateway •Client to Gateway – enables a remote computer to securely access your local network via the Internet •Gateway to Gateway – allows networks from multiple locations to connect through the Internet RV082 RV042 RVS4000 WRVS4400N WRV200 RV016 .

WRVS4400N  . RV016 – RVS4000.Trend Micro ProtectLink - Gateway • Extensive coverage and easy-to-deploy security option for Cisco small business routers • ProtectLink Gateway Features – Spam Blocking – URL Content Filtering – Web Threat Protection • Available as an integrated. add-on security feature – No extra hardware to buy (yearly renewal) • Availability for these Routers: – RV042 – RV082.

How ProtectLink Gateway works…. • Trend Micro ProtectLink Gateway –ProtectLink Gateway: Protects email and Web traffic at the gateway •Spam and URL Filtering with Web Reputation –Hosted: Delivered as a service .No software or hardware to deploy .

CISCO SMB UPDATE Physical Security Video Surveillance .

Cisco SMB Surveillance Solutions PVC2300  Business Internet Video Camera with Audio and PoE Power over Ethernet WVC2300 Wireless-G Business Internet Video Camera with Audio Wireless G .

2-way audio support • Works best with NSS Series NAS. SRW switches . WAP Access Point. 3GPP. WVC210 Product Overview Key Features / Benefits • Wireless Desktop/Wall-mount Pan Tilt Camera with LCD status display • Key Selling Points: – Improved features over WVC200 at the same price – Dual Codec support for optimization of live video streaming quality and recording storage requirements – Multicast.

IP Multicast. SGE switches .6x optical zoom. • Works best with NSS Series NAS. SFE. 3GPP and Samba client provide advanced feature set. and IO ports allow for flexible installation for multiple applications – High quality Sony CCD sensor with low light sensitivity provides optimal video image under a wide variety of lighting conditions – Simultaneous dual CODEC provides optimal combination of viewing and storage of video – Two-way Audio. and SRW. IPv6. PVC300 Product Overview (Coming Soon) Key Features / Benefits • Pan Tilt Optical Zoom Video Surveillance Camera with POE • Key Selling Points: – Pan Tilt Camera with 2. POE.

Manual Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Event Triggered Recording (IO) No No Yes Yes Yes Interchangeable CS lenses No No Yes Yes No Optical Zoom No No No No 2.6x VGA Resolution @ 30 frames per sec Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Simultaneous MJPEG/MPEG-4 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Night Vision (IR Cut Filter) No No Yes Yes No Image Sensor 1/5” CMOS ¼” CMOS ¼” CCD ¼” CCD ¼” CCD Shipping Now Yes Yes Yes Yes Coming Soon . Quick Business Series Camera Comparison Features WVC200 WVC210 WVC2300 PVC2300 PVC300 10/100 Ethernet LAN Port Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 802.11g Wireless Ethernet Yes Yes Yes No No 2-way Audio No Yes Yes Yes Yes LCD Status Yes Yes No No No Motion Detection.

OR – Stop when space fills up • Record to: – Local PC running Utility – NAS / server by mapping a drive from the PC – FTP Directly to NAS without utility . Weekends.Monitoring/Recording Utility • Monitor/Record up to 16 cameras at a time • Provided for free with Linksys Cameras • Used in Standalone environments • Record Video Clip on Motion or Video File • Schedule Recording per channel – One Time .Start/Stop Time – On motion detection – Daily. Specific days • Allocate amount of Disk Space for recording – Circular Buffer – start at beginning when Buffer gets full.Duration – Start/Stop Date . Weekdays.

Monitoring Console • Up to 16 Cameras on one Screen • Multiple viewing formats • Rotating Camera Image (when viewing in a single window) • PTZ Camera Ready (Controls) • Free Storage Space Report • Save/Load Configuration Allows for Multiple Camera Sets to be Viewed on the Same PC • Recording can be Scheduled by Dragging the Bar across Different Time Periods • Schedules/settings can be Copied to Other Cameras • Link to Playback Recorded Files from Console Screen • Motion detection can be defined using 10 windows .

8x and 16x • 4x Digital Zoom on Playback • Export video to standard . 2x. 4x.AVI format .Playback Console • Full Screen Display • Each Camera’s Recording can be Searched by Date and Time • Each View can be Digitally Enhanced in real time when playing back • Log File • Forward and Backward Speeds Variable in 1x.

Camera & SW Compatibility “Utility” Video Monitoring System LBAVMS16 SW-AVMS16 WVC200 Yes No WVC2300 Yes Yes PVC2300 Yes Yes WVC210 No Yes PVC300 No Yes Future Cameras No Yes .

Sample Storage space Estimate: • 3 Cameras Continuous Recording Fixed Quality and Fixed – 15 fps Bit Rates – 640x480 resolution – “Normal” Quality – MPEG-4 – 10 GB per day • 1 Cameras Continuous Recording for 1 Hour – 15 fps – 640x480 resolution – “Normal” Quality – MPEG-4 – 150MB per hour • 120 Motion events – 30 Sec before and 30 sec after event – 15 fps – 64 MB – 30 fps – 90 MB .

CISCO SMB UPDATE Network Attached Storage .

backing up. sharing and archiving critical information –Features set it apart from entry-level. desktop NAS systems –Realize substantial cost savings when compared with more expensive storage systems .Small Business Series NAS Solutions • NSS solutions provide intelligent chassis platforms • Provides administrators and integrators flexibility –Tailor integrated solutions –Optimize for performance & capacity to meet storage and sharing needs –Multiple drive configurations –Support concurrent connected CIFS users (Windows/Macintosh/Linux) • Robust NAS solutions for budget-minded workgroups and small businesses –Ideal for storing.

–Multiple users accessing files at the same time. • All Ethernet ports support Gigabit speed . –Not a consumer product which is optimized for a single user large file transfer. • Our products are not retail products that have been “tweaked” • Addresses core small business needs –Quality of Service –Security –Management –Advanced Features • Software optimized for small business environment. Typical files are MS office type files with relatively small file sizes.Purpose Built for Small Business • The NSS Series Network Attached Storage is solely focused on Small business.

1+spare. 5+spare. 5.Performance Features •Environmental Features  Intelligent hard drive spin down  Temperature controlled fans for lower energy usage/noise  Embedded processor design utilizes lower power demands High Availability Features  Support for wide range of RAID configurations (RAID 0. 1. 10) and JBOD  UPS option  Hot Swappable SATA hard drives and Hot RAID spare  NAS to NAS backup Security Features  On Disk AES data encryption  Authentication via Microsoft Active Directory Service or NT4 domain  Access control lists as well as MAC/IP Address filtering  Secure remote management via HTTPS .

There is a trade-off between the two to hit the max # listed . NSS Product Comparison NSS2000 NSS3000 NSS4000 NSS6000 Benefits Ethernet LAN Interfaces (1) GigE (1) GigE (2) GigE (2) GigE Redundancy Hot Swap Back-Plane Yes Yes Yes Yes Higher Availability RPSU Support No No Yes Yes Higher Availability RAID Types Supported 0/1 0/1/5/10 0/1/5/10 0/1/5/10 Flexibility Max CIFS users 15 15 15 132 # of simultaneous users Max FTP users 15 15 15 50 # of simultaneous users Microsoft Distributed File Yes Yes Yes Yes Simple expansion without user impacts System 256bit AES File Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes Data Security Virtualization Master No No No Yes Greater Expansion Snapshot No No No Yes Data Availability Form Factor Desktop Desktop Rack Mount Rack Mount Flexible form factor selection Max CIFS/FTP users cannot be achieved at the same time.

• NSS2000. This allows for a different mixture of CIFS and FTP connections based on the use case.Concurrent User Connections • Each NSS unit support two different connection profiles that is user configurable. NSS4000 –Standard Profile:15 CIFS + 2 FTP –Advanced/Network Video Recorder: 8 CIFS + 16 FTP • NSS6000 –Standard Profile:132 CIFS + 20 FTP –Advanced/Network Video Recorder: 117 CIFS + 50 FTP . The higher FTP connection profile is especially useful for video surveillance applications when the camera is setup to transfer data over FTP. NSS3000.

NSS2000 Unique features • NSS2000 2-Bay Desktop form factor – Mount vertically with stand or horizontally • NSS3000 – 4-Bay Desktop form factor – • NSS4000 – 2nd GB port – Redundant power supply option • NSS6000 –Highest performance product within NSS family .

Cisco CDP-F  Backup & Disaster Recovery Storage for backup images from multiple client PCs or other servers  Collaboration Replace general purpose servers e. Windows Server PC  Security IP Video Surveillance  Compliance New medical and financial requirements .g.

gets stolen. etc. • Bottom Line: End-user computers need back-up also . data backup is the #1 reason for changing storage requirements in the Small Business –Small Businesses are becoming more dependent on IT • Laptop sales have exceeded desktop sales –More data being stored on the user’s computer –Higher probability that data will get lost •User drops laptop.Backing up User Data • Analyst survey shows.

 Has our life-critical pictures.. email.  Runs a firewall. media But virtually none run backup software…  Less than 1% backup  More than 1 billion PC’s alive  More than 170 million new each year .....  Has our work-critical documents.. Opportunity to Sell CDP-F Every computer…  Runs anti-virus.

Cisco Continuous Data Protection for File (CDP-F) Backup Solutions • Partnered with IBM to provide customers with client based software to automate all backup activities • CDP-F is a continuous back-up solution –Backs-up every time you “save” the file –Only does incremental back-up –Backs-up files that are open • Works on and off the network –Caches data when not connected to the internal network –Will automatically syncs when it finds the storage target .

CISCO SMB UPDATE Digital Signage .