By: Ka Jerry T. Leones UP-College of Social Work and Community Development August 2010

OUTLINE 1. Importance of a Vision Statement 3. Steps in Formulating a Vision Statement 4. Criteria for Assessing Sound Vision Statement . Concepts of a Vision Statement 2.

. CONCEPTS OF A VISION STATEMENT ‡ A vision is an ideal scenario that we want to transpire in our community or society at some point in the future ‡ It all begins with an idea of a social paradise.1. a panoramic view. a megadream of the kind of society that we want to establish for us and the children of tomorrow in partnership with other stakeholders.

CONCEPTS OF A VISION ‡ It is the North Star that guides the entire strategic planning process. ‡ It is the kind of future world that we wish to create together with others. ‡ It is the kind of society that we and our friends and partners would like to help establish or construct .

and destiny for all (rather than discouragement.CHARACTERISTICS OF AN IDEAL VISION ‡ To be useful. an ideal vision must: ± Point to the future (without tying itself down with negative thinking about the past or present) ± Identify a clear set of desirable conditions (written in a format in which all components represent observable or measurable ends) ± Communicate hope. distrust or depression)) . energy.

where are you headed? ‡ We must propose the ideal so that we can determine the direction in which to move .THE IDEAL: TOO IDEALISTIC? ‡ If you don t hope to be drawing ever closer to the ideal.

‡ It is the mooring of the mission. systems and procedures Leading ‡ Good leaders are visionaries ‡ Visions are good motivators of people for concrete action ‡ It serves as the unifying factor for stakeholders to work together like centipedes . policies. structures. goal. Importance of a Vision Statement Planning ‡ It provides the direction of efforts and resources.11. and objectives of entities ‡ It influences strategies.

11. Importance of a Vision Statement Organizing ‡ Visions with clear descriptors help actors define and delineate the focus and locus of efforts and resources ‡ Simplies the division of labor among various stakeholders Control ‡ Feedforward Control ‡ Feedback Control ‡ Concurrent Control ‡ Can be the basis for Quality Control of social development interventions .

Steps in Formulating a Vision Statement 1. List down what you dislike in our current society which you can change 4. political. convert your answers in nos. Make a social photography of our present society from the social. economic. 3. Using adjectives. and/or rationalize. 1 and 2 in a vision statement. and cultural millieu. 2. . Polish the output in no. legitimize. 5. 4 to ensure that it communicates hope and inspiration for all (North Star.111. Consider your legal mandate. List down what you like in our current society which you can reinforce.

norms and processes .CHR VISION STATEMENT A Philippine society where human development of every person is fully realized under a government that has political will and sustained commitment to the observance of human rights standards.

and where people live harmoniously in the context of lasting peace. globally-competitive professional education. democratic. participatory in the pursuit of social development. just. gender-sensitive. . environmentallycaring.Vision Statement A progressive Filipino society that is sovereign. povertyfree.

Criteria in Assessing Acceptable Vision Statement 1. 5. Communicates hope for all to share. 3. It is society-driven. 4. Outward-looking. Concise but comprehensive. Must describe the ideal description of a community and its people . 2.

. 8. Full of adjectives. Considers in advance the contribution of an agency in its realization. 7. Means of attaining it are excluded.Criteria in Assessing Acceptable Vision Statement 6.

class.We want a world where inequality on the basis of gender. where basis needs become basis rights. . Each will have the opportunity to develop his or her full potential and creativity. class. age is absent between and within countries. where poverty and all forms of violence are eliminated. race.

The .


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