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Do you Secretly dream of Being featured on a Magazine Cover?

I know I do!

So Here’s Your Chance!

Your Assignment
• Create a magazine cover using yourself as the cover story. • Take a photo, retouch it, and find interesting things about yourself to highlight as ‘stories’. • Using InDesign, add text to your photo to create your final layout.

Part One
1.Think about what makes you unique. Think of considering:
-Am I artistic, athletic, smart, fashionable, etc?

3.Write down these qualities in your sketchbook. 3. Take some of those brainstormed ideas and develop the trait into a title and headliner that can be used on your cover.

Highlight your Interests in…

Scuba Diving


Reveal to us your secret life as…

A midget ProHorseback Rider

Keep in Mind…

Part Two
1. Retouch a photo of you to feature on your cover.
The photo must: -be 6.5 x 9 inches in size -be clear and not pixilated -be vertically oriented

2. Draw out some magazine layouts in your sketchbook. 3. Place your finished, retouched photo into an InDesign document.
The InDesign document must: -be 8.5 x 11 inches in size -have 1 inch margins around your placed photo (center your image) -be vertically oriented

4. Use InDesign to add text to your magazine

Compositional Interest
• This final project is not only a measure of your skills in PhotoShop and InDesign. It will also reveal your knowledge of the basic elements and principlesElements of design. Principles
•Line •Size •Texture •Value •Color •Movement •Repetition •Contrast •Harmony •Proportion •Emphasis •Shape/ Form

For your Layout…

…Pay attention to All aspects of your design
Text Placement Photo Color

• Why is this magazine cover successful?

Simple does NOT mean boring

• Notice the use of: -grayscale -negative

For your Photo…

Remember the Requirements…
The photo must: -end up being 6.5 x 9 inches in size -be clear and not pixilated -be vertically oriented

…Use filters

• Your PhotoShop retouching doesn’t have to be literal. You can use filters to add interest.

Here Are a Few Examples…

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