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Study the map above carefully

In th e foll owin g
sl id es…
 You will link images to certain climatic regions (Polar,
Tundra, Desert, Mediterranean or Chaparral, Savanna
Grassland and rainforest)
 You will compare and contrast the characteristics of
these climatic regions
 You will study writers quotes to determine further the
characteristics of the regions
 You will locate images and quotes on a world map
1 2

3 4

Which of the images here show deserts?

An swer s

 1) Hot Desert-Death Valley

 2) Cold Desert Tundra-Canada
 3) Cold Desert Polar-Antarctica
 4) Hot Desert- Sahara

Why is the Valley floor in Death Valley

1 2

Which of these images are rainforest and why?

3 4
An swer s
 1 and 4 are rainforest. What are your reasons?
 What might 2 be? Think about the map.
 2 is savannah-the region closest to rainforest
 Where do you think image 3 is from? (This one
is harder…)
 3 is Tundra-proving that some really diverse
plants can grow even in the coldest climates
• From the pictures only, describe a typical Mediterranean
• Again, using only the pictures, describe a typical
Mediterranean climate
1 2

Use a little of what you’ve learned-name that climatic region!

3 4
An swer s

 1) Polar- Dry Valleys in McMurdo,

 2) Savanna- Serengeti Plain, Africa
 3) Desert-Mojave, USA
 4) Tundra-No location given
The top images are Savannah, while the bottom are of rainforest. Using the images,
list what you think the main differences between these climatic regions might be
• “If there is a hell, this is the place, and the sleeping bags are worse than hell” Ernest
• "If (it) were music it would be Mozart. Art, and it would be Michelangelo. Literature,
and it would be Shakespeare. And yet it is something even greater; the only place on
earth that is still as it should be. May we never tame it." Denton
• “4 p.m. I lie on a thin grubby mattress in my room. The air is unmoving. The
thermometer shows ninety-eight Fahrenheit, but it's dry heat, just bearable. Flies
settle on my mouth and nostrils” Palin
• “We are moored up for the night and the air is stagnant, muggy and lifeless. I have
doused myself in so many layers of insect repellent that my skin feels like fly-paper.
Open the cabin window as far as it will go and wait for the bat food to start buzzing
round me. And this was supposed to be the comfortable part of the journey.” Palin
• “We have said some terrible things! When I say we, I mean I identify myself
with environmentalists and ecologists. We have said terrible things, like, in
10 years there will be (none) left ” Attenborough

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