The Hero s Journey

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself." -- Joseph Campbell

The Hero s Journey ‡ The hero s journey is a series of adventures beyond the ordinary. ‡ The journey is a cycle of going and returning. . either to recover what has been lost or to discover something.

e ero s ourne The Call to Ad enture ¦¨  M G §¦©¨§ § £©¥  R Helpers Threshold Guardian Separation e Adventure ¡ ¡ The Return res old ¢ Initiation Transformation Re elation and Transformation Companions   Minor Challenges & Tempters The Abyss   £ ¦§  ¤  ¢ ¢   r W r ¨§¦¥ £ ¤ The Return with the Gift The Atonement .The journey is a process of separation. The stages must each be completed successfully if we are to become heroic. and return. transformation.

The Separation .

The Separation The Call ‡ The all invites the hero into the adventure. . offers opportunity to face the unknown and gain something of physical or spiritual value.

‡ The most important of these helpers is the mentor or guide. . ‡ Mentors can assist and point the way. but they cannot take the journey for the hero.The Separation The Mentor ‡ The hero will encounter a helper who provides assistance or direction.

The Separation The Refusal ‡ The hero may initially refuse the call to go on the journey. .

. ‡ Once past the threshold. ‡ n the known world. the hero enters an unknown world filled with challenges and dangers. the hero feels secure because she or he knows the landscape and the rules.The Separation The Adventure Threshold ‡ The Threshold is the doorway between the known and the unknown.

.The Separation The Threshold Guardians ‡ Threshold Guardians . beings. or situations which block the hero s passage to the new world. ‡ Sometimes these threshold guardians are the hero s own fears and doubts.people.

The Transformation .

the hero may encounter companions who will assist the hero in his or her journey. .The Transformation Companions ‡ After crossing the threshold.

the challenges often become more an more ifficult. . ‡ As the journey progresses. testing the hero to the utmost.The Transformation The Challenges ‡ Challenges are the obstacles or temptations that the hero faces as he or she attempts to achieve the goal.

The Transformation Into the Abyss ‡ When the hero reaches the Abyss (a deep gulf or chasm). she or he faces the greatest challenge of the journey. ‡ Here is where "the monsters" of fear and doubt must be slain. .

‡ The re elation gives the hero the courage they need to make the Transformation the change from the person they were to the hero (the new person).The Transformation Revelation and Transformation ‡ The hero often has a Revelation a sudden. dramatic change in the way he or she thinks or views life. .

the hero goes on to achieve Atonement the hero s acceptance of his or her new self (or their new role). .The Transformation The Atonement ‡ After transformation.

.The Return After Transformation and Atonement. the hero faces the final stage of the journey: the Return to everyday life.

or may become a great leader.The Return Return with the Gift ‡ Upon the return. the hero discovers his or hergift. which is the result of a new level of skill and awareness. ‡ The hero may become richer or stronger. .

. the hero's bravery is noted by those around him or her. ‡ The hero is often looked up to in the old world as well as in the new world. n this case. ‡ There are times when the hero returns to the old world and his/her message is unheard or the achievements unrecognized. the hero sometimes returns to the other world.The Return Master of Two Worlds ‡ As the hero completes the challenges.

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