tools & hardware etc.KMART ` WAL-MART ` Chain of discount department store. groceries etc. Products ± Health and beauty aids. American public corporation that runs a chain of large. ` Products ± Clothing. ` . jewelry. photo developing services. furniture. discount department stores.

It filed itself under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.` Kmart reached the level of getting bankrupt. ` .

63 stores in one year. . It focused on planning. ` ` 10 ± 18 stores in one year.KMART ` WAL-MART ` It focused more over expansion.

` . Customized MIS helped in maintaining records. Could track its sales & replenish its fast selling products. ` ` ` Couldn¶t track its sales. Accurate.KMART ` WAL-MART ` Initially records were maintained manually. No accuracy.

` No design team to study the supply chain. ` .KMART ` WAL-MART ` No emphasis. Team studying the supply chain. Design team studied how to make SCM cost effective.

Claims by i2 proved to be wrong.` i2 was a new software installed by Kmart. ` ` . Software couldn¶t track the SKU¶s.

` ` . Planning and design team.` Install software that can be customized. Link warehouses.