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Story of success : BASIC to Windows 7. Microsoft India: Started in 1990. Headed by Ravi Venkatesan,Chairperson Currently employs 55oo people. 6 business units and 13 offices across India. Three main focus area: 1. Key IT partner with GOI and industries 2. Catalyst for local IT industries 3. Education, jobs and innovation

help them compete in global market.retail India¶s leadership.empowers around 650000 developers. for and with India .supporting local IT industries. . .catering rural and semi-urban areas. The Local Software Economy .IT literacy looked upon in Indian languages. .thrust on long term investment.€ Creating a Digitally Inclusive Society . . Innovating from. € € . .language barriers are overcome.

´ To enable the people and businesses throughout the world to realize their (Indians·) potentialµ .

K. a landmark year 1998: Steve Ballmer appointed as president . 29 employees. 1982 : 1st international subsidiary at U. 1977: Official partnership b/w Paul Allen and Bill Gates 1978: Sales revenue crossed $1 million mark. 1 employee. 1983: Paul Allens resigns but remain in board of directors : Windows unveiled. : XENIN OS launched. 220 employees. : 1st international sales office at Japan 1980: Steve Ballmer joined in. 1976: Named Microsoft..€ € € € € € € € 1975: Stated by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

42 billion : 91000 employees : 105 countries € 2009: 5% layoff worldwide : drop in revenues .$60.2008: Revenue. first time in history : 1% layoff in India as well : puts question mark on its HR practices € .

Hyderabad bagged the Acer. Gaming Software and Software Suite for SMBs at VARINDIA Star NITE awards.2005: Microsoft India bagged awards for Best Laptop Mouse. € 2008: Microsoft IT. Intel and Economic Times smart workplace award € 2008: listed in ´100 best companies for working womanµ in Working Mothers Magazine for past six years € .

€ 2008: Ranked 1 for ´ Best companies to work with in Indiaµ jointly by Business Today and Taylor Nelson Sofres Global 2009: Ranked 38th in ´100 best companies to work for ´by Fortune Magazine. € .

Microsoft India·s HR Approach Organizational capability & change € Talent management € Leadership € Technical training for developers & software architects € .




Development. Senior Employees behave as Mentors. Consulting. Sales & Marketing. Testing. . Technical support.  € € € € € €  Microsoft India provides both vertical and lateral growth Six business units have different business divisions Research.

€ It enables employees work according to € € € their convenience Sense of responsibility and discipline Helps in building rapport Served as retention scheme for employees .

€ € € € € MSGTSC located in Bangalore providing 24/7 services They conducted a questionnaire survey Details are collected to frame an Employee value proposition 8 needs in Employee value proposition Working with technology everyday Caring for every employee Working in an energizing environment People ²friendly benefits Building careers in life Recognizing great work Enjoying each day Making a difference globally Launched ´You and Microsoft .Living the Experience together!µ .

Experience of candidates € Employee benefits were standardized Medical benefits Tuition assistance programs Professional counseling and support services Easy transfers Assistance in case of emergency Company share benefits Creche reimbursements for women employees € .Higher compensation is given based on Skills.

High performers rewarded with monetary as well as non-monetary rewards. High performers are invited to share their experience with a large audience.€ € € € € Candid process while evaluating the performance of the employees and regarding their compensation packages. . A transparent process. ACE award(architects of excellence) awarded to customers contributing to customer satisfaction.

€ ´One-India women·s conferenceµ conducted annually. € .Special recruitment drives to raise the female to male ratio in the workforce. € Microsoft corporation is in the list of ´100 best companies for working womenµ for six consecutive years till 2008.

In 2007 launched a program called ´Bring your child to workµ. € Initiated as a family-friend HR policy. € . € 500 children across the country participated.

€ € € € € € € € € Organization Organization health Staffing Talent management Diversity Manager capability Learning & development Leadership development Rewards .

€ .Microsoft India earmarked one of the months in a year for employees to work for social cause of their choice.MSIDC and employees contributed more than 20 million towards the non profit organization. € In 2000. € By may 2009. MSIDC started a culture of contribution in which employees donated money to social service organization.

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