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Head Coach : Charlie Pierce

V Overall Record: 91-32 Win%: 74% PPG: 12.6

Park View
V 44-12
Briar Woods
V 47-20
V Accomplishments
1x State Championship - ͚10
1x State Runner up - ͚00
2x Regional Championships - ͛00, ͚10
6x Regional Playoffs - ͛00, ͛01, ͛02, ͛07, ͛08, ͚10
4x District Championships - ͛00, ͛01, ͛02, ͚10
Coach Pierce @ Park View
V 2000
12-2 10.7 PGA State Runner Up
V 2001
10-1 7.1 PGA Regional Finalist
V 2002
9-2 8.2 PGA Regional Playoffs
V 2003
5-5 18.3 PGA
V 2004
8-2 10.2 PGA Missed Playoffs
Coach Pierce @ Briar Woods
V 2005
9-1 6.1 PGA (JV)
V 2006
6-4 20.5 PGA (1st year varsity program)
V 2007
7-4 17.8 PGA Regional Playoffs
V 2008
8-3 15.4 PGA Regional Playoffs
V 2009
4-6 15.9 PGA
V 2010
13-2 10.5 PGA State Champions
Developing a Defensive Game Plan
V Saturday
Film exchange
Breakdown film M M M
V M 
V   M 
V M 
Our defense vs. their best runs & passes
Develop a r M  defensive game plan
Developing a Defensive Game Plan
V Sunday
24 hours off (Sat @ 6 ʹ Sun @ 6)
Discuss any comments, questions and concerns
Complete tendencies for scouting report
V Monday
Develop and complete defensive script
Complete scout team plays
Complete scouting report
Developing a Defensive Game Plan
V Tuesday
Pre-Practice: Walk through opponents top formations
and best plays
Scout Team: Practice scripted plays separate
Indy/Small/Large Group: Associated with game plan
Team Defense: Run practice script for adjustments,
alignments, assignments & recognition
Review and distribute defensive game plan
30-45 min team film session
Developing a Defensive Game Plan
V Wednesday
Adjustments to play script based on previous practice
Simulate game situations (move it)
V Backed up
V Coming out
V Middle of field
V Going in
V Red zone
ëM have a say in if they want another play run
Developing a Defensive Game Plan
V Thursday
Blitz and Movement period
Top formations with best run/pass
Review situational checks
Final adjustments
Finalize Game Plan!
V Friday
Team meet
Motivational film / visitor
Offensive review
Defensive review with call sheet
Prepare for battle
In game adjustments
Developing a Defensive Game Plan
V Watching film͙ Tangible vs. Intangible
Team Tendencies
V Formations, Personnel, Run vs. Pass, Field Position
Individual Tendencies
V By position down to the player
V Search out the weakest link and exploit it
Oline: Favorites, Technique, Pass Protection
WR: Speed, Hands, Blocking, Favorite Routes
RB: Attitude, Type, Favorite Runs, Pass Pro Tech
Developing a Defensive Game Plan
* M   !
V Opponent Breakdown
Plays by formation, down/distance, field position
V Identify top runs & passes
Formations by down/distance, field position, series
V Identify top runs & passes
V Formation, down/distance, field position, series, strength
(formation vs. field)
V Formation, down/distance, field position, series, strength
(formation vs. field) & pass protection
Sample Opponent Breakdown ʹ
Run/Pass by Formation
Plays by Down
Sample Script
Sample Call Sheet ʹ Front Side
Sample Call Sheet ʹ Back Side
Developing a Successful Game Plan
V When watching film AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN͙
Put yourself in the OC͛s mind
Ask yourself
V Who ʹ Personnel
V What ʹ Plays / Formation
V Why ʹ What is the purpose
Score, set up another play, run the clock, stop the clock, take
advantage of a perceived weakness͙
V Actual result
Be Prepared!
V Have an answer to their answer and so on͙
Charlie Pierce
Head Coach Football Coach
Biology Teacher
Briar Woods High School
301.788.3497 (m)

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