100 Divisional offices. in India Owned by Government 8 zonal offices. and also the country's largest investor.449 Agents .About LIC : y LIC is the largest state-owned life insurance company in India. It has assets estimated of 9. y LIC Founded in 1956 Largest insurance co. It is fully owned by the Government of India. . 100. 2048 Branch offices.21.31 trillion.

or Specified dates at periodic intervals. if it occurs earlier. .  Among other things. the contract also provides for the payment of premium periodically to the Corporation by the policyholder. or Unfortunate death. y The contract is valid for payment of the insured amount during:  The date of maturity.What Is Life Insurance? y Life insurance is a contract that pledges payment of an amount to the person assured (or his nominee) on the happening of the event insured against.

on the life of one's spouse or children. While underwriting proposals. . certain factors such as the policyholder s state of health. the proponent's income and other relevant factors are considered by the Corporation.Who Can Buy A Policy? y Any person who has attained majority and is eligible to enter into a valid contract can insure himself/herself and those in whom he/she has insurable interest. subject to certain conditions. y Policies can also be taken.

LIC¶s Insurance Plans are policies that talk to you individually and give you the most suitable options that can fit your requirement.Insurance Plans and Polices y As individuals it is inherent to differ. Each individual¶s insurance needs and requirements are different from that of the others. y Endowmet Plus  Endowment Plus y Children Plus  Jeevan Anurag  Komal Jeevan  CDA Endowment Vesting At 18  CDA Endowment Vesting At 21  Marriage Endowment  Educational Annuity Plan  Jeevan Kishore  Jeevan Chhaya  Child Career Plan  Child Future Plan  Child Fortune Plus .

y Plans for Handicapped Dependents  Jeevan Aadhar  Jeevan Vishwas y        Endowment Assurance Plans The Endowment Assurance Policy The Endowment Assurance Policy-Limited Payment Jeevan Mitra(Double Cover Endowment Plan) Jeevan Mitra(Triple Cover Endowment Plan) Jeevan Anand New Janaraksha Plan Jeevan Amrit y Plans for High worth individuals  Jeevan Shree-I  Jeevan Pramukh .

Limited Payment The Whole Life Policy.Single Premium Jeevan Anand Jeevan Tarang .y       Money Back Plans The Money Back Policy-20 Years The Money Back Policy-25 Years Jeevan Surabhi-15 Years Jeevan Surabhi-20 Years Jeevan Surabhi-25 Years Bima Bachat y Special Money Back Plan for Women  Jeevan Bharati .I y      Whole Life Plans The Whole Life Policy The Whole Life Policy.

 Pension Plus  Jeevan Nidhi  Jeevan Akshay-VI  New Jeevan Dhara-I  New Jeevan Suraksha-I y Unit Plans Unit plans are investment plans for those who realise the worth of hard-earned money.y Pension Plans Pension Plans are Individual Plans that gaze into your future and foresee financial stability during your old age. so that you never give up on the best things in life. These policies are most suited for senior citizens and those planning a secure future. These plans help you see your savings yield rich benefits and help you save tax even if you don't have consistent income.  Pension Plus .

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