Non-Military OPORD Sample

TSP 310-C-1050 0901, Phase II, OCS

Terminal Learning Objective
Action: Understand the basic framework of an OPORD. Conditions: Classroom settings Standard: Comprehend the basic fundamentals of OPORD development

Number FM 5.0 Title Army Planning and Order Production Date Jan 05 App. G Para no.

Administrative Notes

What is an OPORD?
An OPERATIONS ORDER is a directive issued by a commander to subordinate commanders for the purpose of effecting the coordinated execution of an operation.

Enabling Learning Objective 1
Action: Describe the 5 paragraph OPORD Conditions: Classroom settings Standards: Comprehend the basic fundamentals of OPORD development

• Task Organization: elements of the operation. • Situation: good guy and bad guy info plus stuff that will affect what you are doing. • Mission: who, what, when, where & why. • Execution: how we intend to do it. • Service Support: how we will be supported. • Command and Signal: who is in charge.

Operations Order 09-01

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Reference: State of Michigan Interstate Map U of M 2006-2007 football schedule Time Zone Used Throughout Order: ROMEO Task Organization: OC Yes OC No OC No Excuse OC I don’t understand

1. SITUATION: The University of Michigan (U of M) football team is undefeated through the 2006-2007 season. U of M has sustained numerous injuries during the course of the football season and the likelihood of player recovery before the U of M / Ohio State game is remote. a. Enemy Forces: 1. Composition: The university football team opposing U of M is expected to be at 100%. They have no injured players.

2. Disposition: The Ohio State football team is coming off a big win over Notre Dame and has high morale. They are expected to give the University of Michigan a difficult time in both the running and passing game. b. Friendly Forces. 45,000 fans are expected to attend the big game. It is estimated that 3000 tail gate parties will begin the morning of the big game to show support for the hometown team.

c. Environment: (USE OCOKA) Terrain: The U of M / Ohio State game will occur in the ‘Big House’ of Ann Arbor, MI. Weather: 76 degrees on game day, 50% chance of rain. 2. MISSION: The OC Brotherhood conducts pregame tailgate operations NLT 100600Sept 06 in the U of M parking lot to demonstrate school spirit.

3. EXECUTION. a. Concept of the operation: The OC Brotherhood will be the first tailgaters in the U of M parking lot. The purpose of getting their first is to ensure close access to the stadium entrance before the game and closest stumbling distance to the vehicle after the game. 1. MANEUVER: This operation will be conducted in 4 phases: Phase 1: Pre-execution Phase 2: Movement Phase 3: Occupation of parking lot Phase 4: Return to the TAC shack

Pre-Execution: We will obtain, collect, borrow or steal all items necessary for a successful tailgate. Endstate: All tail gate items are secured and on hand. Movement: OC Brotherhood will consolidate and conduct movement to Ann Arbor and the U of M facilities. Endstate: OC Brotherhood is poised to occupy the U of M parking lot. Occupation of Parking Lot: The Brotherhood will move into and secure the best parking spot available for tailgate activities. Endstate: An awesome tailgate location is secure and festivities commence. Return to TAC Shack: The Brotherhood returns safely to the TAC Shack following the game and tail gate activities. Endstate: All Brotherhood members return safely to the TACs and are prepared for follow on operations.

b. Tasks to maneuver units (1) Phase 1: OC Yes: Task -Procure a car Purpose –Ensure a mode of transportation OC No: Task –Plans route per MI state map. Purpose –Ensure effective navigation OC No Excuse: Task –Purchase keg of beer Purpose –Provide refreshment during phase 3 OC I Donot Understand: Task –Work 8 add’l hours Purpose –Provide gas money for trip (2) Phase 2: OC Yes: Task –Drive the car Purpose –Transport the brotherhood to U of M OC No: Task -Navigate for OC Yes Purpose –Avoid getting lost OC No Excuse: Task –Alternate navigator Purpose –Navigate if/when OC Yes gets lost OC I Donot Understand: Task –Take a nap Purpose –Recover from add’l time worked

(3) Phase 3: OC Yes: Task -Select tailgate site Purpose –To maximize co-ed attendance OC No: Task -Set up tail gate table Purpose –Provide surface for beer mugs OC No Excuse: Task -Tap the keg Purpose –Keep the beer mugs full OC I Donot Understand: Task –Demonstrate beer chugging Purpose -Make OC No Excuse more popular (4) Phase 4: OC Yes: Task –Drink coffee and drive to TAC shack Purpose –Revive senses after long day of partying OC No: Task –Put away tail gate table and pack vehicle Purpose –Prepare for return trip OC No Excuse: Task –Untap and secure tap & keg Purpose –Ensure return of deposit OC I Donot Understand: Task –Gather co-ed phone numbers Purpose –Poise brotherhood for follow-on operations

c. Coordinating Instruction. 1. Timeline: Meet at TAC Shack Load car Arrive at U of M Leave U of M

240430 Nov 240445 Nov 240615 Nov 242000ish Nov

2. PIR - Remove all OCS brass and replace with Navy Cadet brass - Everyone wears U of M t-shirts - Identify which tailgate we join if we run out of beer 3. FFIR - Notification when keg is empty - Notification if anyone passes out - Notification if anyone pukes - Notification if OC No Excuse ever gets a girls phone number.

4. Service Support Class I: Brats and burgers Class II: toilet paper Class III: Charcoal Class IV: 8 pickets to prop up broken tailgate Class V: N/A Class VI: Beer, beer, beer & more beer Class VII: Keg, grill, pick-up Class VIII: puke bucket & aspirin Class IV: extra keg tap

5. Command and Signal c. Command.
1. OC No is in charge when OC Yes passes out 2. OC No Excuse is in charge when OC Yes passes out 3. OC I don’t understand is in charge when OC No Excuse passes out. 4. If everyone passes out the first person who wakes up is in charge.

d. Signal.
Call OC No Excuse’s parents for bail money if anyone is legally detained for obnoxious and lewd conduct while expressing school spirit

Homework Assignment
• Pick a non-military project. • Write a simple, detailed OPORD on your task. • Submit to TAC during Sept IDT • Reference FM7-8, FM5.0 (FM101-5), SH21-76, as needed.