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O With the world-wide expansion of companies and
changing technologies, ndian
rganizations have
realized the `    ``

|raining is considered as more of retention tool than
a cost
O With increase in awareness of corporate training in
ndian ndustry, a gradual shift from general to
specific approach has been realized
O |oday, á     is a source of competitive
advantage for all organizations therefore, the ``

 ` `   has been changed to create

a smarter workforce and yield the best results
O With increase in competition, every company wants to
optimize the utilization of its resources to yield the
maximum possible results
O |raining is required in every field be it Sales,
arketing, Human esource, elationship building,
ogistics, roduction, ngineering, etc t is now a
business effective tool and is linked with the business
ccordingto V  (ationalssociationof
SoftwareandServices ompanies),the 
s600crore in010from s10 rore in006
O n fact, some organizations are headed by
unwanted employees rather than employees of
outstanding merit
O While some organizations do not have a separate
budget to hire highly qualified trainers for training
and development
O |hethreemajortrainingandlearningsolutions
O D V 
O   á ``
O V    the eliance nil hirubhai mbani roup ompany
t offers customized solutions for |op management, iddle management
and Supervisory level
ts business units are: à`   ` ` à à `
`  ` ` à), and ` 
`  ` `


tisprovidingtrainingservicestomericanxpress,thermax, ahindra
inance, oca- ola, , aruti,odrejoyce,ccenture,  ,
and antaloon
SS  |usinessnits:
O à`   `   à - addresses the
needs of organizations in various industry verticals |he
solutions offered by the business unit include training
and delivery, creation of customized content, research
based projects and experiential learning
O à ` `  ` ` à - the
business unit operates S cademy to create and
enhance employability of individuals through a number
of short and long-term educational programmes
O ` 
`  ` `  - the business
unit fulfills our group companies· training needs
O   a umbai based training organization, is a leader
in high - end latest technologies training in the |, 
obile telephony industry
O urrently, it has 6 corporate owned centers and around 0
franchisees in ndia and has trained more than 10,000 
  ` till date
O t is providing training services to Wipro nfotech, 
mro, |ata onsultancy Services, State ank of ndia, H ,
ndian avy, ap emini, lobal |elesystems, South astern
oal ields, ersistent |echnologies, odrej nfotech, |imes
of ndia, eliance nfocomm, eliance ndustries, Seimens,
nion ank of ndia, and nfosys
O á ``
 `   division of ptech imited t is
offering an entire range of performance solutions like ustomer
Service |raining, Soft Skills, roduct |raining, rocess |raining, Sales
|raining, and anagerial evelopment |raining that assist in
overcoming various business challenge areas t keeps the trainees
up to date with the latest `
   `  `  in
the industry
t is providing ``
 ` and services to ndian
otorola ndia,   , ayer, ational thermal ower orporation,
as uthority
f ndia, elhi olice, Standard hartered ank,
aruti dyog, lectrolux Kelvinator, abur, alvoline ummins,
ahindra  ahindra, lue Star, H , and
O ``
  ` `   !
á````   "
|rainingandevelopmentsystemin etail/ sector
|rainingandevelopmentsystemin harmaceuticalsector


O nndianmarket,0%ofthetrainingcompany·srevenuecomesfrom
O etail/  Sector is the most booming sector in the ndian economy
and is expected to reach S$ 17-00 billion by 016
O With this rapid expansion and coming up of major players in the sector,
the need of human resource development has increased
O ack of skilled workers is the major factor that is holding back the retail
sector for high growth the sector is facing the severe shortage of
O lso, the current ndian education system is not sufficiently prepared to
address the new processes, according the industry majors
O ``
 ``$% O ``
  `   ` 
O ndian etailSchool
givenintheretailsectorare: O oyolanstituteofusinessdministration( )
O S Jain entreof anagement
O Sales|raining
O nstituteforntegrated earningin anagement( )
n-the-Job|raining O

O Seminars/Workshops O Welingkar nstituteof anagement, entrefor etail

O ustomer elationship anagement
O KJSomaiya nstituteof anagementStudies
nline ourse esearch
O roupStudy O udra nstituteof ommunications
O mityusinessSchool
O omputer-ased|raining
O Self-irected|raining

O avorable economic climate and number of other factors such as,
growing urbanization, increasing consumerism, rise in the standard of
living, increase in financial services for people living in rural areas,
etc has increased the demand for wide range of financial products
that has led to mutually beneficial growth to the !`
sector and
economic growth process
O |hiswascoincidedbytechnologydevelopmentinthebanking
O |odaymostofthendiancitieshavenetworkedbankingfacilityas
O Someofthemajorplayersinthebankingsectorare  
`& %``!   # '!V`,
O n the nsurance sector also, rapid expansion has created about  lakh job opportunities
approximately in the past five years these openings are mainly in the field of insurance
advisors or marketing agents the eligibility criteria for these jobs is graduation with some
experience in marketing or become insurance agents after completing school but this needs
some relevant training
arlier there were no training programs as such for insurance agents but on-the-job training
only that was given once the new agent was appointed ut now the scenario has been
changed, with the coming up of big players like ? ? ?  ? 
 ? ? ?     
   ?   ? 
, etc in this sector, people who've had some formal
training are preferred while recruitment because it can be helpful in the insurance field
However, only the insurance degree in this field does not guarantee success |o be successful
an agent must have strong interpersonal, networking, and communication skills
umber of opportunities in anking and nsurance sector has increased than ever before With
this rapid expansion and coming up of major players like   , H , |, ajaj llianz, etc in
the sector, the need of human resource development has increased
O |he ?   
O |hemajorplayerssuchas,Honda,|oyota,ajaj, aruti arenowfocusingonmasscustomization,mass
O ccordingtoationalevelopmentand eform ommission( ),ndia·sautomakingcapacityis
O |his rapid expansion is because of growing urbanization, rise in the standard of living of consumers, easy
availability of finance, liberalization, privatization, and globalization of ndian ndustry |his rapid
expansion has created lots of job opportunities nterested one in this sector has to specialize in
automobile/mechanical engineering urrently, utomobile in ndia is retaining around 10 million employees
and is expected to employ more people in near future norganized sector in employing 67% people while,
organized sector is employing only 33% people, which is a major drawback for automobile sector
With this rapid expansion and coming up of major players in the sector, the focus is more on the skilled
employees and the need of human resource development has increased the companies are looking for
skilled and hard working people who can give their best to the organization arious companies are
opening training institutes to train interested ones in this sector, like |oyota has recently opened |oyota
|echnical |raining nstitute (|||) near angalore that will offer 4 courses in automobile assembly,
mechatronics (a combination of mechanical and industrial electronics), automobile weld and automobile
paint ||| will provide both a high standard of education and training in automotive technology as well as
employment opportunities

isKnowledge rocessing

sectorisexpectedtogrowatacompoundedannualgrowthrate(  )of49%
till010ccordingtotheationalssociationofSoftwareandServices ompanies
O ut according to ocsearch, a K based research firm, K
sector will be able to
reach 100,000 employees only instead of 0,000 employees therefore, to fill the
demand and supply gap training has now become an important tool like every
other technical industry
With the expected increase in number of employees, training has become the core
of K
industry as well
O o matter how much qualified the person is he needs to be trained on processes s
the name itself implies, ´knowledgeµ, this sector requires high level of functional
know-how as well as domain know-how
O |here is a constant need of well-planned training programs as the work profile
requires understanding of market research objectives and methodologies
O |his sector requires behavioral training as well as training to handle stress because
of odd working hoursf a person is committed to deliver quality, and is willing to
learn with positive attitude then definitely K
is the right place to work for him
#á  `
(á`#á  `
ndia harmaceutical market is valued at about
|hisrapidgrowthhasalsoincreasedthe S $8 billion and is expected to reach to S
  $1 billion by 010 ndian pharmaceutical
O rand rotection market is % of world·s pharmaceutical market
O ontamination ontrol n the last two years, 3900 new generic
O rugerification products have been launched because of which
O Supply hainisibility its market value has been increased to about
O ecall anagement S $3 million
O Shrinkage eductions
O # ``
O Webbasedtraining
O lassroomtraining
O Workshops
& `` 
O Hospitality sector is growing at a very fast rate in ndia the sector is
growing at a rate of approximately 8% |his sector can be classified into
hotel industry, travel and tourism, restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars, contract
catering, and aviation
ther than that, opportunities also exist in
universities, sporting venues, exhibition centers and smaller events
management companies
|he major challenge of this sector is shortage of skilled employees along
with the challenge of attrition rate Skilled chefs and managers are in great
demand anagers require huge range of competencies such as, people
management, viable skills, business insights, analytic skills, succession
planning, and
O esourcedevelopmentinordertogetsuccessinthissectornadditionto
that,employeesarenotenoughtrainedonusinesstiquettes, ourtesy,
andusiness ommunicationHospitalityisallabouthandlingpeopleSoan
O Withtheincreaseincompetitionduetothecomingupofmajorplayerslikeour
Seasons,Shangri- a,man esorts,etctheneedtotrainemployeeshasincreasedmore
customersbytrainingtheiremployeeson ommunication,iningandusinessetiquettes,
O oodinfrastructure
O |rained `
O ëualityofcontent
O ertificationoftrainingcourse
O ffective|rainingevaluation
O ``
O ood roduction
O oodandeverageService
O ront
O Housekeeping
$ (    
O |he ndian | sector is growing at a very fast pace and
is expected to earn a revenue of S $87 billion by
008 n 006, it has earned revenue of about S $
40 billion with a growth rate of 30% | sector is
expected to generate 3 million jobs by 010,
according to SS
(ational ssociation of
Software and Service ompanies)

O With this rapid expansion of | sector and coming up of

major players and new technologies like S , the need
of human resource development has increased
O ccording to the recent review by Harvard usiness
eview, there is a direct link between training
investment of the companies and the market
capitalization |hose companies with higher training
investment had higher market capitalization t clearly
indicates that the companies which have successfully
implemented training programs have been able to
deliver customer goals with effective results t shows
that good training results in enhancement of individual
performance, which in turn, helps the organization in
achieving its business goals |raining is a tool that can
help in gaining competitive advantage in terms of
human resource
With the growing investment by | companies in the
development of their employees many companies have
now started their own learning centers s an example,
Sun has its own training department ccenture has
nternet based tool by the name of ´ y earningµ that
offers access to its vast learning resources to its
employees ompanies are investing in both the
technical training, which has always been an essential
part in | industry, as well as in managerial skills
development ompanies now kept aside 3-% of
revenue for training programs s an example, some of
the major players like |ata lexi and ccenture are
allocating 7% and 3% respectively of the company·s
overall revenue
is usiness rocess
t is an agreement between two
parties for specific business task
O |he 
industry is growing at an
annual growth rate of 14% and is
expected to cross $310 billion by
O Job seekers prefer 
·s over other
sectors because it is providing high
paying jobs to
O |odeliverdesiredservicesto
O |hevariousreasonsbehindtheincreasingtrainingneedinthe #`  are:
industryisexpectedtogenerate11millionjobsby008,and6millionjobsby01, which
O Highattritionrateinthissectorreasonbeingunsatisfiedemployee,monotonouswork, neglected
3 omingupofhighprofile
|raininghasbecomeamajortooltoretainemployees eopleworkingin
needs,although,thesectoristakingalotofinitiativesinconductingtrainingfornewjoinees ompaniesare
·shaveanelaboratetraininginfrastructurethatincludes  -ased
updation, ``