Event initiator 
Suggest event for approval by senior management of

the division or corporation.

Event partner 
Each participating organizations send its event

manager or a core team to become part of the event.

Event assessor 
When the event management is completely

outsourced, the organization has to assess the viability of the event and monitor its progress.

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A formal feasibility study is generally done for large events The major purpose- is to provide a choice of various models for the event and to present to cost and benefits of each The outcome is a decision-making document on which the pros and cons of the event can be assessed.

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Important section is- the comparison of the event models. The comparison must use the same aspects of the event. Visualizing the event is an important part of a feasibility study and any graphs, photo, videos and chart can help.


SWOT analysis 
Strengths  Weaknesses  Opportunities  Threats


Gap analysis 
Risk management tools that looks for gaps in the

feasibility study and event best practice  Carried out by using checklists or by comparing elements to previous events.


Cost-benefits analysis 
Event manager should prepare a rough cost-

benefit analysis on whether to conduct a feasibility study.  Depend on the size and uniqueness of the event ;FS may take a week or longer to complete.

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In marketing, an event proposal is far more than a document selling a service. It may be a one-page proposal, a detailed folder or a presentation. Most cases, event proposal is presented in person.


Checklist for event proposal: 
Cover page  Title page  Proprietary notice caution about unauthorized    

disclosure Table of content List of abbreviations Executive summary Body of proposal

Profile of event company Mission, background, credentials Specific-including previous similar events 

Project partners and their profiles  Event specific information Objective Scope of work Stakeholders Themes, designs and ideas Site/ venue assessment Budget Schedules Appendices


Few hints:  Clarity must be clearly written  Requirements must be in the point rating system with the requirement rate from 1-10  Alternative support-multimedia presentation such as video, CD-ROM, special web page or computer presentation will assist the acceptance of proposal  Cultural differences-should be sensitive to various cultures  Informal help-it is wise to have an informal communication channel with the decision making organization

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The event office has to decide whether to bid for the event. This may be an internal company bid. Competitive bidding increasingly being used to ensure that internal department are efficient in practices .


The factors involved in this decision includes:
1) Is this a real request, a requirement of the 2) 3) 4) 5)

organization or just a feeler? How much the energy and time will be spent on the bid? Can you deliver to win? What will you lose-other accounts? Who is likely the competition? What s in it for me?


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