Public Relations

July 20, 2001

What is Public Relations 

The planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics


Aims to create ³understanding of the company and its services and products.  .Corporate Image  The Corporate Image is the collective perception of all the public group.

PR v/s marketing The difference is in the ideology . policy and internal and external environment. . marketing is geared specifically towards profits. PR enhances the corporate image where as marketing enhances the brand image. Sales depend on reputation hence marketing need Public Relation support. While PR is involved at all levels of an organizations strategy.

PR as a Marketing Tool  Helps to create and enhance a corporate image and generate maximum publicity.  Protect and Enhance  Good news  Bad News .

Public Relations ±The gamut Press Relations  Investor Relations  Employee Relations  Client Relations   Let us focus on Press Relations and specifically on how to maximize media coverage and manage crisis. .

Media      Newspapers . Magazines TV channels Internet Wire Agencies Industry Experts .

Media In India        Over 28. .000 publications 18 official languages 9 major publishing centers 8 secondary publishing services 7 News Wires Television reaches 400 Million people Radio coverage to 120 million receivers.

5 million  The top 6 regional Dailies has circulation figures of over 5 million  .Print Media ± facts & figures The top 5 English newspapers and magazines in India have a circulation of over 5 million.  The top 4 business dailies and magazines have a circulation in excess of 1 million  The top 5 Hindi Dailies have a circulation figure of over 4.

facts and figures Over 24 prime time television channels in India  Over 8 regional channel   Doordarshan is the largest channel in India with a language specific channel in over 10 states Television reaches 400 million people and radio to 120 million receivers.  .Electronic Media.

unpaid v/s paid Degree of control over the message Message credibility Types of target audience Planning and results Inform to educate v/s persuade to sell Telephone v/s megaphone Forms of Evaluation .PR v/s Advertising         Use of media.

Advantages CREDIBILITY The intangibility of the financial services makes µTrust¶ the end of all means.  The opinion of a neutral third party is always more believable  .

The 4i framework Issues  Interests  Institutions  Information  .

Issues :Financial Institution Safety  Impact on customer  Impact on shareholder  media and reader interest  .

Interests: Financial Institution Analysts  Lenders  .

Institutions : Financial Institution SEBI  IRDA  RBI SEC  .

Information : Financial Institution Market Conditions  Comparative Information  Certification  Compliance  .

Tools Of PR       NEWS Release Feature Part of Industry Story Press Conference ± Regular & Select One ±on ±one interviews Exclusive Story .

News Release News release contains information to be conveyed to the press.   When do you just distribute a press note? Factual news /issue  Explanations not required  Low interest issue.  The Company is responsible and liable for all information disseminated through a press release  ICICI as an NYSE listed company is constrained from making forward looking statements. non-controversial .  .

News releases  Format of a News Releases : NO PUFF  Factual  Pyramid approach  .

Feature article A feature article is created by the journalist.  Based on his perception of the subject  Exclusive to the medium and not for broadcast  In depth analysis   When: The bigger picture  Can be initiated by either the media / company  .

Feature article  Format Out of the ordinary  Story angle that interests the journalist  Compile data for self and competitors /industry  .

 .Industry Story  Based on a News or an event which effects the industry. WHEN/ WHY:  An external event where diverse views are sought by a journalist  Because you are considered as a part of the industry .

Industry Story  Format Collated view of opinion leaders on an event that impacts the industry.  .  Representative who can comment on the topic to press .

Press Conference  A formal and structured interactive session between the media and the company When the news is important and calls for open interaction with the media. technical .  . controversial topic. Launch of new product / services.

Press Conference Checklist      Important Representatives based on city Fact Sheet on the company Flow of events at conference Plan for invitation card . A notice period of 4 to 5 days is imperative for organizing a conference. kit. . audio visual equipment.banner. brochures.

Exclusivity would generally command a bigger story and a better position in the publication. When we need a prominent and an in depth coverage of the issue.  . chosen on the basis of the target audience.EXCLUSIVES  When the news is broken only through one exclusive medium.

Exclusives Candor  Strong News value  .

One on Ones  Refers to interviews with the company spokesperson and select journalists. When  The story  .

CRISIS MANAGEMENT  A crisis is an event or an activity with the potential to negatively affect the reputation or credibility of an organization. .

Examples of crisis that can strike any business           Financial results below expectations Employee layoff/downsizing Corporate lawsuits Discrimination suits Damaging rumors Product defects Mistake in technology Loss of a major customer account Government probes or fines Natural calamities .

The cost both in terms of reputation and money /time of a mismanaged crisis is high. and do something about them.   Plan for a crisis. Identify your company¶s vulnerabilities. before it turns into a larger issue.  Consider ways to improve bond with your customer  Solve the problem .Plan for a crisis. .

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