Effective Resume


What Information Should Be In A Resume?

y Identify Yourself y Education y Continuing Education y Work or Professional

Experience y Activities y Computer Skills y Professional Associations

Optional Sections y Objective y Special Skills and Abilities y Reference Statement

Uses action words to define the responsibilities of your jobrelated experience. or at most 2 pages long. y Easy to read and understand. . y Visually powerful and free of gimmicks. y One page.Characteristics Of A Successful Resume y Focuses on skills.

y Formal Style . y Spelling has been checked.Characteristics Of A Successful Resume y Language is grammatically correct.

´ Don¶t use ³I´ or ³me´     .´ Accomplishments: Completed 11 years of high school.Resume Faux Pax y Typos and Grammar Slips  ³Great attention to detail.´ ³Am a perfectionist and rarely if ever forget etails.´ ³Proven ability to track down and correct erors.

Characteristics Of A Successful Resume y Must always be 100% truthful. . y Contains no inappropriate personal information. y Produced on a computer. y Data presented in chronological order .

y Layout makes reading easy. and professional looking. . y Margins at sides and bottom. y Neat. y Length should be 1-2 pages. Use of white space is effective.Basic Checklist y No spelling or grammar errors. clean.

y Information is logically recorded.Basic Checklist y Important titles should be emphasized. . Experiment with fonts & styles. italic. No more than 2 or 3 different sizes. bold. y Use Action Verbs for accomplishments & results. and underlines.

Format ± chronological Use labels or keywords.Basic Checklist y Bullet points when possible for y y y y y y accomplishments. Keep the design simple. Minimize use of abbreviations . Less is more. Quantify your results whenever you can.

i.First Impressions Count A One Page Resume Is Preferred By Most Employers An employer will evaluate you as a person when scanning your resume.: a) neat resume = neat person b) well-organized resume = well-organized person wellwellc) error free resume = careful person d) professional appearance = careful & competent person .e.

Contact Information At the top of the page. list your name and the college address and telephone numbers. Note: Use Professional Email Address .

9428473621 email id:rachnamishra@gmail.P.Rachna Mishra Shanti Business School. Opp. off.S.Shela.Ahmedabad-380015 Mobile No.Ring Road.com .Vraj Gardens.

. Long range goals of regional sales management. Technical sales with an energy related industry in the Southwest. management. Examples: To obtain a position as field service representative with national software corporation. Management trainee position with a specialty retailer. Willing to relocate and work long hours.Objective Statement The purpose of the career objective is to communicate clearly the type of position in which you are interested.

.9428473621 email id:rachnamishra@gmail.S.Ring Road.Shela. off. Opp.Vraj Gardens.P.Ahmedabad-380015 Mobile No.com Objective To obtain an entry level position in Human Resources.Rachna Mishra Shanti Business School.

if applicable . city and state (if the state is not part of the institution's title) Major and Minor.Education Degrees should be listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent listed first. Degree Granted or Seeking Date of Graduation or Anticipated College or University.

2005 ICSE City Montessori School. Lucknow 72% 10th Std.Vraj Gardens.P.41/10(Anticipated completion date) B.Rachna Mishra Shanti Business School.S. Opp. 2003 ICSE City Montessori School.Ring Road.com Objective To obtain an entry level position in Human Resources.9428473621 email id:rachnamishra@gmail. Qualification Year Board / University Institute GPA / % age PGDM-HR 2010 Shanti Business School (AICTE Approved) SBS Ahmedabad 6. Lucknow 80% . off.Ahmedabad-380015 Mobile No.Shela.Com 2008 Gujarat University Gujarat University 72% 12th Std.

awards and scholarships are important items and should be rank ordered by importance to the career objective.Honors and Awards Honors. .

41/10(Anticipated completion date) B. Lucknow 72% 10th Std. 2003 ICSE City Montessori School. off.Ahmedabad-380015 Mobile No.Shela.P.Vraj Gardens.com Objective To obtain an entry level position in Human Resources. 2005 ICSE City Montessori School. Qualification Year Board / University Institute GPA / % age PGDM 2010 Shanti Business School (AICTE Approved) SBS Ahmedabad 6. Opp.S.Ring Road.Com 2008 Gujarat University Gujarat University 72% 12th Std.9428473621 email id:rachnamishra@gmail. Lucknow 80% Honors and Awards University rank .Rachna Mishra Shanti Business School.

volunteer selfwork.Experience Use the term "experience" instead of "work history" or "employment. field. self-employment. Note: Describe your functional skills in short. and cooperative education experiences. and practicum. ." so that you can include full and part-time partjobs. snappy phrases starting with descriptive action verbs.

Intramurals Student Professional Organizations Volunteer Student Newspaper . Spell out the name of the organization: do not use abbreviations or acronyms. leadership positions and other activities by importance to the career objective.".. There is no need to say "Member of. Emphasize your leadership roles..Professional Affiliations & Activities Rank order professional associations.

training. etc. Other relevant data such as "Traveled throughout Europe" can also be listed. certification or licenses such as foreign language ability. .CPR. ability to sign for the deaf.Additional Information Include any specialized skills. pilot's license. chauffeur license.

Additional Categories Relevant Course Work Senior Project Relevant Skills and Abilities Interests Computer Skills Volunteer Experience Internship Experience Personal Attributes and Hobbies License and Certifications .

. Do not use the pronoun ³I´ or third person pronoun ‡ ‡ Do not include references. height. age.g. weight. sex.Resume Don'ts ‡ Do not include personal information. photograph etc. except in unusual situations Do not clutter your resume with nonessential information ‡ ‡ Do not make any misrepresentations . e. marital status.

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