Ogg and Zink rightly observe,
y the higher managerial and policy-making level of the

administrative system, y whereas the civil servants are the persons who translate law into action in every corner of the land, bring the national government into its closet day-to-day contact with the people in their homes and communities´

CIVIL SERVICE y Two distinct meanings: 1. body of employees in any government agency . branch of governmental service 2.

Organization The Administrative Class The Executive Class The Clerical Class The Writing Assistant Class The Typist & Shorthand Typist Class .

1968 Civil Service Department was established  on the recommendation of the Fulton Committee Report.Central Personnel Agency(CPA) y Till 31st Oct.  British Treasury was the CPA. y BRITISH CIVIL SERVICE:   now managed by the Treasury & the office of the Minister for the Civil service.1968 y 1ST Nov. which works under the control of the Prime Minister of Britain .

Recruitment & Training y Recruitment is done on merit y Competitive examinations organised by an independent statutory civil service commission y Training :  Generalist.general guidance and advice to departments . economic & social areas  Specialist administration & management  Executive & clerical staff.financial.

Pay & Service Conditions y Since 1971 y y y y y y Pay on basis of Priestly Formula fixed & controlled by the British Treasury and Personnel Department. Allowances Prevailing Price Index Right to association Striking a disciplinary offence Total ban on political rights and activities Retirement age : 60-65 yrs .

FEATURES F BRITISH CIVIL SERVICE : y Hierarchically organised y Specialist classes y Non-political and professional class y High degree of   professional expertness & impartiality y Determination of policy y Coordination of work .

Features y Accountable to ministers y Generalists y Selection y Grades y Autonomous civil service commission .

FUNCTIONS OF T E RITIS CI IL SERVICE: y Aid & Advice the Ministers y Implement the Policies y Carry out day-to-day administrative work y Help in preparing drafts.bills. y Prepare systematic record y Collect vital socio-economic data ..policies etc..

Functions y To carry in practice y The welfare y Social security & y Developmental plans of the govt y Key role in the process of y Delegated legislation & y Administrative adjudication .

Functions y To provide y Expert y Professional & y Technical advice to ministers y To present objective. impartial and expert opinion modern welfare state .

ROLE OF CIVIL SERVICE IN ENGLAND Administrative role Legislative role Judicial role Financial role .

Admi istrativ r l y Civil servants plays an important role in the y y y y administration of the state Policies were given outline by the civil servants They frame the best administrative policies Supply the data & facts to the ministers They impacts in legislative decisions made by ministers .

Administrative role y Execute the decision y Shape the day-to-day working y Helps the British Prime Minister  The BBC Serial Yes . Prime Minister very correctly highlighted this role .

Legislative role y Bills framed & given shape by the civil servants y Suggest the political minister y Rules & Regulations are issued by them y Delegated legislation .

Judicial role y Establish administrative tribunals y To decide the disputes y These courts.different from regular courts .manned by the experienced administrators y Procedure.

Judicial role y Power of administrative legislation & administrative justice made them y Powerful y Arbitrary y Free from restraint .

Financial role y Prepares the annual financial statement y Helps in running the departments y Helps in disposing the day-to-day work y Formulate answers to the questions y Give comments & solutions y Helps in tackling various problems .


' y Sir Gus O'Donnell Head of the Home Civil Service . while consistently applying our core values of honesty. integrity and impartiality.conclusion y The Civil Service y 'We aim to provide high-quality advice and support to the Government and help deliver world-class public services. objectivity.

References y Public admnisration by lakshmikanthan y World constitution y modern y http://www.civilservice.uk/ .gov.

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