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Data is growing at phenomenal rate We are drowning in data, starving for knowledge! Users expect more sophisticated information How?


Tool to extract (non-trivial, implicit, previously unknown and potentially useful) information or patterns from data in large databases. A hot buzzword for a class of techniques that find patterns in data. Similar terms 
Exploratory Data Analysis 
Data driven discovery  Deductive learning

Neural Network is an abstract computer model of human brain Useful for datamining People are good at generalizing from experience Computers excel at following explicit instructions over and over Neural Network bridge this gap by modeling, on a computer the neural behavior of human brains

A Neural Network generally maps a set of inputs to a set of outputs Number of inputs and outputs is variable The network itself composed of arbitrary number of nodes with arbitrary topology

i/p 0

i/p 1

i/p n

Neural Network

o/p 0

o/p 1

o/p n

1). FEED FORWARD NETWORKS: - Regards the perception BP model as representatives. - Mainly used in areas such as prediction and pattern recognition. 2).FEEDBACK NETWORKS: - Regards Hopfield model as representatives. - Mainly used for associative memory and optimization calculation.

3).SELF ORGANIZATION NETWORK: - Regards adaptive Resonance Theory model and Kohonen model. - Used for cluster analysis. 4). RANDOM NEURAL NETWORK: - Developed recently. - Regards biological neural mathematical model. - Used in image processing and the combinational optimization

First layer is input layer Second compute affiliation relation of the input data Third is data preprocessing layer Fourth is rules option Fifth is compute the result and output it

Evaluating: Whether the datamining implement algorithm can adapt complex circumstances Whether the model is easy to understand by special user Whether the model has good interactive characteristic

At present, data mining is a new and important area of research, and neural network itself is very suitable for solving the problems of data mining because its characteristics of good robustness, self-organizing adaptive, parallel processing, distributed storage and high degree of fault tolerance. The combination of data mining method and neural network model can greatly improve the efficiency of data mining methods, and it has been widely used. It also will receive more and more attention. H Lu, R Setiono, H Liu. Effective Data Mining Using

Neural Network. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering Xiuai Zhang, The Research on Data Transform Baseon Data Minning. Science & Technology Information[J].

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