IT strategy 1

Today¶s Business Environment ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Increased globalization Increased competitive pressure Frequent mergers Rapidly changing technology Evolving patterns of consumer demand .

IT Strategy ‡ Set of decisions made by IT and senior management ‡ Deployment of technology infrastructures ‡ Relationship of technology choices to business choices .

IT Roles in Strategy ‡ Transformation driver ± Create and exploit new markets ± Link customers to firm ± Define new standards of excellence ‡ Enabler of transformation ± Interconnect people and processes ± Span organization boundaries ± Bridge geographical distances .

Opportunities ‡ Can IT change basis for competition? ‡ Can IT change balance of power among buyers and supplyers? ‡ Can IT build or reduce barriers to entry? ‡ Can IT increase or decrease switching costs? ‡ Can IT add value to existing products and services or create new ones? .

Relationship of Strategies to Plans ‡ Strategy is a collection of statements that expresses or proposes a means through which an organization can fulfill its mission ± Identifies the goal or objective ‡ Plan is a detailed description of how an organization can accomplish its mission ± Lays out in detail the steps necessary for the organization to accomplish the goal .

Elements of a Strategy Statement .

Strategy Outline 1. 2. 4. Nature of the business Environment Goals and objectives Strategy ingredients . 3.

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