Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund

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The Purpose of the Sunlife Mutual Fund:  traditional investors  financial protection to the investors  investment in the high quality securities of debt  This fund matures in line  seeks to get capital appreciation through investing .

 The remaining 10% of the capital is invested in the equity market and generally comprises of high end stocks.  This is indeed a great opportunity for the investors to invest only a small portion of their portfolio in the capital or the equity market. .Intention of the Fund:  The main intention of debt scheme is to invest about 90% of the total capital on the debt side by means of high quality instruments of debt.

Products        Birla Sun Life Mid Cap Fund Birla Sun Life Equity Fund Birla Sun Life Freedom Fund Birla Sun Life Dividend Yield Plus Birla Sun Life Index Fund Birla Sun Life International Equity Fund Birla Sun Life Infrastructure Fund .

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