India¶s own home-grown biotech company Group-02

‡ Expertise to develop innovative technologies and product. ‡ India¶s leading Bio Technology Company. ‡ Two subsidiaries: ‡ Exemplary performance in profits and everincreasing value of its scrips .Biocon: Overview ‡ Established in 1978.

Services: ±± Custom research Clinical research. ±± Enzymes Food additives ± Food additives ‡ Services: ‡ ± Custom research.Products and services Products and services ‡‡ Products: Products: ± Bio pharmaceuticals ± Bio pharmaceuticals ± Enzymes. ± Clinical research .

Clinical trials and drug testing in India ‡ India emerges as a preferred destination for outsourcing clinical trials ‡ Testing of new drugs on humans-heading towards providing the greatest source of human guinea pigs for the global drug industry ‡ Human beings from developing countries are being used as guinea pigs and are paid a pittance for the huge losses in health and life suffered by them .

Indian advantage ‡ Cost savings ‡ Governments are not careful to ensure that clinical tests don¶t lead to human suffering and death ‡ Medical infrastructure ‡ Huge patient pool and skilled workers ‡ Indian volunteers are treatment naïve ‡ Liberal guidelines (not like western countries) ‡ No law to safeguard the interest of volunteers .

first plant at Bangalore still running without effluent treatment plant. ± Biocon tested genetically modified form of insulin without the proper approval from DCGI or GEAC ‡ Environmental infractions ± Not environmentally responsible. .Unethical practices of Biocon ‡ Illegal clinical traits by Biocon ± Shantha biotech failed to obtain proper consent from patients.

china.‡ Biocon enhances trade operations in Bangladesh ± Pollution norms are not strictly followed. ± Clinical trials easily conducted without any objection ‡ Procedural lapses at Biocon ± Skipped some critical procedural steps and doesn¶t intimate the changes in SOP¶s. . ± Imported intermediate drug without license from Auspure Biotech limited.

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