2010 Marketing Plan
Clyde Goins, Megan Bell, Jacob Baker, and Johnny Page


Samsung Electronics· Vision Statement
Inspire the world,Createthe future.


Situation Analysis

Current Strategy

after first three quarters!

‡Aggressive Launch Strategy ‡Aggressive Advertising Strategy ‡Aggressive Development of 3D content ‡Increase Consumer Communications ‡Deliver the highest quality product and lead
the 3D market in every product segment.


Situation Analysis

Television Market Share Ranking 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

1st 1st 1st 1st 1st
3D TV Market Share - 2010 1Q 2Q 3Q
4Q (PROJ.)

96% 91% 88% 66%


Situation Analysis

Our Target Defined:
‡´Cube Tubersµ who represent 8-10% of the total population. ‡ Young, married, educated white males ‡Early 20s to late 30s ‡Family evolved households, with children ages 0-17. ‡Couples potentially looking to have children ‡Located in or around well developed cities.



SWOT Analysis

‡ Strengths ‡ -Brand Prestige
‡ ‡ ‡
-High Quality & Innovative Products -Availability of Resources -Constant Focus on R&D


SWOT Analysis

‡ Weaknesses ‡ -3D Gaming Content ‡ -High Quality, High Prices


SWOT Analysis

‡ Opportunities ‡ -Alliances that enhance product

‡ -Partnership to enhance 3D


SWOT Analysis

‡ Threats ‡ -3D Gaming content - Sony ‡ -Slow rate of diffusion


Growing Market 
Predicted To

Sell 6.2 Million 3D TV·s in 2010. 


2014, Over 83 Million Units Are Expected To Be Sold. 

3D TV·s

Represent 3% Of Entire TV Market.


Samsung 9000 Series 

Released in March, 2010.  Won ´Most Brilliant Innovationµ Award 


Slim Design

0.31µ Screen (Width of a Pencil) Accessory Package Cinema Quality 3D SMART TV with Web Connected Samsung Apps 

Touch Screen Remote Control 

Stream Live Television


Competitive Analysis
Sony Corporation 

LG Electronics Inc. 


Second Largest Producer 

Targeted 25% of the Global 3D TV Market 


5 Market Share

Approximately 950,000 based on the forecasted 3.8 million 15% Market Share Target for LCD TV·s  


Bravia  Similar Features  $2, 999

= 25 Million Units 

55µ Infinia  $3,970 3D Ready Vs. 3D Enabled 


Competitive Analysis


Company Sales 

DLP Technology  Adopted  Poor

Top 3 in Market Shares  Strives to be #1 in Green Innovation Company in 2018 Price War With Samsung ´No one can keep up...µ 55µ Vierra  $3,970



Customer Service 


vs. LED Backlight


Share  Cost


Efficient Production Methods Array TruLED LCD 3d HDTV  $2,499 

55µ Full

² ´Become the industry leader in consumer electronics by consistently delivering the latest technologies at the most affordable price.µ  This Vision Took Vizio To The #1 Market Share in 2009.


Four P·s of Marketing
Product  Most diverse Product Mix in the 3D Market  Samsung·s Cash Cow Product 


Various Advertising Campaigns 

$12 Billion Campaign Launched in United States  

66% of the 3D TV Market exists in the United States Celebrity Promotions

Price Range  $1,200 - $7,000  9000 Series  $5,999 


Mostly Online Wholesale Stores & Super Centers


Marketing Mix
Features  55µ or 46µ LED backlight display 

Advantages and Benefits 

Brand Prestige Cutting Edge Technology Remote Thinnest TV Ever Produced 3D Packages

0.31µ thin  

Most technologically advanced television remote 


Market Research
Video game sales totaled 41.9 billion in 2009 and is expected to grow 10.3% to 68.3 billion in 2012 

. Game console sales are expected to reach 34.7 billion dollars in sales by 2012 with a 6.9% annual growth rate By the end of 2010, 4 million 3D TV·s will have been sold worldwide, With 10 million expected to be sold in 2011, and eventually 50 million units in 2015. 

3D TV sales are beginning to surpass HDTV sales at the same point in HDTV·s life


Enter in to the 3D video gaming market with a partnership with Microsoft 

Launch a gaming platform by year 2020 

Launch a comprehensive ad campaign that focuses on SE·s competitiveadvantage in 3D technology 

Increase TV sales by 5% in a 6-month period following the launch of the campaign. 

Maintain market dominance throughout the ´Glassesµ era and prepare themarket for a ´glasslessµ 3D TV. 

Maintain 88% market share until the release of our glasses-free product in 2014.


Strategies and Tactics 

Enter in to the 3D video gaming market through a partnership with Microsoft  Past Partnerships  Combining Competitive advantages  Microsoft 41% of Gaming consoles produced  Target market


Strategies and Tactics 

Launch a comprehensive ad campaign that focuses on SE·s competitiveadvantage in 3D technology. 

Television Ads 

Super Bowl 

Inform viewers of competitive advantage 

Print Ads 

GameInformer, ESPN, ETC.


Strategies and Tactics 

Maintain market dominance throughout the ´Glassesµ era and prepare themarket for a ´glasses-freeµ 3D TV. 

Continue to grow market Build brand image Because the high price of the glasses-free TV 

Building brand image will help build a solid platform


Financial Impact of the Marketing Plan
Enter Gaming Market 


We expect sales to increase from 13.6 billion to 26.4 billion in 2014 for Samsung Electronics

Ad campaign that focuses on Samsung·s advantages by having a 500 million dollar advertising budget to advertise for a 6 month period. 

Enter the gaming market With Microsoft by focusing our 7 billion dollar R&D budget from 2010, to produce a virtual reality gaming platform 

Prepare market for ´ glasses freeµ 3D TV era


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