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Mass Homelessness, Criminalization, and

What We Can Do About It

Denver Homeless Out Loud and Western Regional Advocacy Project

-Why do we have mass homelessness?
-Are shelters and services the solution to homelessness?
-What happens when you are homeless?
-Should we respond with police and jails?
-What can we do?
Mass Homelessness is a Systemic Problem

It was NOT caused by individual homeless

Market Rate Housing Rises Out of Reach

-The average rent for an apartment in Denver as of July

2017 was $1,419.74 a month.

-A full-time minimum wage earning Colorado worker makes $1,316.80 per

month before taxes. Worker would need to work at least 127.21 hours per
week, four weeks a month in order to afford an average-rate apartment within
ten miles of Denver, Colorado.
Continued Depletion of Federal Funds and Increasing Rent
Burden in Denver
Bandaids Instead of Healing - Treatment Instead of Homes

While people experiencing homelessness (like any other population) often do

struggle with a variety of personal challenges, which may make getting off the
streets more difficult, homelessness was not caused by these individual
problems nor will it be ended by focusing on these. We must address the
systemic causes of mass homelessness.
What is it like to be Homeless?

No Right To Rest Report by Denver Homeless Out Loud: 441 Respondents

Move Along to Where?
What We Can Do RIGHT NOW!
We are working on...
As DHOL we are working on solutions to these root causes of homelessness and the harm to people’s lives while
homeless right now and we could use your help! Here are just some ways you can help:

Advocate to legislators and to your community

Research assistance
Donate funds
Advocate for public bathrooms
Support real attainable housing for homeless and very low income people
Call for an end to the Survival Ban (aka the Camping Ban)
Advocating for the statewide Right to Rest Act
Share land for tiny home villages and homes for all
Much more…!