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m Introduction
m History of Internet
m How the Internet Works
m Development of Internet
m Internet in Malaysia
g Internet was first used by the Military and Academic
over than 40 years. In early 60ǯs.
g Widely used and known as World Wide Web.
g Web browser as the Ǯnext generation interfaceǯ started
in 1994.
g Speech-based recognition system in 1997.
g Become a mass media
g It is a big network made up of little network.
g Internet is the largest group of computers ever linked
g Network of Networks.
 a a 

icture of
g 1969: The U.s Military wires six university
g 1970s: Smaller colleges link their computers to the
backbone sites.
g 1980s: Corporate research departments link to public
network facilities.
g 1980: rivate commercial networks and global links
bring the net everywhere.
1969: The U.S. Military wires six
university supercomputers.
g Advanced Research rojects administration Network
or ARANET was developed by US government in early
g It is a computer network that can exchange
information between sites all over USA.
g The early network exchange messages between
computer via cabling, but not the telephone cable.
g National Science Foundation developed NSFNET for
academic and scientific communities.
g This allowed universities throughout the world to
exchange information on research and school topics.
g In late 1980s the Internet was born.
g The Graphical User Interface Ȃ Macintosh and
Windows system allow the creation of WWW.
Pow the Internet Works?

g The computer exchange information using a common set

of rules and protocol.
g The rules are called Ǯ Transmission Control rotocol
TC I.
g This the rules that allow us to surf the Net.
a  a 
m These protocols all communicate using common
protocols (rules): TC I
m This allow computers to talk to each other.
IP Address

g Every computer on the Internet has its own unique

numerical address.
g I Address: ?  

g I Address react as a name towards all the network devices.
g Tim Berners-Lee Ȃ invented www
g In October 1990 Berners-Lee started working on a
hypertext graphical user interface (GUI) browser and
editor. In 1991 the first WWW files were made
available on the internet for download using File
Transfer rotocol (FT).
g By 1993 the world was starting to wake up to the World
Wide Web. In October that year there were around 200
known HTT servers. Within a year there would be
g May 1994 saw the first international WWW
Conference Ȃ at CERN in Geneva. The event was
heavily oversubscribed, with 800 applying to attend
and only 400 allowed in.
g E-Mail
- One-to-One
- One-to-Many (e.g. discussion forums)
g Telnet Ȃ remote login (e.g. library catalogue
g FT: File Transfer (e.g. software packages)
g Web (HTT): Hypertext linking navigation)
g IRC: Internet Relay Chat
g Internet telephony, mobile access, etc.

g Begin in 1990 where Joint Advanced Integrated Networking

(JARING) was launched by MIMOS as the 1st IS in
g MIMOS being lead by 5 computer expert who are
Dr Mohd Azzman (UM), Dr Awang Lah (UM), Dr
Muhammad Ghazie Ismail (USM), Dr Mohd Arif Nun
(UTM), Dr Mohd Zawawi Ismail (UTM).
g They handle the JARING project under The Sixth Malaysia
lan. (RMK-6)
g In 1992 first leased line link between Malaysia and USA.
g Wireless started in 2005-2007.
g Getting more popular during ex-DM court case.

2000 3,700,000
2005 10,040,000
2006 11,016,000
2009 16,902,000


g MSC Malaysia was conceptualized in 1996 and with the
full support of the Malaysian government, MSC
Malaysia has since grown into a thriving and dynamic
global ICT hub.
g MSC Malaysiaǯs vision is to transform the nation into a
knowledge based society driven by the new economy.
With this commitment, MSC Malaysia is determined
to spearhead this transformation through ICT via
industry and capacity building and socio economic
g South of KL to KLIA.
g 15KMs long and 50KMs
g etronas Twin Towers to
utrajaya and Cyberjaya.
g Under supervision of MDeC
(Multimedia Development Corporation)
MSC Flagships
1. Electronic Government
2. Smart Card
3. Smart School
4. Tele-health Telemedicine
5. Borderless Marketing Centre e-business
6. World Wide Manufacturing Web.
7. R&D Cluster


ÿ ! 
Digital Signature Act 1997 rovides for the creation of certification
authorities to issue signatures. Makes
digital signatures legally binding.
Computer Crime Act 1997 Makes misuse of computers a criminal
Telemedicine Act 1997 Allows registered doctors to practice
The Copyright (Amendment) Act 1997 Extends the existing 1987 Copyright Act
to include multimedia (e,g. Making it
illegal to transmit copyrighted works
over the internet)
The Communication and Multimedia Unites and defines regulation for
Act 1998 different communication industries
(telecommunications, broadcasting and