There are News media helicopters hovering around Tom s hometown.

This then shows a female News reporter who is aired on live coverage stating Tom as been missing for several weeks. Then it goes back to Rebecca and Tom where tom still tries to escape, but Rebecca wouldn t let him. Rebecca then switches on the TV to let him know what s going on, and how people are looking for him, then it shows he s wife Tanya appealing for him. After this the police finds other information where Both Tom and Tanya had been receiving pictures of a young girl, before he was reported missing, and at the back of the picture it says I would Kill 4 U . Tom then finds out it is Rebecca who has been sending the anonymous pictures. At Tom s house, where Tanya is getting ready for bed, she starts to miss tom, and reminisce, on his pictures whilst holding it tightly as she falls to sleep. Next scene is the Police station, where Investigator is talking to a Detective about Tom s case, trying to find witnesses who saw him on the day he went missing. Then the police asks Tom s friend investigative questions (He was the man who Barged into Rebecca at the opening scene) they asked him When last did you see Tom, he replies it was at the start of work I came to his office and we was catching up, he seemed really happy. What were you talking about? Tom friend replies the usual football talks and about his wife, he said they were arguing all weekend . Did he tell you what they were arguing about? Then he replies "No, Tom says it is this hormonal thing in women.

Back to Rebecca and Tom, Rebecca tries to shows she cares by offering Tom food, whilst trying to force it down his throat, then he refuses, she then pours the food on him, Tom starts to grunt and call for help, pleading she should let him go. As Rebecca is backing him, her facial expressions shows signs of empathy to an extent, but then she turns back to him saying I should let you go ? , No your sick! Then tom yells what did I do? Suddenly there was a knock at the door. The postman was at the door and he felt that something suspicious could be going on. At Tom s house The Detectives and a Young girl named Cheng came to see Tanya. The detective starts to discuss with Tanya, and then Cheng tells Tanya her life story. When I was around 11 I was raped by a stranger, some one I never knew took my dignity away from me, all I could remember was I found myself lying on the doorstep of my mother s house. I don t know how I got there but my mother was so traumatised by this, she couldn t handle what happened to me she became depressed suicidal and now in the psychiatric hospital. Then I was looking at my own childhood picture on the News, I m just so confused (She cries). Then the detectives tells Tanya, that the man who done this could be her husband Tom.

Rebecca and Tom scene, Rebecca gets ready to kill Tom, then she find out that he has escaped, she then starts to gets angry. Tom appears, and then Rebecca pulls out a gun, then tom gets scared, and Rebecca tell her the story about Cheng. (Rebecca starts to cries) If you knew what you did, take a look at this young innocent girl. (Shows Tom Cheng s picture) She did nothing to you. (Goes to flash back)... I was driving , then I saw you ran out of the woods with the biggest grin on your face, then as I drove further I saw this small girl lying there on the floor, her clothes were torn she was cold in tears, You did that to her, then I put her in my car and followed you, I found out where you lived your girlfriend, I knew about everything she wasn t the last was she ?(whilst she still holding the gun) Tom keeps quiet Well was she? No Tom replied. Tom then tries to apologise. Whilst Tom friends, comes through the door, trying to convince Rebecca not to shoot, as the gun fell across the room , Tom s friend and Rebecca ends up struggling for the gun eventually killing Rebecca. She slowly falls to the ground I m sorry she says then closes her eyes. Tanya, Tom, Tom s friend, Chena and the police are left in a shock.

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