The study of what is good and right to the people. rules Behavioural conduct & divine.BUSINESS ETHICS :According to oxford dictionary:.the basic question ethics ask how man should act. especially when action have direct & indirect effect act on other s. .Business ethics consist of system of moral principal.

Moral Habit are standard of behaviours.: Do not tell lie Moral : It is derived from Latin word Moral Rules : 1. Don t kill Don t cheat Obey the law Do your duty Keep your promises .moralise which means character. 2. 5. This word used many times in place of ethics by mistake but these two are different. Moral are duties or rules that governs behaviours of person. Ex. Hitler say : Moral are principle of right wrong it comes by teaching and experience . 3. 4.

Behaviour : Behaviour is external that is the response one makes with interrelation with other it reflect the character of the individual. .


History: The concept of B. .E. Started following their own ethical standard.E. Ethical problem is old as mankind. has popular. The commercial org. Ethics started evolving in sixty s. Science that B. social awareness movement gave birth to B.

3. Ex.: The father of nation had been a person with a high standard of character and high behavioural instinct / response. each person may obtain his own choice based on his choice of ethical principal. Integrity 7. Sincerity 4. Cooperation No behaviours is inherently right or wrong . Context are people with certain quality of as follows: 1.: Buddha & Gandhiji believe in Ahimsa . Transparency and setting standard. Belief are the feeling of trust. Mahatma Gandhi . Generosity 5. 2. Honesty in all action. Truthfulness 6. Gandhi in nation context or ind in org. Confidence of what is real and what is true. We may say.

Ethics in Management: Ethical issue occurs in all decision making process in management. We do long range & short range planning every organization needs profit. . Ethical issue also come from the vision of the organisation. cost. Ethics decision may be in form of reward and penalties. Example : Sales officer who gives small bribe to purchasing officer for getting more order. quality. efficiency ethics is require.

Today we think profit is must for any business.Ethics in business : In early 50 s public view in India was that the profit and ethics do not go together. . Infect not making profit is unethical today. They are mutually opposite think People is a dirty word at that time but now existence of consummation. World wide winding of market & growth makes changes these thing king.

Expectation of public 3.Importance of ethics in business : 1. Cost 6. . Part of society 2. Image 5. Trust of employee 4. Overall benefit.

When we tell this words behaviour towards other fair & unfair action & decision taken against some one. What is proper are our moral standard. Definition : . Describe what are 3 terms normally used to express the social behaviour of people. Behaviour: Behaviour is external that is the response one makes with interrelation with other it reflect the character of the individual.Development : Righteous (Dharma) and social concern have changed from time to time but ethical value changes from situation to situation new exit as per the place. Speak: this term also depend upon situation and vary from time to time. time.

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