It is manufactured at Suzuki Motor Corporation¶s Sagara plant in Japan and will be imported into India as a Completely Built-up Unit (CBU). j Kizashi offers an excellent packaging of feature rich luxury. 3 . µKizashi¶. the country¶s largest car manufacturer unveiled it¶s much awaited luxurious and sporty sedan.j New Delhi. style and sporty performance. the Kizashi was introduced in the US. Kizashi is the company¶s first offering in the upper end of the Indian car market. 2nd February 2011: Maruti Suzuki India Limited. After its launch in Japan in late 2009.

³The Kizashi is a major step forward for Maruti Suzuki. 4 . Managing Director and CEO. Maruti Suzuki India said.j Kizashi will be available in India in two variants: Manual Transmission (MT) and Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT). With the launch of this luxurious sporty sedan. Shinzo Nakanishi. Maruti Suzuki is able to offer an international car to top-end customers in India. j At the launch.

KIZASHI. 5 . compact and sleek exteriors coupled with exclusive interiors makes Kizashi stand tall among competing brands. j With the array of top-end features Kizashi compares well with the premium luxury sedans in higher segments. j The agility and performance is well complemented with a sporty look and profile of the Kizashi. j The imposing front grille. j Kizashi delivers a sporty performance thanks to its powerful engine.

000rpm) while offering excellent fuel efficiency of 12.FEATURES. 6 . j The Kizashi will be available in µSnow White Pearl¶. j The Kizashi is powered by the celebrated 2.45 Kmpl (6-speed MT).500rpm and a maximum torque: 230Nm @ 4. µSuper Black Pearl¶ and µPremium Silver Metallic¶ colors.4 litre DOHC J±Series engine that ensures potent performance (maximum output: 178 PS @ 6.53 Kmpl (CVT) and 12.

j The Kizashi will give customers a choice of Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT). USA. which further promotes fuel economy along with a superior driving experience. 7 . like cold-weather trials in Minnesota and hotweather trials in Death Valley. j Kizashi has been tested in some of the most extreme conditions. j The 6-speed Manual Transmission (MT) is tuned for the true driving enthusiast to give a taste of Suzuki Motor Corporation¶s high technological competence.CONTD.

argue that testing conditions favored Kizashi. 8 . But then it rolls over the muchvaunted Audi A4.CONTD. Mercedes Benz C300 and Volvo S40. has loaded Kizashi with some serious kit to shed its small-carmaker image. j Suzuki. which is best-known for its small cars. j Kizashi first races with the odd competitors and wins the race. You can. of course. which is no surprise.

smoothness and quietness befitting a vehicle in this class and superior engine performance and fuel efficiency.000/. a true sign of a great thing to come ! j Kizashi can be booked with an initial deposit of Rs 50. j Kizashi is. Deliveries for Kizashi will begin in March 2011.j Kizashi has been developed with special emphasis on combination of sportiness and elegance in its design. indeed.at any Maruti Suzuki Dealers immediately. 9 .

j Model City Ex Showroom (Rs) j Kizashi 6-speed Manual transmission (MT) New Delhi 16.5 Lakh j Kizashi Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) New Delhi 17.5 Lakh 10 .INTRODUCTORY PRICES.

however it's previous tip cars like Maruti SX4 and Swift Dzire fell in segment C. Honda Accord etc. Volkswagen Jetta. 11 .COMPETITION j The new wonder car Maruti Kizashi is going to give the flat competition for the selling saloon segment luxurious cars including Chevrolet Cruze. Maruti Kizashi is the first D segment car of the company. j .

sedans SX4 and Swift Dzire. Estilo. in August 2010 Maruti Suzuki introduced factory fitted CNG option on 5 models across vehicle segments. Wagon R and Sx4. Swift. Ritz and Estilo. people movers. It offers 14 brands and over 150 variants Maruti 800. Off-roader Gypsy. j In an Environment friendly initiative. These include Eeco. Omni and Eeco. A-star. WagonR. SUV Grand Vitara. Alto-K10. Alto. 12 . International brands Alto.BRANDS OF MARUTI SUZUKI j The company offers a wide range of cars across different segments.

47. With this.575 units of exports. j Maruti Suzuki has employee strength over 7. Maruti Suzuki had a market share of 53.18.600 (as at end March 2010).FACTS TO KNOW j In fiscal 2009-10 Maruti Suzuki became the only Indian company to manufacture and sell One Million cars in a year. the company sold a record 10.365 vehicles including 1.3 per cent of the Indian passenger car market. at the end of March 2010. j In 2009-10. 13 .

488 cars during the April-July period. 14 .68 per cent share in the overall 5. despite the firm posting its best-ever monthly domestic sales in July.MARKET SHARE j The market share of the country's largest car-maker.92. continues to hover below the 50 per cent mark. Maruti Suzuki India. the market leader sold 2. j According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).82.405 units market. representing a 47.

with sales of 2. 15 . j This is the first fiscal in which Maruti Suzuki India's (MSI) market share fell below 50 per cent. The company's loss is mainly due to Tata Motors.Nano. j In the comparable year-ago period.40. Ford India and General Motors India catching up following a good response to their respective small cars -.069 units car market.CONTD.33.811 units. Figo and Beat. MSI had a 53.13 per cent share of the 4.

j MSI sold 90.45 per cent rise from 67.114 units. a 33. MSI's main rival Hyundai Motor India's market share in the car segment also declined to 18. This was an all-time high for MSI in any month in the domestic market.88 per cent in April-July from 20. besides passenger cars. j According to SIAM data.528 units in July. which included multi-purpose and utility vehicles. 16 .89 per cent in the comparable period last year. 2009.

STRATEGIES. Recently. Maruti has introduced the car's properties in the posh areas of metros such as Delhi and Mumbai to capture the footfall of luxury cars buyers. j It has been speculated that the company has spent up to rs 50-60 crore to display properties in good areas like Indraprastha in Central Delhi and Lokhandwala in Mumbai's Andheri. j The company is also planning to set a network by opening outlets in the metros of the Indian market. 17 . j The company has revealed that it is going to do some changes in the car distribution strategy in India.

18 . j The company spent a huge amount on real state in Mumbai. Mayank Pareek stated that there was a need to start a retail format that would help us in high-price sales. the company's presence was limited to the highly populated city areas with preference of mass-segment cars like Maruti Alto. j Earlier. He added that they have somehow managed to get places in the right locations. Maruti Swift and Maruti Swift Dzire.j Marketing executive of Maruti Suzuki India.

Initially. which has now grown to 8 lakh units. Maruti Suzuki began selling to overseas countries with just 500 units. Finland.EXPORTS j Maruti Suzuki India has made record exports of 8 lakh units since it started exporting its cars in 1987-88. j The A-Star model alone has made 25 percent of overseas sales of the total 8 lakh units. Algeria. Italy. j Maruti Suzuki¶s major exports countries include Netherlands. Iceland. the company said. Malta and the UK. j Maruti¶s A-Star model accounted maximum in the company¶s exports. 19 . Chile.

000 units. was well received selling over 130.000 units.000 units cumulatively. has been the most popular Maruti car overseas. 500.CONTD.e. j Maruti Suzuki plans its first export shipment from the new port facilities in January 2009.000 units. j The cumulative exports of India¶s leading carmaker today crossed half a million mark i. Alto follows closely with 152. ³Zen´. j Just as in the Indian market. India first world car that was exported to Europe as early as 1994. the Maruti 800. with 178. 20 .

j 21 . South East Asia and Oceana. j MSIL Receives Gold Trophy for "Top Exporter for the Year 2008-09" for the Northern region.ACHIEVEMENTS. Africa. entry-level models across the globe to over 120 countries and the focus has been to identify new markets. Maruti Suzuki exports. Some important markets include Latin America.575 units. a growth of 111% in the Fiscal Year 2009-10. The Company clocked its highest ever exports at 147.

represents Maruti Suzuki aspirations as an Indian company to emerge as a global hub for manufacturing and exporting small cars. 22 . Alto and M800 are the other most popular models in the overseas market. as a Made-in-India car. j A-star.j The star performer has been A-Star which is also the fifth World Strategic Model by Suzuki.

j Maruti Driving Schools.Reuse. j Road safety. j Greening of Supply chain. j Practising 3R(Reduce. j Community Initiatives 23 .CSR ACTIVITIES j Sustainability.Recycle). j Adopting energy saving technologies.

24 .

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