Advanced Analytics

The next wave of Business Intelligence

Shankar Radhakrishnan Senior Solutions Architect HCL Technologies

Analytics Landscape Maturity Level Market Indicators Advanced Analytics Enablers

Analytics Landscape
Social, Email, Blogs, Video, Mobile Marketing, Sales - Product Listing, Promotions Applications ERP, CRM, Databases, Internal Applications, Customer/Consumer facing applications

Web, Customers, Products, Business Systems, Processes and Services

Support Systems
CRM, Recommendation Systems Data warehouses, Business Intelligence

Collect More, Mine More
ROI, Customer Retention, Product Affinity Market Trends, Research Analysis Customer/Consumer Analytics Build Relationships Insights

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Market Indicators
By 2014, 30% of analytic applications will use proactive, predictive and forecasting capabilities´ ´The market for BI and analytics is undergoing gradual evolution.µ Gartner. Feb 1st, 2011

´In 2011, the use of analytics as a competitive differentiator in selected industries will explodeµ ´The roles of marketing, sales, human resources, IT management, and finance will continue to be transformed by the use of analyticsµ International Institute for Analytics. Dec 3rd, 2010

Market Indicators (continued)
´By 2014, the metamorphosis of BI from IT-owned and report-centric will be virtually complete for a large number of organizations.µ Gartner. Jan 6th, 2011

´These organizations will change what types of BI and analytics they use. They will change how they procure them and where they procure them from, and they will modify how information feeds decision making.µ Gartner. Jan 6th, 2011 ´By 2014, global market for Analytics software will grow to $34Billionµ IDC. ov 9th, 2010

Text Analytics
Social Analytics Sentiment Analysis Brand Identity Product & Brand Affinity Reputation Driven Online-Economy

Facebook vs. Twitter

Breakdown of 2010 Social Demographics

Predictive Analytics
Forecasting Targeting Fraud Detection, Anti-Fraud Analytics Regression, Predictive, Multivariate Propensity Price Elasticity

Segmentation Analytics
Customer Segmentation in real-time Churn Analysis, Attrition Funnel Analysis Behavioral Segmentations

Mobile Analytics
Digital Delivery Channels and Services Property Effectiveness Application Analytics Ad Analytics Geo-Spatial Analytics User profile and Relevance Identify ew Opportunities

Data Strategy
Structured, Semi-Structured Unstructured User generated System generated Interactive pipes

Enterprise Data

Enablers : Processing Models
Data Mining In-memory Database Analytics In-database Analytics Real-time Data warehouses Process-at-the-source Distributed Databases Clustered Databases Columnar Databases

Enablers: Service Models
Analytics-as-a-service Data Provisioning Data Ownership Localized Process Faster Results Dynamic Scaling Increased ROI

Enablers : Big Data
Data volume explosion Data Retention (Long Tail Analysis) Data Appliance Distributed Data Open Development Frameworks

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´Every decision we make is based on Analyticsµ Oliver Ratzesberger, Ebay

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