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Dr. Vasudha Kamat


Learning Goals

Wisdom (Values) Knowledge (internalized) inFORMation Data (discrete)


Dr. Vasudha Kamat


Four Pillars of Education Learning to Know Learning to Do Learning to Live together Learning to Be Dellors¶ Commission (1996) Learning : the Treasure within 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 4 .

Vasudha Kamat 5 . 2/13/2011 Dr.Educational Technology Educational Technology « is the use of technology to support and facilitate the learning process.

Educational Technology A Process to find viable solutions to educational problems using all available resources (human and non-human) in a systematic manner. 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 6 .

Vasudha Kamat 7 . 1994 2/13/2011 Dr. management. utilization. AECT.Educational Technology Educational Technology is the theory and practice of design. development. and evaluation of the processes and resources of learning.

appropriateness and other such attributes. transforming education by making it dynamic and responsive to the passions that move the learners and arose their curiosity and desire to learn. Vasudha Kamat 8 . 2005 2/13/2011 Dr.Educational Technology Educational Technology is a Value addition to quality. relevance. NCF.

Vasudha Kamat 9 .Educational Technology Teachers and learners should not be treated as consumers of information but also ACTIVE PRODUCERS. NCF. 2005 2/13/2011 Dr.

Vasudha Kamat 10 .Educational Technology? 2/13/2011 Dr.

Educational Technology  Technology is viewed as a process. not as media.  Focus on human (as well as non-human) resources for instruction/learning.  Should De-emphasize the connection between Educational Technology and media. 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 11 .

emphasis on competencies than on content. Vasudha Kamat 12 . promote diversity  Shift from fixed to flexible curricula. 2/13/2011 Dr.Educational Technology  Emphasis on learning culture rather than on technology  Counter tendency to centralise.

SchoolNet Bracewell. (2001) http://archive. Vasudha Kamat 13 . A. & Breuleux.. T. R. Laferriere.pdf 2/13/2011 Dr..Research in Educational Technology Emerging contribution of online resources and tools to k-12 learning and teaching. Meta-analysis of 78 studies reveled 14 overall observations on how new technologies effect the learning process and the immediate environment in which they are introduced.

Vasudha Kamat 14 . Contributes to more thorough assimilation of ideas. 2/13/2011 Dr. Increases interest in learning and attention span. creativity). learning how to learn. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Improves development of various skills and attitudes.Research in Educational Technology Research Observations When Students use educational technology it « ‡ Stimulates development of intellectual skills (problem solving. Stimulates search for more information on a subject. Promotes cooperation.

‡ Facilitates cooperation among colleagues.Research in Educational Technology Research Observations When Teachers use educational technology it « ‡ Promotes use of diverse instructional resources. ‡ Promotes examination of learning styles and outcomes. ‡ Encourages teacher-student interaction. Vasudha Kamat 15 . ‡ Fosters view of learning as a continuous research process. ‡ Highlights student learning strengths and difficulties. 2/13/2011 Dr.

Like to parallel process and multi-task. Prefer random access through hypertext. Function best when networked. Marc Prensky (Digital Natives. Prefer their graphics before their text. Thrive on instant gratification and frequent rewards. Digital Immigrants.Today¶s Net Generation Today¶s Students are Digital Natives who: Want to receive information at light speed. 2001) 2/13/2011 Dr. Expect information systems to work like Google. Vasudha Kamat 16 .

Vasudha Kamat 17 .Today¶s Net Generation 2/13/2011 Dr.

g.g. blogs.g. images. articles.g. listservs. video. audio) Presentation tools (e. chat. e-books. Vasudha Kamat 18 . webportals) Web course tools/LMS (e. PowerPoint) Online information sources (e. Moodle) Communication tools (e.Educational Technology Resources Digital multimedia resources (e.g. wikis) 2/13/2011 Dr.

Hardware Support 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 19 .

Hardware Support Videoconferencing 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 20 .

Vasudha Kamat 21 .Collaboration and Networking 2/13/2011 Dr.

Collaboration and Networking Wiki 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 22 .

Collaboration and Networking Blog 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 23 .

Collaboration and Networking Facebook 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 24 .

3D Web Resources XBOX LIVE Second Life (SL) 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 25 .

Vasudha Kamat 26 .3D Web Resources Second Life 2/13/2011 Dr.

Vasudha Kamat 27 .html 2/13/2011 Web Resources Second Life (SL) Teaching of Chemistry http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.

Learning Resources Tutor Conferencing Learning Centres E-mail Learner Projects Internet CAI 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 28 .

in process Training of Teachers (Mentors) (50000) and Mentor Coordinators (1000) in ICTs in Education 2/13/2011 Dr.. Vasudha Kamat 29 .CIET Initiatives ICT Curriculum for Teachers ICT Curriculum for school (Grade VI to XII) .

CIET Initiatives Training of 1200 Audio and Video Script Writers Training of Teachers in Research Methodologies in ICTs in Education (through EduSat Video Conferencing) CIET Quarterly e-Newsletter 2/13/2011 Dr. Vasudha Kamat 30 . .