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Entering the Indian Mobile Space

 Operates in 18 countries across Asia, the Middle

East and Africa
 Leading operator in the Middle East and Africa,
headquartered in the UAE
 Named as ‘Best Overall Operator’ in the Middle East
six times since 2006 and was named Best
International Carrier at the World Communications
Awards in 2008
 Etisalat DB Telecom Pvt Ltd India , a joint
venture between Etisalat and Dynamix
Balwas Group
 Headquartered in Mumbai
 Unified Services Access License in 15 circles

including Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana,

Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mumbai,
Punjab, Rajasthan and M.P.
A world where people’s reach is not
limited by matter or distance
 Enable people to move effortlessly around the
world, staying in touch with family, friends as
they go, as well as developing new interests
 To make business of all sizes reach new markets ,
regardless of the distance
 Allowing the supply of new goods and services to
everyone who wants them by opening fresh
opportunities across the globe through innovative
To extend people’s reach

To actively develop advanced networks

that will enable people to develop, to learn
and to grow
Source: TRAI
Source TRAI
 High Churn Rate
 Surfeit of Growth and Spread*
 Huge gap between ‘penetration levels’ of

mobile phones at household and individual

 Way forward towards 3G
– Mergers & Consolidations
– Financial Asset Management in Telecom


“The churn rate in India is 53.2 percent in
2009, and despite a maturing market, the
ratio is expected to increase to 59.6 percent
in 2013.” – Gartner
 Of the 638 million subscribers as per TRAI’s
latest figures, only 385 million mobile
connections are being ‘actively’ used in the
country. Thus 40% of all mobile connections
are not getting captured as ‘actively’ in use.

 India has seen fastest growth trajectory in

the past 4 yrs with a CAGR of 54%

Source TRAI
Almost 2/3rd of mobile using households are still
‘single mobile user’ households. There is still a
large ‘play area’ available to increase the user
base and ‘penetration’ of mobile phones than to
play mainly the game of ‘multiple connections’
and increasing mainly the ‘tele-density’.

Source : JUXT Mobile Research

 Tie ups with 520 operators globally
 Etisalat-Experienced 3G players
 Market Leaders in the middle east
 Operators looking to sell stakes to cut debt.

Etisalat has $2.7billion in cash reserves

 Capability of catering to urban and rural

population in India with the help of RITL

 MNP will soon be a reality and Etisalat can

gain a huge benefit from this.

 Entering an already saturated Indian
Telecom Market
 Been unable to acquire 3G spectrum
 Limit on buying stakes, cannot buy more

than 10% in the same area

 Competing with mature brands like Airtel,

Idea, Reliance & Vodafone



Etisalat DB Signs
Aamir Khan to
endorse Cheers
Mobile Service
Brand in India
 Push the brand into consumer’s mind
 Keeping the brand in the news
 Conspicuous across touch points i.e. Launch

by getting associated with mega property

e.g. T20 world cup
Particulars Rates
FRC Rs 101
Local On-Net & Off-Net 10p/min & 30p/min resp
STD Off-net and Off-Net 60 p/minute

Local & STD On-Net 10p/160characters
Local & STD Off-Net 30p/160 characters & 50p/160

ISD Rs 5/160
 Tie-up with International Airlines

 Instant Mobile Recharge


Market Setup
expansion Acceleration

Acquisition Tower
Swan Telecom Sharing RCOM

MergerAllianz IT Solutions
Infratech Tech Mahindra
 Etisalat buys 45% stake in SWAN Telecom to enter Indian

market, capturing 13 circles of 2G in 2008.

 Etisalat Swan acquires Alliance Infra Tech which had the

presence in 2 telecom circles for providing telecom facilities

in India in May 2009.
 Swan telecom changes to Etisalat DB telecom in June 2009.

 Etisalat DB will outsource its telecom tower infrastructure

need to Reliance Communications in a deal valued at more

than $2.2 billion) over 10 years in July 2009.
 Etisalat's India mobile telecoms unit will outsource its

information technology applications to India's Tech Mahindra

in a deal valued at $400 million spread over 10 years .
Basis of prioritization:

‣ State-wise mobile penetration

‣ Growth rate

‣ Corporate customer

Source: TRAI
Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3

• Tamil-Nadu • AP • Haryana
• Bihar • Maharashtr
• UP a
• Rajasthan • Gujarat
• MP • Karnataka
• Mumbai
• Delhi
• Punjab
• Kerala
 Provide managerial and technical training
◦ This can be achieved by establishing
“Etisalat Academy” which could provide
training courses at International Standards

 SIM Card Manufacturing

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